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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Resistance Strategies: The Art of Reciprocity

Reciprocity is a relationship in which corresponding actions are reflected proportionally on each side. The Code of Hammurabi, an Eye for an Eye, is a severe example of this sort of relationship. It could be better stated as “What you do unto others shall be done unto you” or “You Reap What You Sow” or as Jesus said: “According to their way I will do to them, and according to their own judgements I will judge them; and they shall know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 7:27b RSV)

Reciprocity as a resistance strategy is as simple and as elegant as it appears. We treat them exactly as they treat us. No more bowing or scraping or currying for favor. No more bending over to take it “because that’s just how it works” ever again. Reciprocity means that we respond, in kind, with the same level of respect and energy as we are being given. Reciprocity is the logical compliment to The Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated,” as the unspoken, “else others will treat you in kind.

Jesus said: “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 7:12 KJV) Notice that it is “The Law”…God’s Law…NATURAL LAW. The Golden Rule is a Law, exactly like the laws of Physics…it is how people will eventually react towards your treatment of them. It is a divine edict on how every living creature must behave towards others. It is the beacon on the hill, a brilliant flaming warning for bullies and tyrants that they must treat people with respect, for people will eventually return the favor.

Lead With The Carrot…

We must treat others with the respect that Good Men and Women deserve. As decent Human Beings we are required by personal Honor and respect for Individuality to treat other Human Beings as we ourselves would expect to be treated. It is truly that simple. This is who we are and who we should aspire to become.

Our Integrity is all we truly ever have, therefore Truth must be as a God to us. In our dealings with others we should speak only Truth or nothing at all. People may call me many names but no one can honestly call me a liar. I speak Truth, I worship Truth, I seek Truth Always. When Truth is spoken it cuts through the layers of Deception like a hot knife through butter. There is a certain look to Truth, a certain tone and phrasing. Truth is a shield, for by its very nature Truth can be proven and if you always present Truth…you are immune to the sting of Falsehood’s darts. Truth is a Sword, for Tyrants cannot withstand even the slightest scratch of Truth, as it brings the House of Cards they call “Reality” down around their ears.

The beginning of any interaction with others should begin by presenting our very best and we should hold certain standards as to how we are to be treated. Being Men and Women of Honor, it is our duty to warn Others when they cross that line and encroach upon our Integrity. We must begin to hold others accountable to basic standards. Would you pay Twenty Dollars for Fast-Food and then meekly accept a cold half-filled order, knowing that half of the food you have already paid is sub-standard and the remainder will not be given? Of course not! Why then, do we allow “Public Servants” to abuse, extort, disrespect, and ignore us…when WE are the ones PAYING them to do it? We would not tolerate it at Wal-mart or McDonald’s, so why then tolerate it from people whom WE PAY to do the work of We The People?

…Defend With The Stick

When standards are broken and Respect is not reciprocated, that is when the strategy of Reciprocity comes out to play. Being a Good Man, I warn others before they cross “The Line”, however, once that line has been crossed I respond with the exact level of respect given to me. Reciprocity is not an emotional response, it can Never be emotional, it must always be cold and precise, like a German Surgeon plying his art. It should never be used to instigate a fight, but to defend oneself against bullies and tyrants.

Reciprocity entails a “return the favor” mentality. When the Police pull you over for a non-crime and then treat you like an escaped convict…you are morally obligated to respond in kind, regardless of the possible outcome. We must STAND UP and SPEAK OUT against Tyranny, which means that there may be a heavy-handed response from the Tyrant. However, if one lives a life without conflict, then that life is that of a Slave…taking orders without question, acquiescing to Tyranny, and “Life” becomes a parody of the glorious reality that Life truly is.

What we should do and what the system and society tell us we are “expected to do” are sometimes completely different actions. You are supposed to bow down before Political Royalty and snivel and plead to exercise the Natural Rights you already have in your possession. This is the “expected” behavior of the lowly American Citizen. You are not supposed to hold our elected Public Servants accountable for their actions or demand that they do their jobs…that is “extremist” and “dangerous” behavior. Why? Because our Public Servants have hijacked government and transformed it into a system of absolute domination.

The attitude of Government is that EVERYONE is a criminal and should be treated as thusly. The fact that those whom we elect to office hold such attitudes means that it is THEY who are the criminals, not us. Government could outlaw the act of Breathing, a Natural Right, making it Illegal, but drawing breath could never be made criminal. It is a requirement for biological life, it directly descends from the Natural Right to Life. England has made self-defense illegal, yet who among us would consider a woman fighting off a rapist as the criminal?

Reciprocity And Resistance

The first step to resist Tyranny is to Stand Your Ground and say “No More!” Tyrants do what they do because people are too involved in their own selfish endeavors to give over without complaint. People are awed by the fearsome size and perceived power of Government. However, if the Tyrant knows that resistance is inevitable, then they will be forced to change their plans or steamroll the resistance and thereby display their True Colors to every American to see.

Reciprocity is a spanner in the works of the Tyranny machine. When enough people resist, when We The People stand up and speak out, then precious resources of Time, Money, and Political Favors must be expended to overpower or circumvent that resistance. The mere fact that a few people will refuse to cow to the God of Government and Stand Firm against their criminal actions, that a few will respond with the same energy, attitude, and respect as they give us…it WILL change things because it always does.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained

The Second American Revolution: Where We Stand

On a damp April morning, one thousand Redcoats form into lines on the Common squaring off against an armed force of civilian patriots in an event that would change the world forever. The British had arrived to confiscate firearms and arrest traitors to the crown. The Colonials were there to stop them. Two armies danced at the precipice of destiny, a shot was fired, and the entire world fell over the edge only to discover something greater than any could imagine…Liberty.

On a cold February morning, a horde of bureaucrats form a faceless army squaring off against a lightly armed population of civilians in an event that WILL change the world forever. The Tyrant has arrived to confiscate firearms and arrest Terrorists to the United States of America. The Patriots are here to stop them. Two armies dance at the precipice of destiny, someone will fire the first shots, and the entire world will fall over the edge only to re-discover something greater than themselves…Liberty.

State Of The Union

When the Federal Government goes out of its way to purchase Two BILLION Hollow Point Bullets under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, Americans should be very wary, considering that Hollow Points are only “legal” for domestic use against Citizens on the “American Battlefield.” When the Department of Homeland Security REQUESTS for the creation of a line of “No Hesitation” targets of pregnant women, children, and the elderly, Americans should take severe notice and demand answers.

When the Federal Government begins to strip away the Second Amendment Rights of Hundreds of Thousands of Veterans due to mental incompetency but based upon no medical or legal grounds, Americans should get angry. When the Department of Justice “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation,” and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration”, yet the Political Hacks in Washington continue to pretend “that would NEVER happen…”, yet history tells the same story time after time…Americans should be infuriated.

We stand on the cusp of destiny, teetering between absolute domination and bloody revolution. We have a Federal Government that has been armed to the teeth against We The People, while purposefully forcing the disarmament of We The People. We have a Federal Government that is seeking to physically, financially, and spiritually enslave its own citizens while those very same citizens are expected to submit, disarm, and become Serfs to the Gods of Olympus. We have a Federal Government that is so corrupt and so morally bankrupt, that starting a CIVIL WAR with its own people seems like a GOOD thing to do.

We stand at a crossroads, where We The People must make a choice between the “Easy Road,” to descend down into the bitter darkness of Oblivion or the “Hard Road” which leads to Enlightenment, Liberty, and a return to the Founding Principles of 1776

Right now We The People stand at Lexington and Concord, Tyrants versus Patriots, eyeball to eyeball with weapons drawn, and no shots having been fired publicly as of yet. Although if history is any guide, this stalemate will not last forever. Uncle Sam has got 2 Billion bullets, itchy trigger fingers, trained soldiers, armed drones, and very real intentions to use all their new toys on their own citizens.

What do we have? The moral high-ground. We The People know our Rights and We The People are ready, willing, and able to defend them. We have something to fight FOR…they only fight because they are ordered to. We live for Liberty and Freedom, they seek to quash it. We are inspired by the majesty and potential in every Human Life…they see something offensive that must be killed.

We believe that to Live means more than to simply exist…which is why we will Win.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained

The Second American Civil War: Why It Has To Happen

The Federal government is gunning for YOU! It is true, how else can the DHS’s purchase of TWO BILLION HOLLOW POINT BULLETS be explained? The Government is purchasing HOLLOW POINT bullets in bulk to be fiscally responsible…for the FIRST time ever? No. Hollow Point bullets are not target rounds, they are not Training rounds, and they are not Legal in combat. The only time Hollow Point bullets are legal to use on the Battlefield is if the Battlefield is the United States of American and the targets are American Citizens.

Although the DHS bullet purchase is an eye-opening clue as to what our Government’s future plans for us are, there are other Red Flag Clues waving excitably in the aether as well. The Price of Gas, which is currently skyrocketing, will continue to skyrocket. The cost of FOOD, which is also being blown through the roof, will continue to rise as the Dollar is devalued, making EVERYTHING more expensive and all of our money worth less…every month.

In addition to the financial bondage that is beginning to be felt amongst the people, there are Gun Confiscation laws being passed in fourteen states and from the Federal Government, both legislativly and by Royal Decree, i.e. Executive Order. So why is the Federal government arming itself to the teeth, with enough bullets to shoot ever man, woman, and child in America five times over, while going out of its way to DISARM their own people? What other reason could our government have to explain the disparity between an ARMED and MILITARIZED “domestic” army and an increasingly unarmed citizenry?

Obamacare is quickly insinuating itself into our lives, with “mental health checks” turning your family doctor into an organ of the State STAZI, and pediatricians asking children if “Mommy or Daddy have a gun in the house…” Is this the America our founders fought, bled, and died for? Or is this the Amerika of a Soviet-style collective?

An Un-Civil War

There is a civil war coming, a civil war that cannot be averted, cannot be slowed, and cannot be stopped. The war that is coming is being engineered from the highest levels of Government by and for the Global Elite. The Spirit of America can and never will die without a fight, and that is exactly the plan. America is still the last bastion of Freedom in this ever darkening world, and while “Freedom” and “Liberty” seem to be like a long-lost memory…that memory is still more than the rest of the world has for comfort. America will not fall easily, nor quickly, therefore a Civil War is the only weapon that our Political Rulers have left.

If our Authoritarian adversaries reacted to the outrage of We The People, then this extraordinary gun-grab would have stopped dead in its tracks, with legislation being sponsored to further protect the second amendment with reflection upon the stance of the American People. However, regardless of the number of outraged citizens and the outspoken anger leveled at these Traitorous Criminal bastards…they still keep coming for OUR guns while arming themselves. They keep coming for our paychecks through tax after tax after tax, and they insinuate themselves into our homes through Smart Meters and our Cell Phones and our computers.

Nothing is sacred to them…Nothing is safe from them.

This is why it MUST occur. While I do not relish the thought of a full-blown civil war between the Federal Tyrants and Free Americans, it is the only option that we have left to take back HUMANITY as a whole. These inhuman Globalist Elites WANT a war, and they want it now, and I believe that we should give them their war…and may God Judge them for all the dark deeds they have done. We are talking about spineless authoritarian weasels who have purposely inserted themselves and their ideologies into Human Evolution. These “people”, these MONSTERS have hijacked the Human Race and are attempting to reshape the world into THEIR image. A world where people are reduced to cattle, slow, stupid, and only able to follow the most basic of orders…right into the slaughterhouse.

So why must the war occur? Because it is the only way we can get them all.

These “people” rule from the shadows, be even now, when the events of this world are almost ready for their Endgame to begin, they have had to step into the light of the world stage. Cockroaches hide from the light, just like these guys do, but even they cannot steer the boat from the shadows of the Captains cabin. The architects of the engineered societal implosion of America and the World must be seen doing something, they have to be out there giving orders in public, else the boat won’t go where the plan requires.

Why must this war occur? Because to stop it is impossible and will only make America that much poorer in the long-term, as we would be forced to at least partially accept the falsehoods that have been carved into our reality. If we slow it down, all we are doing is allowing THEM more time to prepare and perfect their takeover. If we let it happen, they must step into the light, and once a cockroach is out in the light-filled open…it can be crushed.

The momentum behind the coming storm is much to great to slow, stop, or avert. Much like the Phoenix, the only way that America can come out of this strong and as a beacon of Freedom to the rest of the world is to take them head on, win the war quickly, and execute the shadowy puppeteers who created the whole mess to begin with. Then, and only then, can the future of a Free Humanity be secured.

Traps In The Sand

The war must be won quickly, else we are doomed to unending global warfare. If the Second American Civil War becomes bogged down and protracted, China will enthusiastically join in. The social engineering that is Mainstream American Media is already preparing the public for just that occasion. Games like “Homefront” and movies like the new “Red Dawn” portray North Korea as an occupying force within the United States of America. The idea is laughable as North Korea cannot even feed its own people, let alone “invade” anywhere without CHINESE help.

The reason that the enemies are Korean and not Chinese is two-fold. First of all a North Korean occupation is a red herring, even the lowest IQs in the room realize that North Korea is little more than China’s lapdog, but it focuses our attention onto North Korea and not where the real threats lie. Second, the fact that the occupying force is ASIAN prepares us for Chinese in the streets, as America is not primarily an Asian nation, most US Citizens are unable to tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, or Cambodians. To most Americans all Asians are Chinese or Japanese or Thai. Not to be racist, but if Joe Schmo does not know who the sitting Vice President is, it is doubtful that he can tell the difference between Asian Genotypes. Therefore, when he sees an Asian Soldier in full-assault gear, it doesn’t matter if the Social Engineering used North Koreans instead of Chinese…he just sees an Asian Soldier.

How To Win

I will write detailed strategies for Victory in the next few days, but suffice it to say that Continued Resistance will lead to Victory. The more that we struggle and the louder we shout means that more and more of the “Walking Dead” will awaken from their Fluoride-induced trances, disconnect themselves from the Matrix, and join us in our Stand for Freedom and Liberty. By doing the little things right now, we are continuing to awaken people, slow though it may seem, but with greater numbers of people waking up every day thanks to the examples set by our tyrannical Federal government, we will eventually win over the hearts and minds of America again.

The Ruling Elite and our Political Masters also know this to be the case, which is why the push for a Civil War, right NOW, is their primary goal. They erroneously believe that if Americans fight amongst themselves, the United States of America will fall. In theory that would be the case, but American are nothing if not daring. In tearing this country apart, they will end up consolidating their opposition…and then We The People, as a whole, will hunt them down and cut off their heads.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!!!

-Prometheus Unchained

I apologize for my recent silence, the landscape of the world has been shifting constantly, never standing still long enough for events to cement themselves to the reality they are intended to reflect.  In times like these…it is very difficult to accurately analyse an event that so quickly becomes ancient history as another Tyrannical Event pops up its evil little head from the dross of the State Run Media.

Keep up the good fight!  I will have a brand spankin’ new article up within a few days.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained

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