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Just a random thought…

Ive been noticing the rhetoric and attitude from the White House and State-run media. With the presidents efforts stymied by popular opinion and the gun control debate being lost in washington…keep your eyes open for a false-flag attack.

It just “feels” like something wicked this way walks…

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!


-Prometheus Unchained
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Mayans and Globalists and Doomsday, Oh My!

In popular media, the Mayan Calendar has become synonymous with prophecies of doom and the destructive end of our world. The Real Truth behind the purpose and meaning of the Mayan Calendar differs greatly from Mainstream Societies’ so-called concept of The Truth. The difference between the two boils down to one word…Fear.

I first learned of the Mayan Calendar from FASA’s futuristic role-playing game, Shadowrun. In the game Magic returns to the Earth, kicking off the Sixth World, a world where Technology and Magic coexist. Oddly enough Quantum Physics has taken up the role of proving that Human Spirituality and what we know as Magic are one and the same…or at least could be. An example of this concept can be seen through the principal of observation. Quantum Physics has proven that an object under observation changes state while being observed. Science has also proven that humans know when they are under observation, whether that observation is being conducted nearby or via Closed Circuit TV…we just know. The teachings of Wicca hold the above concept to be a truth, as spiritual beings are always aware of one another…even if it is over CCTV.

I am not endorsing the view that Magic is awakening and that it is on par with technology; I am simply pointing out that there is a trend where science and spirituality are converging to prove one another true. This is not the only area where the New World and the Old World run together in parallel, for many of the “superstitious” teachings of old are now being proven, or at the very least tentatively verified, by science. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and when scientific results coincide with traditional Old World perspectives, there must be some truth to the Old Ways.

Pharmaceutical Corporate Medicine has its literal roots from the herbalists and apothecaries of old. Doctors and Scientists of today were once the Priests, Witches, and Wise Ones of yesterday.

My Perspective

As I understand it, and have always understood it to mean, the Mayan perspective on 12/21/2012 was simply that a new age of Mankind would begin. This new age would be an evolution in the hearts and minds of men…however, it is also to be contested by the Nine Lords of Night.

“Both the Hopis and Mayans recognize that we are approaching the end of a World Age… In both cases, however, the Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear.”
– Joseph Robert Jochmans

“Ricardo Cajas, president of the Colectivo de Organizaciones Indígenas de Guatemala, said the date did not represent an end of humanity but that the new cycle, “supposes changes in human consciousness”. Martín Sacalxot, of the office of the Procurador de los Derechos Humanos (Guatemala’s Human Rights Ombudsman, PDH), said that the end of the calendar has nothing to do with the end of the world or the year 2012”

– Wikipedia (

Think about the prior “Worlds”, ages steeped in Magic, Religion, and Spirituality. Science was anathema to the people who lived then; simply look to Galileo, who stated correctly that the Earth traveled around the Sun. The Pope was so overjoyed at this discovery that he kept Galileo under house arrest for twenty years. It was not the fact that Galileo was correct that drew ire from the papacy, it was the fact that it upset the status quo. Church Dogma stated that the Sun and Planets revolved around the Earth…and nothing can trump Dogma…after all, God Himself gives the message to the Pope and the Pope creates the Dogma, therefore God Himself could not be wrong…right?

In our current age we operate on scientific principals. God is dead and Science and Government are the new Gods of the People. If science states that human beings are simply organic machines that operate due to electro-chemical reactions that occur within the brain and there is no Spirit or Soul in the meat-bag bodies of men…then so be it. That is what science states. However…anyone who has ever had a Spiritual experience innately knows this to be as false as the Sun revolving around the Earth.

Just as the world of Spirit cannot completely understand the Universe, neither can the world of Science. Scientists used to be required to have imagination, dreams, and hope to envision tomorrow and to create the tools, principles, and methods to bring about Tomorrow Today. Today’s scientist must tow the line, believe in “Global Climate Change,” and must never upset the Agenda 21 Dogma of their ruling Elitist Masters and financiers, else they too will be kept under House Arrest like Galileo.

The future that I envision, according to the Mayan Philosophy, is a change in consciousness that includes both Spiritual and Scientific philosophies and perspectives. I hope to see imagination in the science lab and serious logical questioning from the pulpit. I hope to see a world that uses technology but rediscovers the power of the Human Spirit. I hope to see a world that recognizes the gods of Spirit and Science equally. A world where science legitimately attempts to understand the world of Spirit and where Spirit attempts to understand the role of Technology and Science in our everyday lives.

Astrological Concepts and The Mayans

The key astrological principle of the Mayan Calendar is based upon Precession. The end date of 12/21/2012 marks the Winter Solstice for 2012 and also marks the Earth’s transition across the Half-way point of Galactic Center. Although any official half-way mark is arbitrary in the scientific community, the point determined by the Mayans occurs on December 21, 2012…the day of the Winter Solstice, note the accuracy. At this point the Earth (or Earth’s POV base on Trajectory) will transit into the Dark Rift, a dark and dusty nebula located between the Solar System and the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ever heard of “The Age of Aquarius?” This is precisely what The Fifth Dimension was singing about. It is an Astrological Age, one of 12 signs of the zodiac that completes a full cycle every 25,800 years. Depending on the calendar used, in this case the Mayan Calendar, the beginning of our four year transit of the Dark Rift places us in the Aquarian Age.

Astrological ages exist as a result of precession of the equinoxes. The slow wobble of the earth’s spin axis on the celestial sphere is independent of the diurnal rotation of the Earth on its own axis and the annual revolution of the earth around the sun. Traditionally this 25,800-year-long cycle is calibrated for the purposes of determining astrological ages by the location of the sun in one of the twelve zodiac constellations at the vernal equinox, which corresponds to the moment the sun rises above the celestial equator, marking the start of spring in the Northern hemisphere each year. Roughly every 2,150 years the sun’s position at the time of the vernal equinox will have moved into a new zodiacal constellation. However zodiacal constellations are not uniform in size, leading some astrologers to believe that the corresponding ages should also vary in duration. This however is a contentious issue amongst astrologers.

– Wikipedia (

The understanding of the Heavens that the Mayans possessed is Awesome…not in a “dude, awesome shirt, man” sort of way, but Awesome in an Enya sort of way…breathtaking. In order to create their famous/infamous calendar high-order mathematics were required, an impeccable understanding of recursion and exponentiation which we use in logic, math, and programming. The accuracy in their recordings and their preservation in long-term storage as well as their knowledge and absolute understanding of Astronomy.

I would trust the Mayans to get me into space before I would trust calculations from NASA. While the Mayans may not have sent a remote probe to Mars, they were able to perform some incredibly complex mathematics with nothing but a rock. The results of all the mathematics and astronomy and science, all the passion and creativity that went into the painstaking construction of a Calendar that has proved to be accurate as hell, is the culmination of the eternal spirit of an entire people.

The End Is Nigh?

2012 Doomsday Prophecies have their roots in the 1960′s…not in Mesoamerican Belief systems. The only purpose of a Doomsday Prophecy is to inspire Fear and to explain the Unexplained. So when I see Mainstream Media and Government Agencies touting 2012 Doomsday stories and press releases then my Spider-Sense starts tingling. Having seen the ramp-up in 2012 Doomsday Prophecy being regurgitated to the masses over actual mathematical and historical fact tells me that somebody wants “Shit Happened” to be a widely accepted explanation.

It is my firm belief that the 2012 Doomsday Prophecies are misinformation, nothing but a distraction, a globalist red-herring. The idea being that when They pull the trigger we will believe that it is nothing more than Fate, Prophecy, and Coincidence. With the US Government heavily investing in weaponized viral strains of Ebola and the Dutch Franken Flu…these are the same people who cry “too many people! We need to reduce population to 500 Million”…do YOU trust THEM with biological weapons designed to burn through human communities?

The Elite revolve around the Occult. Look to Bohemien Grove, The Skull and Bones Society, and the insanity that has come out of England with Jimmy Savile, the Royal Procurer of young children for sex with the Elite. If you do not believe in the occult that does not matter…THEY DO. Having spent over a decade in the world of Wicca, I would not be able to NOT use 12/21/2012 to kick off “My New Age.” The mere fact that 12/21/2012 is tied to the greatest unique astrological event that will ever take place from the Human perspective means that the dark-hearted Globalists cannot help but to use it and co-opt it for THEIR purposes.

I believe that 12/21/2012 is a trigger. The world has been prepared for the possibility that Earth will end, we will all die, and nothing can stop it. The fact is that there is nothing dastardly or deadly about that date, unless you want there to be. It is an ingenious idea; create fear and apprehension over a truly mystical date, then bring about the man-made Doomsday Prophecies to make “The End” happen through Starvation, Economic Collapse, Biological Weapons, with the eventual roll-out of Martial Law. All justified by the chaos that they themselves brought about.

The tactic becomes a False-Flag attack on the world that ends up being explained by so-called ancient prophecy (written in the 1960′s), therefore no one is to blame and they become “Our Saviours.” They will feed us, clothe us, and “save” us from a world gone mad…and people do anything, including killing their own children if it means “safety” for themselves. The idea is to turn Men into Beasts, to cleave mother from child, to steal away the souls of all mankind, and to murder God and replace themselves upon His throne…figuratively speaking.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

– Prometheus Unchained


Make Them Eat Crow in 2012 – Vote Libertarian

A twisted and delightfully ironic thought came to me just moments ago. In an on-line discussion concerning voter fraud, the comment was made that the voters should protest by voting for everything but the Presidential Election. I like this idea, however, an even more sinister thought entered my mind…how could we protest the vote AND make that protest count the most? I am all about efficiency and effectiveness, especially if I can sit on my couch and cackle like a madman about it after the fact.

Here’s the idea:
Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 48 out of 50 states.  He is listed as a valid write-in in the remaining two.  Therefore he is the only third party candidate available in all 50 states.  This makes the Libertarian Party have the best chance of success in wrecking the Establishment as we know it.


The Libertarian party gets at least five percent (5%) of the Popular Vote


The Libertarian Party becomes a federally recognized Third Party, gaining matching funds and national recognition in the halls of government.


A wedge is driven into the Two Party system as it now becomes a Multi-Party system. The Crazy Train gets derailed as all the Political Hacks run around in panic trying to deal with a very real political threat and the Libertarians open up Government to other Third Parties and tear the Police State apart from inside.

Libertarians, being an unrecognized third party, have campaigned for years for the dismantlement of the Two Party Tyranny. If they gain national recognition they can work from inside and with real authority to dismantle the Two Party system forever. Not to mention the fact that with Libertarian candidates on the ballot, it will be easier for the Third Party to gain access to government, which allows them to tear apart the beast from inside. Gary Johnson is a Stake in the Heart of the System!

That’s my theory anyway. It gave me a really good chuckle. Can you imagine the look on Bill Maher’s face when he sees THAT news? I would love to be in the CNN Newsroom when the official announcement was issued, I can only imagine the Two Minutes of Hate a 5% Libertarian win would cause. Probably a few Aneurysms too…

I’m just too twisted.

– Prometheus Unchained

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