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Why The Obama Victory is the Best Result For Resistance

When given a choice between two poisons, the best choice is none of the above. However, if the choice is between a fast-acting poison or a slow-acting poison, and no third choice is allowed, then it is best to go with the quicker poison so that it will be over that much sooner. Obviously Obama is the fast-kill poison and for those of us who value Freedom, Liberty, Truth, and Justice, the fast-kill poison is the most beneficial for us.

How? If Romney were to win, then the Sheeple who have been awakening under Obama’s Tyrannical Regime would have gone back to sleep, comfortable in their slumber as they feel that the problem has been solved. It would not have solved anything, simply drawn out the collapse into something long, agonizing, and even more painful. An Obama victory means that the Crazy Train will run full-out from now until the end of his term. It means that the Police State will expand and try to infiltrate every aspect of our lives rather than just what we are aware of now. It also means that individuals who are waking up will remain awake as subtlety is unknown in President Obama’s Lexicon.

Excuse me? Obama will actually Help the Freedom Movement? You bet. Nothing will awaken the Sheeple as they take step after step towards the slaughterhouse like the shrieking of the slaughterhouse. Even the dullest amongst the cattle are able to recognize Death when they see it. It is an aspect of Life to recognize the absence of Life, and Obama’s tactics, policies, and directives all reek of Death.

Obama has the taste of victory in his mouth, the heady feeling of unending power, and he can only accelerate the Great Culling now. The rush of power and the conviction that he is correct will only encourage him to push about the full weight of his so-called power. The TSA will spread like syphilis in a Roman Orgy, the Surveillance Infrastructure will expand like bunnies on viagra, and the Police State with its sheer brutality and lack of intelligence will grow and become even more heavy-handed and abusive.

People have started to wake up because of the actions of Obama. Now that Obama is back for another Four years and is no longer handcuffed to Popular Opinion let alone re-election…what could possibly keep him from tightening his grip on the American People? The man is a fascist in socialist clothing, an Authoritarian prancing about as a Progressive Ponce, he is a Man with a insatiable desire for Power. Men like him only understand the acquisition, growth, and execution of power. When the power-hungry attain great power they are unable to do anything but use that power against the weak. We have let a schoolyard Bully gain access to the Highest Institution of power, again, and we can expect him to do everything that he did in his first term, again, only this time without restraint.

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

Yes that IS a God reference. Everything happens for a greater reason, that is one of the rules of life. Everyone has a line that must never be crossed, and this president will be the one to cross it. He is operating under the impression that he now has a mandate. He believes that he is empowered by The People to carry “Forward” his agenda of a total Police State transformation of the nation. This IS a dangerous situation when your commander-in-chief not only desires to rape the constitution, but now believes he is empowered by “The People” to do so.

Perhaps what the Sheeple of this nation require is to re-learn the desire for Freedom, Liberty, and Truth. One can never fully appreciate that which has never been fought for. Think about your parents or grandparents. You can never truly understand the value of another until they are gone. Once that loved one has passed on…suddenly even the smallest and most trivial thing seems so…important and forever out of reach, leaving only the memory, like a faded Polaroid.

It is the remorse, the yearning within for Freedom, that must be re-ignited within the Sheeple. Another Four Years of Tyranny? Only the dullest of the herd could ignore the coming Full-On Assault against the Bill of Rights, the coming confiscation of Firearms, and the inevitable Nightmare of Martial Law. Those who awaken in time will come to understand the illusion of Freedom that this Government offers its citizens. Those who continue to sleep will plod steadily onward towards the Great Culling, a genocide of the willing and unwitting.

The Obama victory ensures that the Freedom Movement will continue with even greater results. The downside is that the Police State will continue to grow and expand and become even more dangerous, but it is that very act which will awaken the Sheeple that can be awakened. A frog dumped into boiling water jumps out. A frog dumped into a pot of cool water that is slowly heated…dead. A frog dumped into a pot of cool water that is slowly heated until the Chef gets impatient and cranks up the heat…he jumps! Albeit, the frog jumps at the last possible minute, but at least Kermit hopped away to fight again some other day.

Relax, Burn One, Dig In, Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained

Make Them Eat Crow in 2012 – Vote Libertarian

A twisted and delightfully ironic thought came to me just moments ago. In an on-line discussion concerning voter fraud, the comment was made that the voters should protest by voting for everything but the Presidential Election. I like this idea, however, an even more sinister thought entered my mind…how could we protest the vote AND make that protest count the most? I am all about efficiency and effectiveness, especially if I can sit on my couch and cackle like a madman about it after the fact.

Here’s the idea:
Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 48 out of 50 states.  He is listed as a valid write-in in the remaining two.  Therefore he is the only third party candidate available in all 50 states.  This makes the Libertarian Party have the best chance of success in wrecking the Establishment as we know it.


The Libertarian party gets at least five percent (5%) of the Popular Vote


The Libertarian Party becomes a federally recognized Third Party, gaining matching funds and national recognition in the halls of government.


A wedge is driven into the Two Party system as it now becomes a Multi-Party system. The Crazy Train gets derailed as all the Political Hacks run around in panic trying to deal with a very real political threat and the Libertarians open up Government to other Third Parties and tear the Police State apart from inside.

Libertarians, being an unrecognized third party, have campaigned for years for the dismantlement of the Two Party Tyranny. If they gain national recognition they can work from inside and with real authority to dismantle the Two Party system forever. Not to mention the fact that with Libertarian candidates on the ballot, it will be easier for the Third Party to gain access to government, which allows them to tear apart the beast from inside. Gary Johnson is a Stake in the Heart of the System!

That’s my theory anyway. It gave me a really good chuckle. Can you imagine the look on Bill Maher’s face when he sees THAT news? I would love to be in the CNN Newsroom when the official announcement was issued, I can only imagine the Two Minutes of Hate a 5% Libertarian win would cause. Probably a few Aneurysms too…

I’m just too twisted.

– Prometheus Unchained

How to Steal An Election: Early Voting and Software Patches

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In the land of the witless, the half-wit is King. So, being that this is Amerika, there’s an election going on, and it seems as though the Republican and Democratic candidates for President are both blind and witless…who will be king? It comes down to how many votes can be stolen for Candidate A and how many votes can be spoiled for Candidate B.

Welcome to Campaign 2012, where the voter fraud is almost as transparent as the candidates platforms. I see that Ohio, a major battleground state, apparently will not be able to finalize the results of the election on Tuesday due to a huge administrative cock-up with absentee ballots…convenient. I see that New York may extend the election up to twenty days after the fact, just in case voters in the area cannot get out to vote via Military Polling Truck on Election Day. I see that three to four of the battleground states are already contested, regardless of the vote, with armies of Lawyers ready to wrangle the election for their candidate, also regardless of the vote. I see that voting machines are haphazardly voting Obama or Romney, regardless of the voter’s choice. Above all, I see the reporting on these gross violations against the Spirit of Free Elections as marveling at the resourcefulness in which the Candidates can disenfranchise voters rather than publicly rebuking them for disenfranchising voters.

Remember when the Mainstream Media marveled at what a wonderful Liar Bill Clinton was when they should have been calling him out on his lying? Rather they were in awe of the man who could spin such tall tales and in return the Media repeated the lies, protected the liar, and demonized those who spoke Truth. What I see is an election being stolen, by both parties, right before the eyes of the American People…and no one seems to really care.

Early Voting should be abolished. I may sound unpatriotic to some, but the Constitution of the United States of America, our Founding Document, states in Article Two, Clause Four states:

The Congress may determine the Time of chusing [sic] the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.

I see nowhere in the Fourth Clause “…and the first 14 to 8 days prior to the Day on which they shall give their votes they shall be able to give their votes…” Nope. Nada. Zilch. There is no Constitutional Clause that allows the extension of a national election for the purpose of “Doing whatever we can do to get our candidate elected.” No, no, no, I don’t think so sweetheart, not ever.

Electronic Voting should be abolished. It is anathema to an OPEN and HONEST election. Most electronic voting machines do not have paper backups…very odd how our elected politicians were keen to get that into law isn’t it? Another issue with Electronic voting is the need for “recalibration” which is, from an IT point of view, utter tripe. Touch screens do require calibration…initially. However, if the election process worked right up until the Obamney Choice…it’s not the touchscreen that is causing your selection to go for “The Other Guy,” it is software.

When a touchscreen gets calibrated, there are usually a series of twenty-five points of calibration for the initial setup. The calibration software marks a spot on the screen and the technician presses that point. This process will continue until all points of calibration have been entered in and the screen now responds with the accuracy of a mouse. To suddenly have only ONE election option screw up due to touchscreen calibration is, well, it’s a bullshit answer to say the least. Why? Because in the IT world there are no half-measures, there are no almost-sort-of problems sometimes. It’s either All In, or Nothing at all. When was the last time you knew someone who was “Partially” pregnant? Never, because something either IS, or it IS NOT.

If I went through five screens, selected my choices on each screen with no problems, and THEN and ONLY THEN when I get to the Presidential selection does the screen decide to turn tricks for me? It is purposeful manipulation not a Calibration issue with the screen. Why? Because in troubleshooting things either work or they do not work. If the calibration of the screen is off, then every selection should have been difficult to say the least, not simply the last step where you elect the President. If everything was good and right up to that point and THEN it goes wild, you have a SOFTWARE ISSUE, not a HARDWARE ISSUE.

When was the last time you had to reprogram the buttons of your mouse to work with your computer? When was the last time you had to “recalibrate” your keyboard for your computer? You should never have to, as these devices have a default profile that, once set up, is set for good. Therefore, in theory, once you have configured your mouse for your computer you should never have to again and it should operate the same all of the time, regardless of the program that is currently running, the motions of the mouse, the horizontal and vertical movements will remain the same always. Meaning, that just because you navigate to, does not mean that the mouse will suddenly change its default motion. The rate motion will remain static to the default settings.

Once a touchscreen has been calibrated, and some may require calibration at every power on especially if there is no internal storage for the voting machine, then the calibration is static while the Electronic voting Machine is operational. Meaning, that once the machine is calibrated, it is calibrated. If screens one through four worked perfectly well and screen five screwed up…Its SOFTWARE. This means that someone has been playing around with the software inside of the machine, not that the screen needs re-calibrated. This means that someone applied a Software Patch and there was a bug in the Patch. What you are seeing is a visible proof of a badly configured software patch, not a sudden attack of amnesia on the part of the Hardware. Software means People, specifically People manipulating the vote via software patching.

Just something to keep in mind this wonderful election cycle.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard

-Prometheus Unchained

How to Steal an Election: Obamney 2012

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme document of the land, therefore one could consider the Constitution to be the Bible of the American Citizen.  The Vote, suffrage, the Right of every American Citizen to exercise his or her Power to make their voice heard, to directly impact the direction of the Nation.  The Vote is sacrosanct; it is the epitome of the American Experience and is held Sacred in the minds and hearts of those who cherish freedom.

How do you steal an election in America?  Distraction, Distraction, Distraction.  How much dirt can they toss into the air, how murky can they roil the waters, and the ‘ole classic Bait and Switch.  Con Men operate our electoral system with the Mainstream Media running interference.

How can you tell if your election has been rigged?

The Election results do not make logical sense.  Generally, one can gauge the outcome of an election based upon trends in the polls over the span of the election cycle.  Recently there have been a spate of polls that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  The polls consistently displayed a dead heat while concurrently; other polls were showing different results.  As the two sets of polls divergence increased, people actually started to ask questions.  The anomaly was caused by oversampling of democratic voters.  The frightening aspect of this consistent and stubborn act by the Mainstream Outlets, at least to me, is the construction of a narrative.

A close election within contestable margins.  If the election results lean overwhelmingly for either candidate then all the subterfuge in the world cannot change the outcome.  When unbiased polling occurs and the results are 50-45 and 51-45 from multiple polling organizations over a sustained period of time…then these polls are accurate.  They have been tested by Truth and Time and have proved to be accurate.  My apprehension over the fixed polls stems from the creation of a narrative of a dead heat election for historical purposes.

Hypothetical Example:  The polls continue to trend for Romney as they are and the Electoral College Algorithm proves accurate yet the Election results end in a dead heat or an outright Obama win.  There is already historical data that can be referenced to “Prove” the Narrative true.  It does not matter that logic and memory serve you well, as the collective masses easily forget historical truth.  The accurate polls get the “Birther” Treatment, people back off referencing them and the Narrative becomes Truth.  History has been changed and the Election is remembered as a Fair and Enlightened election.  Only racists, conspiracy theorists, and terrorists would ever claim it was “stolen.”

The results are delayed due to numerous legal contests.  Everyone remembers the chaos of Election 2000.  Lawyers, hanging-chads, talking heads, and the incessant inundation of crap, crap and crap, Ad infintum!  It became OK to make fun of Jews, as long as they lived in Florida.  Liberals and Conservatives were trading blows and making insane threats as lawyers muddied the waters with targeted lawsuits and challenges and recount after recount after infinite recount…I would have been ecstatic if the Supreme Court would have just let the office sit empty for a term, imagine how vastly different the world would be today.

Threats of violence and acts of violence mar the electoral process.  The equivalent of the schoolyard bully intimidating your lunch money out of you.  While there are always going to be loonies in the parade, it is the organized violence that is key.  When there is a massive and wholly ignored threat within society who openly threaten or perform riots, mass violence, and assassination attempts if “The Other Guy” wins.  This is known as voter intimidation en masse.   Fear of Force simply keeps people from going to the polls.

Bloat the Vote

The importance of this aspect of vote fraud is to increase the number of votes for your particular candidate while nullifying the votes of the other guy.  Early Voting is the first of these tactics, where the polls “open” weeks ahead of the election and ballots are accepted for count on Election Day.  This particular tool of the Tyrant opens the system up to other types of Election Fraud, such as the famous Multiple Vote scenarios.  Multiple voting is fairly self-explanatory.  A voter votes multiple times for their candidate, thus slightly increasing the odds that their candidate might win.  In small numbers there is little effect, however, with basic knowledge of mathematics one can already see that in large numbers this has a very real effect.

Other ways to Bloat the Vote involve the Illegal Vote where campaign operatives encourage non-citizens to vote and to vote often.  This same tactic is used on the homeless and other unregistered voters, where the campaign will load up a van full of homeless people with the promise of money, and drive them from precinct to precinct while they vote and vote and vote some more.

One cannot ignore those dastardly Voter Registration Drives in which ACORN and other Election Fraud Management Organizations register thousands of imaginary people in order to get names on the voter roles.  All those extra voters help enable the age-old election traditon of Ballot Box Stuffing and it’s Brand New baby brother, Electronic Ballot Stuffing.  After all, no election would be legitimate if the ballots of The Dead were not counted.

Pervert the Vote

Electronic Voting is the death of the transparent election. Coming from a computer programming background I do not trust computers.  I do not trust computers because I know how to exploit systems and services, how to make a machine dance like a marionette.  If I could do it then so can a lot of other people.  When the Election System was overhauled and our government did not insist on paper backups…i knew something wicked this way walked.  When election results began to greatly differ from their expected outcomes and the machines themselves were the culprit, I knew the fix was in.

The issue is exacerbated by the inherent Conflict of Interest within Electronic Voting Operations.  I may not be a lawyer but even I can see a blatant conflict of interest if the politician running for office also owns the Electronic Voting Machine Company that will be used for the election.  First, a politician should never be allowed within 100 Yards of a Voting Machine company let alone own one….that’s just common freakin’ sense.  Second, Computers are fallible and volatile while paper is durable and mostly immutable, even after the power goes out.

Targeted Lawsuits are a sure-fire way to tie up an election and confuse the vote.  Bush-Gore was a perfect example of how lawyers can absolutely butt-surf the law and the American People without even a slight tinge of conscience.  Both sides targeted certain counties and tried to nullify or misconstrue votes, and both sides should spend an eternity somewhere very very warm for doing so.

The Destruction of the Military Vote is one of the most despicable and evil tactics in use.  The military vote always trends overwhelmingly conservative so, as Election 2000 also proved, those on the left do everything possible to ignore, disrupt, or destroy Military Ballots.  If Hell is for the Lawyers, then these bottom-feeding gits deserve to spend eternity packed in an elevator with flatulent old men.

International Election Monitors have begun to watch our elections, thanks to Bush-Gore.  This time around they are keeping an eye on those “conservative groups” to make sure that the Libertarians and Tea Partiers don’t Sweep the election.  The United Nations, that collection of thugs, tin-plated dictators, and mass murderers who infest the streets of New York like diseased rats, insists on monitoring our elections?  How many elections have they “Monitored” and were proven to have been Stolen at gunpoint?  Seriously…Chavez won office six times in a row with complete legitimacy?  The UN and Jimmy Carter say so…

Destroy the Vote

The Endgame of it all is to destroy all confidence in the Electoral process.  If the vote becomes meaningless, then all elections are free to become government operated Reality TV.  Not that we are’nt far from there already.  The Two-Party Electoral System was the initial method to the Destruction of the Sacred Right of Voting.  By rigging the rules in such a manner that only two parties can compete in the political process, then the overall system is easier to manipulate.  Two parties, two choices…Pick your poison.

The last nail in the coffin, the one event that will kill off all semblance of fairness and legitimacy in the American Electoral Process, is the sustained assault on the Electoral College.  The Mainstream Media love to claim injustice when the losing candidate wins the Popular Vote, yet loses due to the Electoral College.  The Electoral College system was created in order to bring balance to the American electoral process.  If popular vote were the only way that presidential elections were decided, then high population states such as California, New York, Virginia, Maryland, and Texas would dominate.  Rhode Island, West Virginia, Montana, and the less populous states would be under the absolute domination of the Larger states.  The Electoral College mitigates the Populist Tyranny that is integral to Popular Vote, and instead bases the Presidential election upon a balanced ratio of power.  This ratio is reflects the actual Legislative power that each state has, not merely how many people can pull a lever or press a screen.

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained

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