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Oath Keepers is Going “Operational” by Forming Special “Civilization Preservation” Teams

Oct. 1, 2013

Oath Keepers is instructing its 30,000 members nation-wide to form up special teams and sub-teams in each Oath Keepers chapter, at the town and county level, modeled loosely on the Special Forces “A Team” (Operational Detachment A ) model, and for a similar purpose: to be both a potential operational unit for community security and support during crisis, but also, as mission #1, to serve as training and leadership cadre, to assist in organizing neighborhood watches, organizing veterans halls to provide community civil defense, forming County Sheriff Posses, strengthening existing CERT, volunteer fire, search-and-rescue, reserve deputy systems, etc., and eventually to assist in forming and training town and county militias (established by official act of town and county elected representatives). We want our chapters to organize themselves as a working model that we can then take to other veterans organizations, such as the VFW, American Legion, Marine Corps League, etc. in each town and help them establish such teams within their already existing veterans halls.  And likewise, to serve as a model and training cadre to help churches, neighborhood watches, and any other civic organization organize.

We are basing this on the Special Forces model, which has a twelve man “A team” of specially trained soldiers who are inserted into a community to train and lead that community in resistance to oppressive regimes (hence their motto: “De Oppresso Liber).  . SF’s primary mission is to teach, organize, and lead, rather than to directly fight. They can fight, of course, but they are most dangerous as a force-multiplier by helping an entire community to fight. We will do the same – be force multipliers to help prepare communities so they can preserve civilization by providing their own security, disaster relief, infrastructure preservation, emergency communications, strategic food reserve, and medical care.

In an SF team, there are:

Two communications experts.

Two Medics.

Two Combat Engineers (who can do more than demolitions. They can also build bridges, dig wells, install water-treatment, irrigation systems, etc. ).

Two weapons experts.

An Operations NCO.

An Assistant Operations NCO who also does intelligence.

A commanding officer, and his assistant commanding officer

Each SF soldier is first trained to be light infantry. They all go through Army Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training (AIT)(usually at the Infantry School at Ft. Benning), Airborne School, and then the SF Selection course, where they learn land navigation (including a difficult timed night land-nav course), wilderness survival (including a graded field “survival” exercise), and patrolling (including reconnaissance, ambushes, raids, reacting to ambush, movement to contact, etc), along with a timed ruck march, obstacle course, rappelling out of helicopters, and hand-to-hand. And then they learn their specialty of one of the above – medic, commo, engineer, weapons, etc. Then they put it all together in a field training final phase where they are dropped into the fictitious country of “Pineland” (in the mountains and forests of North Carolina) and have to teach and lead the indigenous people (played by other recruits waiting to enter the training) in irregular warfare against the enemy.

Then, once they graduate and make it to Group, they all cross train, each specialized team of two training the others so they are all pretty good at all tasks, but experts within their chosen specialty. They bring each-other up to a high standard of capability. And by having two of each specialty, they have redundancy (two is one, and one is none) and the ability to split into two teams of six if needed. They can function as a very capable fighting squad if they need to, but their primary mission is to train and lead others in irregular warfare.

Oath Keepers is using that successful model and adapting it to our mission, to form Oath Keepers “Civilization Preservation Teams”.

The following is a preliminary draft of what we intend to do, to be further modified and improved with our members’ continued input. This is not written in stone – it is just a start.   All who read this, please help us make it better by leaving in the comments your suggestions for improvement.  What are we missing?  What needs to be changed?  How can we make it better?

So far,we plan to have the following in each Operational “Field” Team:

Two Communication Experts

Two medical experts (with a special focus on grid-down emergency medical and wilderness medicine)

Two Engineers To assist with fuel, shelter, emergency power, clean water, sewage, etc. build bridges, clear roads, construction, facilitate field distribution of supply and logistics, etc.

Two Strategic Food Reserve (SFR) specialists (who focus on the critical need for food reserves for the whole team, dependents, and especially for the community and who distribute food aid in the field).

Four to Six “Scouts.”

All Scouts will train extensively in tracking, land navigation, search and rescue, reconnaissance and observation, precision rifle shooting, wilderness survival and other “bush skills,” camouflage, small unit tactics, and patrolling (and then will serve as a teaching cadre to cross-train all other team members in the basics of all of those skills). But within each Scout sub-team will be, ideally:

a. Two tracking experts

b. two precision shooting experts

c. Two close combat and small unit tactics experts

Those are the operational specialties and sub-teams within each field team at this time. Each specialty will train in-depth and become true experts in those sub-category skills.

As of now, our intent is for each field team of 12-14 people to elect their team leader and assistant team leader themselves, from within their own team. But let us know if you think it should be done a different way, and if you think that once a team leader and ATL are elected, that their slots need to be filled with other people joining the team. Can they lead and still do their specialty, or is it important enough that they concentrate on leading (including intelligence functions and liaison with military, police, local government, state, other groups, etc.) that they should not be expected to perform field duties within their specialty, but instead an additional person should be added to the team to fill those slots? Let us know what you think.

Within each chapter will also be a Support Team (Logistic Supply/Support Group (LSG).

This will be an auxiliary to assist the Field team with supplies and transport. The people within that support team will also train extensively with the field team. Picture older veterans with extensive knowledge, but who no longer feel fit enough to go out into the field. They can serve as trainers, and then as support for operations, and as part of a field HQ to give direction and advice over the radio to the field units. They can also drive vehicles, prepare shelter and rear -recovery area for the teams, etc. For example, imagine an old Marine Scout Sniper vet with bad knees, or an old Special Forces vet with a bad back. Neither of them will likely be interested in humping a ruck up and down mountains, but they can sure train the hell out of the younger guys.  Ditto for retired medics and communications/radio men.  Their knowledge is priceless, and can and will save lives and could save our country, if properly applied and then amplified and spread.  They can train the Field Teams, and make sure they really know what they are doing, with no bull allowed, and then they can be there as part of the Support Team, and as part of the HQ element that is likely going to be with the Support Team.

Within that support team, will be critical supply and logistics personnel, such as strategic food reserve, who get the food ready to go and help deliver it to the field SFR personnel, and same for back-up and support for the other Field Team specialists. And also within that team will be general supply and logistics, motorpool, and base station and portable HQ communications experts, an intel team, and a base station medical team which may even be able to set up a mobile field hospital (presuming the expertise is available, and the supplies).    Along side the support team will be a chapter headquarters unit, consisting of the local chapter leader and assistant chapter leader.  We will flesh this out with more formal structure shortly.

So far, that is it for the field team(s) an the support team. What  are we missing? Anything need to be added, or changed?

Within each chapter should also be the following sub-teams for use both during “normal” times and also during emergencies:

Peace Officer Liaison and Sheriff /posse Team. Focused on making sure the local Sheriff is a “constitutional Sheriff” who understands the Constitution and the duty to defend it, and making sure there is a posse to back the sheriff up, but also reaching out to city police and deputies. This team would preferably be led by a retired peace officer, who will get to know all local police.  That team will also serve as the HQ liaison between the chapter HQ and local, state, and federal law enforcement (with a focus on the locals).

Military and National Guard Liaison. To communicate with and build relationships with local military and national guard units, and serve as liaisons during operations.

Neighborhood Watch Team. To help form neighborhood watches throughout the local community and liaison with them.

Local Government Team. To get to know the local town council, county government, judges, county attorney, etc, and observe each town and county government meeting. This is the team that will draft and introduce militia bills, posse bills, and nullification bills, among other items to support liberty at the local level, and will help liaison with them all during emergencies.

Intelligence Team.   To gather, analyze, and disseminate intelligence on who is doing what, where, when, and why.

Chapters can form additional teams as needed in their own area and circumstances, but those are the basics.

Like SF, all Oath Keepers will be expected to learn light infantry skills
. They will all be encouraged to attend an Appleseed Rifle Program and shoot to “Rifleman” standards. Just as the Marines say that every Marine is a Rifleman (even the cooks) so will every Oath Keeper be a rifleman. After learning solid rifle marksmanship, they will learn individual movement and tactics, then buddy team, fire-team, and squad movement and tactics (shoot, move, communicate). All of you infantry veterans need to step up and teach these skills to everyone else. So, it is not just the Scouts who will learn those skills – everyone on a field team will learn them, and even the support team members should at least train in the basics so they can defend themselves.

All will learn land navigation, basic wilderness survival, basic first aid and combat lifesaver skills, and basic patrolling and small unit tactics.

as in SF, each will pick one (or two, if they have the time) specialty sub-categories to train in-depth in, and then each will cross train in other specialties. Ideally, all would at least be exposed to training in tracking and precision shooting. With other team members training to a high state of capability, and available to cross-train other members, the only real limitation is time to train. Each has a focus, but is encouraged to cross-train extensively.

Within a chapter, when you get enough people to form more field teams, you do it. Replicate and multiply them like cells dividing and multiplying.

All who are interested in each specialty will train together for two months, and then form the field teams and train as a whole team.  For example, if ya chapter had four or five people interested in the medical specialty, they would all train together, to set training goals, standards, gear selection, SOPs, etc (with bonafide medics, corpsmen, and EMTs taking the lead, but anyone would be welcome to train for the team who commits to that track).  They train together for two months before you set up any Field Teams, but even after they are sent into field teams, those medical track personnel still get together for ongoing training among themselves. Within each two man sub-team, the one with the most knowledge is the lead between the two. For example, a prior service medic or corpsman would be paired up with a newbie who would serve as his apprentice while the newbie gets trained up. All would be encouraged to seek formal training, such as local college EMT classes, Wilderness Medicine classes, and tactical medicine classes (which are rare, but do exist for civilians). But no one would be turned away just because they are new to the field. All who are committed to that specialty track will be welcome, but expected to train their butts off, and they will be under the direct supervision of those with more training (by the way, this is how volunteer fire departments do it. The older and wiser guys train the newbs).

And the same for all the other specialties. What will be of utmost importance is that those with real-deal experience and professional training in any of the above need to step up and help train up these specialties and sub-teams within their local chapter and community. Duplicate yourself, replicate yourself! Teach others what you know, and help them form up into working teams. Even if you are too old, injured, or whatever to go out into a field situation humping a ruck, you can still teach, and help them get squared away.

And remember, the primary mission is to build up a competent training cadre, as force multipliers, with a working model, to then get the local veterans groups to form up similar teams within their local veteran hall, and then to go out and help the community form similar teams in neighborhood watches, mutual aid associations, within churches, and then within the broader town and county. Therefore, all the medics, even the older guys who are not able to go into some field conditions, will be on the teaching team when they go out to teach others during “normal” times. Ditto for all the other specialties.

And so, you should not just be forming these teams within your local Oath Keepers chapter and helping local veterans halls do the same, but also within your own family and circle of friends, and within your own neighborhood (who’s on your buddy team, who’s on your fire team, who’s on your squad?). Start a neighborhood watch and then build a solid field team and a support team within your own neighborhood.

When the crap hits the fan, you need well-trained people around you, with complementary skills, who can help you get through. Like Kevin Reeve of Onpoint Tactical says: “training trumps gear. And community trumps both training and gear.” You can’t know it all, or do it all, and you have to sleep sometime.   So build a team, build community, and preserve civilization.It starts with you, your family, your small circle of most trusted friends, then your neighborhood, your church, your veterans halls in your town, the Sheriff’s posse, the local search and rescue, volunteer fire, etc., and then out to your county and state.WHY WE ARE DOING THIS:

In addition to this being part of our mission anyway, we feel like we are flat running out of time and we need to get as prepared as possible as fast as possible. The Oath Keepers national Board of Directors war-gamed what we think is the most likely move by our enemies to scrap the Constitution. On the BOD at the time were a Special Forces Major, an Army Ranger, and a Marine Scout-sniper veteran, as well as a retired Navy Commander and several Vietnam combat vets, and several other combat arms veterans. Playing devil’s advocate, and putting themselves in the enemy’s shoes, we estimated that the most effective course for “them” to follow would be to:

1. Intentionally trigger a catastrophic economic collapse as an economic “neutron bomb” (kills the people, but leaves the land intact). With the current intentional lack of a Strategic Grain Reserve, our population is in a strategic “checkmate” position where an economic collapse could be a near-extinction event for our population. During the Cold War, the U.S. government maintained three years worth of grain in a Strategic Grain Reserve for the entire US population because they knew that in the wake of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union, it could take three years to recover and grow crops again. Without that reserve, those who survived the exchange would starve to death before they could possibly restart growing enough food. We now have no such Strategic food reserve, which means that any catastrophic interruption in food delivery could kill millions of Americans. Such a disruption could occur because of even a limited nuclear exchange, an EMP strike (either man-made, or natural, as a result of solar activity), or, an economic collapse.

Currently, our economy is in such a weak state that an economic collapse could be intentionally triggered at any time. Because of the lack of a food reserve, and because few Americans store food on their own, such a collapse would lead to mass starvation, just like in the aftermath of a nuclear exchange.

The US government is spending billions of dollars on ammunition, armored vehicles, and weapons for DHS and local police. It is spending nothing on food for the people. They are preparing to control and contain us, and to shoot us, but not preparing to feed us. Why is that?  You know the answer.

2. Let the country descend into chaos. A national economic collapse would be like a “national Katrina” but lasting far longer, and because it is nation-wide, it would be far more intense. The cities would implode. All the government would have to do is contain them and let them implode. in the midst of that chaos, they could also do a decapitation strike on the leaders of the liberty movement, but other than that, “They” could just sit back and wait a month, two months, or three to be really sure the people are at a maximum level of starvation, weakness, and chaos, and then:

3. Ride in like the cavalry, to “save” us by means of martial law and scrapping our constitution once-and-for all. They could blame the collapse on the so-called “free market” and on not having enough government power, and they could blame delays in relief on the “extremists” in the patriot movement (i.e. “we would have gotten the food trucks in sooner, but the extremists were ambushing our safety check-points and resisting the necessary relocation to relief camps”). Their ready to go solution would be a world-wide version of the Fed, and a world wide government. People would be told to “just turn in your guns, and you’ll get food” and “just turn in the extremists, and you’ll get food.”

ADDITIONAL ANALYSIS: To the above, we now add Brandon Smith’s insight that with a war in Syria, the elites can trigger an economic collapse with a war – with Russia and China using economics as a weapon in retaliation. All China would have to do is dump US treasuries and refuse to trade with US dollars. That would begin the final death-spiral of the dollar.

The Chinese would be blamed for the collapse, rather than the banksters. “They” would tell the American people that the evil Chinese are to blame for the death of the dollar, and anyone who resists the “emergency measures” by the US government would be accused of aiding the enemy. They would say “domestic extremists took advantage of the Chinese economic attack on us to push their own racist and extremist anti-government agenda, making the collapse worse by attacking peace-keepers and international relief volunteers, and by attacking and resisting US officials who were trying to restore law and order.”

It is because of the systemic weakness of the American people, and our strategic checkmate position of having no strategic food storage and no effective local security, that we feel the need to take Oath Keepers operational and put our focus on each chapter being a training cadre to get their communities as prepared and organized as possible in whatever time we have left.

We urge you to presume the worst in the short term, and to work in three or four month sprints – assume that a collapse will be triggered this fall/winter and do all you can to get yourselves and your communities ready.

If it doesn’t happen in the next four months, then do another sprint, of three or four more months of preparation. And keep going until it happens – which it will eventually, no matter what anyone does. The dollar is doomed.

We encourage each individual to build a food reserve, to set aside food for their neighbors (10% of their food is for others), and to have basic communications (at least a hand-held dual band radio), basic medical, and water purification, shelter, and weapons and ammo.   We will post more details on our recommendations for preparedness in a follow-up post.

Everyone is encouraged to use the above team building model and template to build a team within their family, extended family, and friends, and to then do the same in their neighborhoods, and in their civic organizations. From the individual, to the family, neighborhood, civic org, town, county, and state. Bottom up.

OK. Let us know how to improve the above.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder and President of Oath Keepers
PS –    As a reminder and clarification, from the beginning of Oath Keepers we have had two prongs to our mission:1. Reinforce the oath-keeping of the current serving.2. Reinforce the oath-keeping of the veterans (and any citizens who want to join us in our efforts).

From the start, we have been about more than just RTI to the current serving, and well over a year ago we launched our Operation Sleeping Giant, to help put more focus on waking up veterans groups and on the critical need for people to implement preparedness, security, economic independence, and local sovereignty, in their local communities as part of our effort to restore the Republic from the ground up.

However, that aspect of our mission has still not gotten the attention it deserves among our members. All too often I see and hear members describing their mission as just “RTI” to the current serving and not fully implementing the other half of our strategy.

So, to bring that second prong of our mission back where it belongs – with equal attention paid to it along with RTI to the current serving – we will be including the Operation Sleeping Giant mission on our main website, rather than having it on some sister-site (which is not getting it done).

And, most importantly, we will be instructing our members, and our local and state chapters, to form up into operational mutual-aid and community-aid teams, just like we are asking the veterans groups to do. Some of our local chapters are already doing this, but we need to make it a nation-wide effort, and a main part of our mission.

We have been asking VFW halls, Marine Corps League halls, etc. to see themselves as a unit, as a source of stability and aid to their communities, as the pool of manpower that can serve as a civil defense unit for their town and county, as the Sheriff’s Posse, and as a pool of manpower that can serve as the militia for their community (preferably established by formal act of their city or county government). Likewise for churches, neighborhood watches, etc.

If we are going to ask veterans groups, and neighborhood watches, to see themselves as such a unit, then we need to do the same within our own org, and especially within our local chapters at the town and county level. That way, when we talk to veterans groups, we won’t be asking them to do anything that we are not doing ourselves, and we can also work out the bugs and have a working model for what we want them to do.

The ultimate goal is not to have all the veterans join Oath Keepers and have a bunch of Oath Keepers teams doing all the work in each town and county. Instead, the ultimate goal is for us to help them get their already existing veterans orgs organized into well trained (and training), well equipped, and organized teams. And, even broader than that, the goal is to enlist their help in then establishing strong neighborhood watches throughout their community, and then strong town and county level civil-defense units, posse, and ultimately, strong town and county militia, on the way to fully restoring the state militia.

As I said above, think of this as a Special Forces type mission. SF can do direct action, but their primary job, and what makes them a serious force multiplier, is to train and then lead others.

An SF A team is first and foremost a cadre of teachers, who help organize and train others to take care of themselves.

That is how we should see ourselves. Our primary job is not to have Oath Keepers try to be the security force in our towns and counties, but to help the entire community, and key parts of it, get their crap wired tight so they can take care of themselves. That way, we are a force multiplier, much like SF. Trust me, our enemies will not be happy about us doing this! They would much rather we try to form ourselves into some exclusive, members-only “militia” that will only get so big. They don’t want us going into already existing veterans orgs and reactivating those veterans and helping them turn their local VFW into a working unit. Nor do they want us to help folks establish effective neighborhood watches (with teeth) and effective mutual aid associations in churches, Tea Party groups, and at the town and county level. Nor do they want us to help form up a posse to back a good sheriff.

So, let’s do what they don’t want us to do.

And let’s lead by example for the following reasons:

1. So we walk our talk. We can say with a straight face that we are not asking anyone else to do anything we are not doing ourselves.

2. So we have a working model of what we want other groups to do, where we work out the bugs on what works, and what doesn’t, and which they can adopt as an easy, “turn-key” solution, with our recommended structure, SOPs, recommended training priorities, and equipment lists. Of course, they can adapt and modify what we do to their particular needs, but at least we can offer them a good start by our own example.

3. So we have a solid training cadre of specialists in key skills who can then work to replicate themselves both within our org and also within the broader community. And a big part of that replication will be to get other veterans orgs to realize they already have members of their halls who have unique knowledge who can serve as their own version of an operational team as well as a cadre of trainers who then go out and train others in the community.

This article was posted: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 12:21 pm


FEMA Camps: Kingwood, WV

Located just north of the WV I-68 rest area


A closer look at the compound:


A look at a completed prison:


Google Maps images, the secondary and tertiary camps are more than likely completed at this point.  Having seen the site myself (from a distance), the towers and fencing are completed for site 2.  The site is surrounded by hills on all sides, making it difficult to get any meaningful ground-based pictures.  I would assume that site 2 is complete with site 3 already at, or nearing completion.


Stand up, Speak Out, and Talk HARD!!!


-Prometheus Unchained


A REAL American Hero…

Former Iraq veteran Adam Kokesh staged an open carry protest in Washington DC today by loading a 12 gauge shotgun near the White House – committing at least four felonies in the process.


A New Declaration of Independence

When a government has repeatedly and deliberately failed to follow its own laws, violated the fundamental human rights of its citizens, threatened the sanctity of a free press, created institutions intended to eliminate privacy of communication, waged war at the behest of special interest that threatens the public safety, killed hundreds of children with drone strikes, imprisoned and destroyed the lives of countless individuals for victimless crimes, stifled economic opportunity to maintain the dominance of the financial elite, stolen from the people through an absurd system of taxation and inflation, sold future generations into debt slavery, and abused it’s power to suppress political opposition, it is unfit to exist and it becomes the duty of the people to alter or abolish that government by whatever means necessary to secure liberty and ensure peace.

A new American revolution is long overdue. This revolution has been brewing in the hearts and minds of the people for many years, but this independence day, it shall take a new form as the American Revolutionary Army will march on each state capital to demand that the governors of these 50 states immediately initiate the process of an orderly dissolution of the federal government through secession and reclamation of federally held property. Should one whole year from this July 4th while the crimes of this government are allowed to continue, we may have passed the point at which non-violent revolution becomes impossible.

The time to sit idly by has passed. To remain neutral is to be complicit, just doing your job is not an excuse, and the line in the sand has been drawn between the people, and the criminals in Washington, D.C. while some timid souls will say that it is too early, the we can solve this problem through democratic means provided by government, that current levels of taxation are reasonable for the services provided, and that the crimes of this government are merely a tolerable nuisance, it may already be too late.

While there is risk in drastic action, the greater danger lies in allowing this government to continue unchallenged. So if you are content with the status quo, stay home, get fat, watch the fireworks from a safe distance, and allow this Independence Day to pass like any other. But if you see as we see, and feel as we feel, we will see you on the front lines of freedom on July 4th 2013 for this: The Final American Revolution

– Adam Kokesh (Facebook)

Adam Kokesh Released
May 24, 2013

Political activist Adam Kokesh was released from jail this afternoon.

Kokesh was arrested last Saturday for exercising his First Amendment right at a protest. He called for a “new American revolution” to begin on July 4 with a march on all 50 state capitols.

The release was announced on his Facebook page with the following message and photograph:

Released 130524 with felony charges reduced to citations which I refused to sign. Played hardball. Won. Talk to you Monday.

It Begins:  The FED to Implode the American Economy

When the Federal Reserve stops QE Infinity it will be equivalent to kicking the chair out from under a prisoner in a noose…  The economy will collapse and the American People will fall, strangled by imaginary debt that cannot be paid with now worthless American Dollars.  Out from the resulting chaos will come Martial Law, relocation, re-education, and the outright murder of innocent Americans.

Whomever said that Accountants are harmless was a complete and utter sheep-shagging Git.

Watch the Video here.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and TALK HARD!

– Prometheus Unchained

Truth: The Essence of Liberty

What is Liberty? gives the definition as: freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice. Which is an accurate enough description, yet there is one necessary factor that is not listed…Truth. In order for Liberty to thrive, it must exist in an environment where Truth is the guiding principle of the Free Society. Liberty is not Liberty if the environment is one of deception, regulation, and restriction while being called “Free.”

Liberty is a perspective, a paradigm in which there are very few limitations on the individual, except for minor limitations that Government creates. The fact is that ALL Government reduces Liberty, it is inherent to its nature. Government is a logical construct whose sole purpose is to devise Rules for society and to administer resources that We The People grant it.

A Government that encourages Liberty is one in which Laws and Regulations are scarce, confiscation of resources (i.e. Taxes and Fees) is minimal, and the size and scope of Government Authority are restrained to the minimum required to govern. Our Founding Fathers understood Human Nature and the Human desire for wealth and power, and therefore understood the Nature of Government, which is Force. Due to this understanding of the Human Condition and historic examples of Governments the world over, our Founders understood that government MUST be limited else it will expand and consume Truth, Liberty, Private Property, and even the lives of its citizens.

A Dictator’s Dream

A Tyrannical Government focuses on “Public Safety” and the “Public Good” all while robbing the wealth of one group and giving it to other groups that it deems to be deserving. Big Government thrives under the Divide and Conquer paradigm, where the focus is on Groups rather than Individuals, and groups are pitted against each other in order to weaken opposition and to distract from the Truth of Real Issues such as government corruption and despotism.

The Truth is transformed into Crime under the thumb of a Tyrant. Truth becomes a casualty of the exercise of Raw Power. Politicians go from being elected by The People to having the results of their “elections” being a foregone conclusion. Political Dynasties begin to form with family members entering into politics and having the reins of power being passed on to them from their familial predecessor. Simply look at the Bush pattern; Senator Prescott Bush, President George HW Bush, President George W Bush, Governor Jeb Bush, and now the newest ‘Lil Bush running for office in Texas. The Clintons are no different, President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (running from the Clinton camp), and one day soon, Chelsea. What about the Rockefeller Clan; David, John, and Jay? The Kennedy’s, John, Bobby, Ted, and John-John?

Sure, America is a “Free” Nation, yet try to exercise your “Rights” and see just how far you get. If one speaks out against this Government the result is to become labeled a “Racist.” If one complains about their oppressive tax burden the result is to become labeled as a “selfish” person who is only out for themselves and enjoys watching poor babies die of malnutrition and lack of medical care. If one stands for Liberty and believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights…that person is a deadly Terrorist who must be “handled.”

The net effect of Big Government is the death of Truth and the loss of Liberty, for Freedom is anathema to Falsehood.

Truth Is The Fabric of Liberty

George Orwell’s 1984 gives the best example of the Assault on Truth via Political Doublespeak. There are numerous examples of this within our own Government. The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, SOUNDS like it is designed to lower the cost of healthcare and give access to Medical Care for all. In reality it bankrupts businesses, drives the price of healthcare through the roof, and removes affordable healthcare access to those who need it most. The Patriot Act SOUNDS like it is designed to protect American Citizens from external Terror threats…but it actually spies on American citizens. FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, SOUNDS like it is designed to combat Foreign Threats by monitoring communications abroad…yet it actually was meant to record EVERY American’s communications.

A Nation where Truth is valued as a Founding Principle, as one of the cornerstones of Government and Society, is a nation where Liberty thrives. When the expectations of We The People are that our representatives speak only Truth and act only from Truth, then those representatives cannot behave outside of that paradigm. If the expectation of the People is Truth and those expectations are not met…then the representatives find themselves out of power.

If we demand Truth, we must also hold our representatives feet to the fire, the Flame of Truth, if they do not deliver. This is the ONLY manner in which the demand for Truth can be met. If our politicians know that they can open their mouths and utter absolute nonsense and We The People will do nothing about it…then Lies will rule Washington.

Liberty is one of the Natural Rights, the Rights that descend from God Himself. The idea is that if you were born into the wild, you would immediately have the Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness because there is nothing to prevent them. There are no natural inhibitors to prevent the exercise of your Rights, therefore these Rights are Natural Rights, for they exist regardless of Government.

There is an attitude known as Be, Do, Have. The concept is a goal-oriented action plan, where you Become who you need to be, you Do the things you need to do, and thus you will Have what it is that you want. The concept requires that you Be the change you wish to see, thus you will Do the things you must do, in order to Meet your goal. This is how Liberty will be rediscovered…by Being a liberty-minded individual, Doing that which must be done from the perspective of Liberty, and thus we will Have REAL Liberty again.

A Tyrant’s Night-Terror

What would happen if We The People simply stopped buying into the Lie? What would happen if We The People ignored unjust laws and lived from the perspective of Liberty? What would happen if, en masse, We The People demanded an end to the lies and the threats and the sheer brute force that is our current Federal Government? What would happen if enough of us Stood Up, Spoke Out, and demanded REAL Hope and Change?

It would happen.

The only reason that our Government has the dictatorial power that it claims is because too many people buy into their lie. The Bill of Rights guarantees our Freedoms by declaring in the preamble that the following Rights are enshrined as immutable and can never be infringed upon by Government. The only manner in which those Rights can be dissolved is if We The People quietly acquiesce to unjust and tyrannical laws. The Second Amendment guarantees that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed,” yet Government has repeatedly created laws that have infringed on that right. When the People simply “go along” with gun-control laws then the outcome is that the Bill of Rights becomes shredded and watered down, thus creating a precedence for more Rights-eroding legislation to follow.

The Fourth Amendment states:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized

Compare current law to the absoluteness of the Fourth Amendment, such as Checkpoint laws. The Police will set up a checkpoint for “drugs” or “Alcohol” or “Illegals” and then force you to stop while they “inspect” your vehicle. If they deem it so, you must then “allow” them to pull you out of your vehicle, withdraw Blood from Your body, empty your pockets, frisk you, search your car, and toss your things…and you have no legal recourse. Where is the warrant? Where is the Probable Cause? This is Your car, Your Bodily Fluids, Your Private Property. Which makes all such checkpoints a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment, yet Government Courts will uphold these checkpoints in most cases.

How does the Fourth Amendment mesh with the TSA? In order to fly commercially the “Law” requires that all passengers be sexually assaulted by Life’s Losers, have your property stolen, and then bombarded with high-energy radiation that is proven to unzip DNA, thus causing permanent damage at the genetic level. Truth becomes twisted and warped into something Sinister. Explain to me how having my love spuds roughly fondled by a glorified nitwit is NOT an Unreasonable Search?

Again, the Fourth Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

We are a “Free” Nation, yet IF you would like to board an airplane in America THEN you must go through the government mandated “Grope and Snatch” Procedure in order to EXERCISE your Right to Travel “Unmolested?” It does not make any legal or logical Sense to demand that People give up one Right in order to exercise another. It is unjust yet it is also upheld.

Government Snooping Kills Liberty

The DHS, FBI, NSA, and other Government agencies actively scan, read, and store ALL of our electronic communications. Our government also actively scans and records ALL of our telephone calls. In whose delusional semi-retarded mind is this NOT a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment? What part of “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated” is confusing to our supposed Law Makers? If a fifth-grader can easily understand the meaning, then how is it possible for educated individuals who have spent YEARS practicing Law to be unable to grasp even the thinnest shred of understanding of the Fourth Amendment.

This has the direct effect of chilling Free Speech and killing Truth. Especially when the government has passed Laws like the NDAA which allows for indefinite detention and extra-judicial assassination of “Terrorists” who are designated by the Government under the cover of National Security. The DHS runs fusion centers that scan Social Networks and then categorize users comments as potential terror threats. Any open disagreement with this Government has become construed to be “Racist” or “Criminal” or “Terrorist.” When these tyrannical systems are “Legal” and upheld in court, then how can any semblance of Truth remain? It creates nothing more than a gigantic echo chamber of government-approved ideologies…not Truth. It creates a chilling effect on Free Speech, as who wants to publicly espouse opinions that may have permanent repercussions?

Truth will always lead the way. The fact that something is either True or False guarantees that something either IS or IS NOT. It is that simple, even when Truth and Falsehood are packaged together in order to “sell” an idea…the True portion rings True while the Lie falls on its face. It is through Truth that Liberty gets its wings, just like Clarence the Angel. Liberty must exist in an environment of Truth, else it too becomes a Lie. Just because we are told that we live in a Free Country does not make it so. The Soviet, Chinese, Cuban, and Venezuelan governments claim the same…but WE know the TRUTH. Just because an Obama or Bush claims that America is a Free Nation does not make it so. What makes a nation a Free Nation is Liberty and Truth, two things we have very little of at the moment.

Disagree with my assessment? Go out and try to buy an Incandescent Light bulb. Go out and buy a toilet that uses more than one gallon to flush. Go out and try to buy a freakin’ over-the-counter allergy pill…not as free as you thought you were?

The only manner in which you truly exercise your Liberty is to ignore the Government Lies and to ignore the laundry-list of unjust laws, choosing instead to Live your Life under the banner of Liberty.

Stand Up, Speak Out, Talk Hard, and Live Free!

-Prometheus Unchained

Resistance Strategy: Play No More To Win The War

 Throughout my Junior High and High School summers I spent hundreds of hours playing Monopoly with my Best Friend, John. Monopoly is potentially one of the most monotonous and complicated games ever created by man…outside of Baseball or Politics, that is. John and I would change the rules, combine other boardgames such as Mousetrap, Scrabble, or Life, and on a few occasions we would incorporate playing card games as well…just to spice things up. The ultimate lesson that I learned from spending a substantial amount of my adolescent years losing at Monopoly? When you play someone else’s Game by the rules they create, you will never ever win.

Liberty Exists For Individuals

The Liberty movement stems from two key areas, the Perspective of Individuality and the Founding Documents. While the Constitution and Bill of Rights descend from the concept of Individuality, what they actually represent are legally protected Rights that enshrine Liberty and Individuality together. Our founders were not collectivists, socialists, or Marxists…they were THE ORIGINAL Rugged Individualists. These Great Men codified a series of Basic Rights into our Government that guarantee the Liberty of Every Individual American…not Groups of Americans…Every Individual American. The key concept is Individual.

The Tyrant’s strategy relies on the concept of Divide and Conquer, which only works with groups, True Individuals are immune to this method of attack because Individuals draw their Self-Image and Self-Worth from themselves…not any sort of group. I am an Individual, I am also a White Male, but my Self-Image does not descend from my gender or skin color…I really don’t care about arbitrary details like race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or any other coincidental details apart from the real “Meat” of a person…their Individual Personality.

Divide and Conquer only works on people that have no inherent self-worth and who define themselves based on arbitrary details like race, creed, or gender. The irony is that those who are quick to call others Racists, are themselves the True Example of the Racist…because Race actually matters to them…They see others as White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, etc. I see People…they see color, creed, and gender. I see Individuals…they see demographics. I see Free Will…they see choices as a guaranteed outcome based solely on a person’s race, gender, and belief system.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where
they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

The Reason why we win the battle yet lose the war, the reason why we can have the Truth and Common Freakin’ Sense on our side and STILL “Lose” the intellectual debate in the Public Sphere against knee-jerk Elitist morons like Piers Morgan, is because we are playing THEIR Game. It is Their Game being played by Their Rules and then we wonder why We are always castigated as “Nutter Conspiricy Theorist Freaks” and “Bad Guys” and “Racist Terrorists.” It is the exact same scenario as playing the game of Monopoly in which the rules are many and undeclared and always shifting, where Losing can be construed as Winning, and the “Banker” has all of the power, authority, and absolutely no accountability.

The only path to Victory is to play YOUR OWN GAME by YOUR OWN RULES…

Truth Versus Treason

The Game of Divide and Conquer relies on the gradual transformation of one group into something that it is not, thus pitting it directly against another group or groups. One of the best historical examples of this tactic can be found in Nazi Germany. Jews and Gypsies became the whipping boy for Germany’s ills but it was not always that way. It was only after Hitler introduced Centralized Government Medical Care for the German People that he then used the medical system to “prove” that Jews and Gypsies were “sub-human” creatures that must be isolated and “handled” else disaster would destroy Germany.

In the 1960’s the Black Panther party began as a response to Government Abuse and Police Brutality against Black Americans. Volunteers stood on street corners, Armed, and discouraged the officially sanctioned abuses while opening their halls for the community, regardless of race, to provide food, clothing, and other essentials for anyone who needed it. The Black Panthers were not a “Black” group…they stood for Unification and Outreach to All People, regardless of race. Skip forward a couple of years and then you’ll notice that the Black Panther party changed, becoming a militant Black extremist organization. How did that happen?

The transformation occurred due to the FBI’s COINTELPRO program, in which organizations deemed to be a “Threat” to the status quo of American Society were infiltrated and usurped by federal operatives. The original founders of the Black Panther party found themselves arrested on false and trumped up charges, while the new leadership purposefully radicalized the movement, turning it into something it was never intended to become. The movement was recognized as a Threat because non-violent Blacks did not empower “The State” but the constant threat of Black Militant Extremism DID empower “The State” because White America had someone to fear.

The Black Panthers as a True Civil Rights organization was a “Threat” specifically because it eroded the Divide and Conquer paradigm, yet violent Black Men who hate Whitey…THAT empowered government because then “The People” needed Uncle Sam to “Protect” them from the so-called “Black Menace.” The TRUTH is that before the US Government infiltrated and co-opted the Black Panthers THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT. Only after Uncle Sam got involved did a benign civil rights organization become “Dangerous” and thus We The People needed and demanded the protection of The State.

Divide and Conquer For The 21st Century

Al-Quida is the most recent example of Divide and Conquer on the global stage. The US creates a group of Muhajadeen to entice the Soviet Union to go to war with Afghanistan in order for the Soviets to have Their Own version of Vietnam. After the War the US moves Al-Quida to Bosnia to instigate a Ethnic/Religious civil war in that country. Al-Quida then “mysteriously” turns on us, pulls off the September 11th attacks while the US goes to war in Afghanistan and Iraq in response.

Ten years later Al-Quida moves to North Africa and begins terrorizing Libya, Syria, and Mali. The US Government response is to SUPPORT the “Rebels” with money, weapons, and Surface-To-Air Missles. The US Government “hires” Al-Quida as security for the Benghazi Embassy while then going to war on the governments of the countries that Al Quida instigated the attacks with in the first place.

How does one go from Ally to Enemy and then back to Ally unless “The Enemy” was never truly “The Enemy.”

Play Your Own Game

 The only way to Win is to play our own game. If we play their game, if we buy into the intellectual insanity that we are demanded to buy into and believe, if we follow their rules…we lose…and we lose badly, every time. We must live our lives in reality. We must live our lives firmly rooted in Truth. We must live our lives under the endless sky of Freedom.

If Government legally passed a Law that made the consumption of Oxygen Illegal, then one could argue that the act of Breathing is Criminal. This concept works only if you buy into the Lie…if you play the game. It does not matter what “Laws” this disgusting perversion of “Government” creates and attempts to enforce, if the Law is unjust then it is the Oppressor, not the Oppressed, who is the criminal. A Tyrant is able to control other people only if those other people buy into the Lie that “they have to.” It is when the first person STANDS UP and says “Hell No!” that Others start to take notice and find within themselves the strength to Stand With You…but they NEED our Strength and our Voice and our Passion and our Words and our Fury.

A government that rules by Fear is a Tyrannical Government. A Government that uses Force and Intimidation as its only tool, is a Tyrannical Government. Tyrannical Governments gain and maintain power through the manipulation of reality, through the creation of “rules” and “laws” and “polls” and “public opinion” that do not and can not exist in the Real World. Tyrants rule people because they convince them that the Lie is Truth and to think, speak, or do otherwise will be met with brutal force.

The Flame of Liberty IS The Flame of Truth

The only way, the only REAL Method to escape the system is to ignore it. Stand Up and do your own thing, play our own game, and make sure that We The People see you doing it. One ounce of Truth counteracts Ten Gallons of Deceit. Truth is immediately recognized regardless of whether the observer wishes to believe it or not. The only way to subsume the Truth is to drown it with a Unified Lie from every angle, all of the time. Think, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, The Washington/New York/L.A. Times, The Huffington Post, etc.

Whenever a tiny kernel of Truth is discovered it always takes root and grows; cracking through and sloughing off the many coatings of Falsehood that were ever-so painstakingly designed to bury it forever, and Shine forth as a blaze as Bright and as Prominent as the Sun itself. After all, Truth Is.

Stand Up, Speak Truth, and Live Free!

-Prometheus Unchained

Resistance Strategies: The Art of Reciprocity

Reciprocity is a relationship in which corresponding actions are reflected proportionally on each side. The Code of Hammurabi, an Eye for an Eye, is a severe example of this sort of relationship. It could be better stated as “What you do unto others shall be done unto you” or “You Reap What You Sow” or as Jesus said: “According to their way I will do to them, and according to their own judgements I will judge them; and they shall know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 7:27b RSV)

Reciprocity as a resistance strategy is as simple and as elegant as it appears. We treat them exactly as they treat us. No more bowing or scraping or currying for favor. No more bending over to take it “because that’s just how it works” ever again. Reciprocity means that we respond, in kind, with the same level of respect and energy as we are being given. Reciprocity is the logical compliment to The Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated,” as the unspoken, “else others will treat you in kind.

Jesus said: “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 7:12 KJV) Notice that it is “The Law”…God’s Law…NATURAL LAW. The Golden Rule is a Law, exactly like the laws of Physics…it is how people will eventually react towards your treatment of them. It is a divine edict on how every living creature must behave towards others. It is the beacon on the hill, a brilliant flaming warning for bullies and tyrants that they must treat people with respect, for people will eventually return the favor.

Lead With The Carrot…

We must treat others with the respect that Good Men and Women deserve. As decent Human Beings we are required by personal Honor and respect for Individuality to treat other Human Beings as we ourselves would expect to be treated. It is truly that simple. This is who we are and who we should aspire to become.

Our Integrity is all we truly ever have, therefore Truth must be as a God to us. In our dealings with others we should speak only Truth or nothing at all. People may call me many names but no one can honestly call me a liar. I speak Truth, I worship Truth, I seek Truth Always. When Truth is spoken it cuts through the layers of Deception like a hot knife through butter. There is a certain look to Truth, a certain tone and phrasing. Truth is a shield, for by its very nature Truth can be proven and if you always present Truth…you are immune to the sting of Falsehood’s darts. Truth is a Sword, for Tyrants cannot withstand even the slightest scratch of Truth, as it brings the House of Cards they call “Reality” down around their ears.

The beginning of any interaction with others should begin by presenting our very best and we should hold certain standards as to how we are to be treated. Being Men and Women of Honor, it is our duty to warn Others when they cross that line and encroach upon our Integrity. We must begin to hold others accountable to basic standards. Would you pay Twenty Dollars for Fast-Food and then meekly accept a cold half-filled order, knowing that half of the food you have already paid is sub-standard and the remainder will not be given? Of course not! Why then, do we allow “Public Servants” to abuse, extort, disrespect, and ignore us…when WE are the ones PAYING them to do it? We would not tolerate it at Wal-mart or McDonald’s, so why then tolerate it from people whom WE PAY to do the work of We The People?

…Defend With The Stick

When standards are broken and Respect is not reciprocated, that is when the strategy of Reciprocity comes out to play. Being a Good Man, I warn others before they cross “The Line”, however, once that line has been crossed I respond with the exact level of respect given to me. Reciprocity is not an emotional response, it can Never be emotional, it must always be cold and precise, like a German Surgeon plying his art. It should never be used to instigate a fight, but to defend oneself against bullies and tyrants.

Reciprocity entails a “return the favor” mentality. When the Police pull you over for a non-crime and then treat you like an escaped convict…you are morally obligated to respond in kind, regardless of the possible outcome. We must STAND UP and SPEAK OUT against Tyranny, which means that there may be a heavy-handed response from the Tyrant. However, if one lives a life without conflict, then that life is that of a Slave…taking orders without question, acquiescing to Tyranny, and “Life” becomes a parody of the glorious reality that Life truly is.

What we should do and what the system and society tell us we are “expected to do” are sometimes completely different actions. You are supposed to bow down before Political Royalty and snivel and plead to exercise the Natural Rights you already have in your possession. This is the “expected” behavior of the lowly American Citizen. You are not supposed to hold our elected Public Servants accountable for their actions or demand that they do their jobs…that is “extremist” and “dangerous” behavior. Why? Because our Public Servants have hijacked government and transformed it into a system of absolute domination.

The attitude of Government is that EVERYONE is a criminal and should be treated as thusly. The fact that those whom we elect to office hold such attitudes means that it is THEY who are the criminals, not us. Government could outlaw the act of Breathing, a Natural Right, making it Illegal, but drawing breath could never be made criminal. It is a requirement for biological life, it directly descends from the Natural Right to Life. England has made self-defense illegal, yet who among us would consider a woman fighting off a rapist as the criminal?

Reciprocity And Resistance

The first step to resist Tyranny is to Stand Your Ground and say “No More!” Tyrants do what they do because people are too involved in their own selfish endeavors to give over without complaint. People are awed by the fearsome size and perceived power of Government. However, if the Tyrant knows that resistance is inevitable, then they will be forced to change their plans or steamroll the resistance and thereby display their True Colors to every American to see.

Reciprocity is a spanner in the works of the Tyranny machine. When enough people resist, when We The People stand up and speak out, then precious resources of Time, Money, and Political Favors must be expended to overpower or circumvent that resistance. The mere fact that a few people will refuse to cow to the God of Government and Stand Firm against their criminal actions, that a few will respond with the same energy, attitude, and respect as they give us…it WILL change things because it always does.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained

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