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Feds Investigate “Racist” Depiction of Obama as a Zombie

Making fun of the president is now considered a domestic threat requiring DOJ intervention
Feds Investigate "Racist" Depiction of Obama as a Zombie

by Paul Joseph Watson | July 11, 2014

Following complaints by the NAACP, the Department of Justice is investigating a parade float, labeled “racist” by the Nebraska Democratic Party, which featured President Obama depicted as a zombie.

The float, which featured in last week’s July 4th annual Independence Day parade in Norfolk, Nebraska, depicted a zombie stood outside a hut adorned with the words “Obama Presidential Library.”

The Nebraska Democratic Party responded by describing the float as among the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”

What makes the controversy even more ludicrous is that the creator of the float, a local farmer, said the zombie wasn’t even supposed to represent Obama, but instead was a depiction of a victim of the recent VA health care scandal.

After the NAACP complained about the float to the Department of Justice, the DOJ demanded a meeting with Mayor Fuchtman and city administrators before the two parties met with NAACP representatives and parade organizers, who “plan to reevaluate the policies for what is allowed in the parade,” according to KTVI.

“The DOJ apparently told the city it had received concerns, including from the NAACP, regarding the float,” reports KMTV.

Since the float has nothing whatsoever to do with criminal behavior or a criminal investigation, we can only assume that the Justice Department’s involvement is related to its function, “to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic.”

Are we now to assume that depicting Obama as a zombie or any other fictional character, or indeed merely having people think that he is being depicted as a fictional character, represents some kind of major domestic threat that requires federal government intervention?

In addition, making fun of Obama in a manner which has no connection to race whatsoever is now apparently considered racist anyway, just as previous depictions of Obama as the Joker out of Batman were also labeled racist, despite George W. Bush having been depicted as the very same character.

The notion that a parade float which represents creative criticism of the way the Obama administration has handled the VA scandal could represent some kind of a threat which requires the attention and resources of the federal government sounds like something straight out of North Korea.

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Obama administration takes first step in probe on who leaked info about phone, email tracking

Published June 09, 2013 /

The Obama administration has taken a first step toward opening a criminal investigation into the purported leaking of classified documents related to the federal government tracking Americans’ phone calls and emails, a source familiar with the high-level discussions told Fox News on Saturday.The source said James Clapper, the director of U.S. national intelligence, had filed a “criminal report”with the Justice Department and the FBI, which begins the process.

“The Department reviews any referrals it receives from the intelligence community consistent with established procedures for determining whether investigation is warranted,” a DOJ source told Fox News late Saturday.

The FBI and Justice Department would likely be involved in such a probe, which is expected to focus on British and U.S. newspapers including The Guardian. The British newspaper reported late Wednesday that the U.S. government had collected the phone records of millions of Verizon customers.

White House spokesman Ben Rhodes said earlier on Saturday that the president is reviewing the situation to see what kind of damage might have been done.

“We’re still in early stages,” he said. However, Rhodes acknowledge the Justice Department would have to be involved and that the agency will discuss the matter with intelligence officials in the coming days.

Such an investigation typically starts when an agency files a complaint about a security breach, but it remains unclear whether the secretive National Security Agency, which led in the data-tracking to thwart terrorism, is involved in the filing.

Fox News confirmed early Sunday that all members of the House of Representatives will be invited to a special, secure briefing on the NSA’s surveillance programs on Tuesday. It was unclear if there would be a similar briefing for senators.

The Guardian story included information about an order — approved by the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court — requiring a subsidiary of Verizon Communications to give the NSA data showing phone calls made from within and outside the United States, according to Reuters.

On Thursday, the Guardian and The Washington Post published information about a top-secret NSA program called PRISM, which involved collecting email information from such Internet companies as Apple, Facebook and Google.

Clapper has already condemned the leaks, saying the news stories about the emails had “numerous inaccuracies.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Larry Page both ripped the new accounts about their companies being involved in PRISM and said the federal government has no access to their servers.

On Friday, President Obama said the Meta data did not include who made the calls or the contents of the conversations.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, Chad Pergram, the Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

By KATIE GLUECK | 6/7/13 8:13 AM EDT

The journalist who broke the news that the government is monitoring vast quantities of American phone records is claiming the U.S. is building a “massive” snooping apparatus committed to destroying privacy worldwide.

“There is a massive apparatus within the United States government that with complete secrecy has been building this enormous structure that has only one goal, and that is to destroy privacy and anonymity, not just in the United States but around the world,” charged Glenn Greenwald, a reporter for the British newspaper “The Guardian,” speaking on CNN. “That is not hyperbole. That is their objective.”

Greenwald, speaking with CNN’s Piers Morgan, appeared during a week in which Americans learned that according to reports, the National Security Agency and other parts of the government have been monitoring the phone records of Verizon users and accessing Internet information as part of intelligence-gathering procedures. Some Republicans and Democrats have defended the phone records strategy, including the highest-ranking members of the Senate Intelligence Committee — Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.). But Greenwald dismissed those arguments.

(PHOTOS: Pols, pundits weigh in on NSA report)

“So whatever the Justice Department wants to do, they can beat their chests all they want,” he said. “People like Dianne Feinstein and Saxby Chambliss can have press conferences threatening people for bringing … light to what it is they’re doing, but the only people who are going to be investigated are them. It’s well past time that these threats start to be treated with the contempt that they deserve. That’s certainly how I intend to treat them moving forward, with more investigation and disclosures.”

He also bashed the Obama administration for issuing “threats.”

“The Obama administration has been very aggressive about bullying and threatening anybody who thinks about exposing it or writing it or even doing journalism about it, and it’s well past time that come to an end,” he said.

Greenwald also told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the administration has taken a “warped and distorted” view of the PATRIOT Act, the legislation that authorized certain kinds of surveillance for security reasons in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“What the Obama administration is doing in interpreting the PATRIOT Act is so warped and distorted and it vests themselves with such extremist surveillance powers over the United States and American citizens that Americans, in their words, would be stunned to learn what the Obama administration is doing,” he said on CNN’s “The Lead.”

Speaking with MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, Greenwald dared lawmakers to investigate how information about the Verizon phone records leaked, as Feinstein has said should happen.

“Let them go and investigate,” Greenwald said.

He added, “There is this massive surveillance state that the United States government has built up that has extraordinary implications for how we live as human beings on the earth and as Americans in our country, and we have the right to know what it is that that government and that agency is doing. I intend to continue to shine light on that, and Dianne Feinstein can beat her chest all she wants and call for investigations, and none of that is going to stop and none of it is going to change.”

Administration’s efforts to trace leaks called ‘heavy-handed’ after private emails seized

The Obama administration has been  accused of criminalising the press, as US lawmakers called for an independent investigator to look into the way the Justice Department conducts cases involving reporters.

President Barack Obama is facing widespread criticism for the aggressive way in which his government investigates leaks, after it emerged that officials had secretly seized phone records from the Associated Press and monitored personal emails of the Fox News reporter James Rosen.

Mr Obama last week directed his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to review the Justice Department’s procedures. Mr Holder is due to report back in July – but his position as the head of the department at the centre of the controversy has led lawmakers to question whether he is the right person to lead the review.

“This would be a good time for a special counsel or independent counsel… This is clearly an overreach,” the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News. Referring to a case in which the Justice Department obtained the Fox reporter’s private emails, he added: “We’re beginning to criminalise journalism, and I think that should worry us all.”

Concerns about the Obama administration’s tactics were first raised when it emerged that, as part of a separate investigation, officials had secretly seized phone records from the Associated Press.

Another Republican, Tom Coburn, told CBS that Mr Holder’s appointment to head the review was inappropriate. “There’s an inherent conflict of interest in me judging whether I did something and reporting it to the President,” he said. Meanwhile more details have emerged about attempts by Washington to discover who was behind leaks of sensitive information to the press.

A New York Times investigation found that the Obama administration had attempted to trace the origins of two articles about terrorism, written by the same reporters who wrote the Associated Press story that led officials to controversially seize the news agency’s phone records.

But even before the seizure, the government conducted leak investigations into two 2010 articles that also involved Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman, the reporters who wrote the Yemen story.  One, published in June of that year, included details from a sealed indictment against a man accused of being an Al-Qa’ida operative, while the other piece, published in July 2010 and partly written by the two reporters, concerned the arrest of terror suspects in Norway, according to the New York Times.

Like the Yemen bomb plot piece, AP delayed publication of the Norway story at the government’s request. But law enforcement officials told the New York Times that the disclosures of sensitive information were alarming nonetheless, as they came against the backdrop of continuing intelligence operations overseas.

The paper also said FBI agents had asked the White House and other government agencies last year for communications records showing exchanges with one of its reporters who was writing about Iranian computer attacks.

More damagingly, the aggressive nature of the US government’s leak investigations were underlined last week by details of the way it pursued sources behind a 2009 Fox News article about North Korea by James Rosen.

As part of its probe into the source of the details contained in the article, the Justice Department indicted a State Department analyst and obtained emails from Rosen’s private account, accusing the reporter of being a possible “co-conspirator” in the case, according to court documents. NBC News reported that the Attorney General himself has signed the warrant to access Rosen’s emails.

In the AP case, Mr Holder said he had recused himself from the probe into the Yemen bomb plot leak.

Touching on the case, Senator Graham said: “James Rosen is a lot of things, but not a criminal co-conspirator.”

IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

Published May 13, 2013

An IRS campaign to apply additional scrutiny to conservative groups went beyond targeting “Tea Party” and “patriot” groups to include those focused on government spending, the Constitution and several other broad areas.

The additional guidelines created by the agency were part of a timeline, obtained by Fox News, from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which is looking into the controversial IRS practice. IRS officials apologized Friday for the scrutiny, but new information suggests senior leaders were apprised of the effort as early as 2011 despite public denials from the top.

Republican lawmakers have vowed to investigate and hold hearings, calling the revelations deeply troubling.

“The conclusion that the IRS came to is that they did have agents who were engaged in intimidation of political groups,” Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers told “Fox News Sunday.” “I don’t care if you’re a conservative, a liberal, a Democrat or a Republican, this should send a chill up your spine. It needs to have a full investigation.”

The internal IG timeline shows a unit in the agency was looking at Tea Party and “patriot” groups dating back to early 2010. But it shows that list of criteria drastically expanding by the time a June 2011 briefing was held. It then included groups focused on government spending, government debt, taxes, and education on ways to “make America a better place to live.” It even flagged groups whose file included criticism of “how the country is being run.”

By early 2012, the criteria were updated to include organizations involved in “limiting/expanding government,” education on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and social economic reform.

Taken together, the findings of the IG and the initial admissions by the IRS Friday are fueling complaints from Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Evidence that the IRS was flagging such groups in 2011 was included in a draft inspector general’s report obtained Saturday by Fox News and other news organizations and expected to be released in full later this week.

That information seemingly contradicts public statements by IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, who told congressional investigators in March 2011 that specific groups were not being targeted.

Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins on Sunday also called the IRS activities chilling and said she was disappointed that President Obama had not condemned the actions.

“This is truly outrageous and it contributes to the profound distrust that the American people have in government,” Collins told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “It is absolutely chilling that the IRS was singling out conservative groups for extra review. And I think that it’s very disappointing that the president hasn’t personally condemned this.”

At about the same time, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney released a statement saying: “If the inspector general finds that there were any rules broken or that conduct of government officials did not meet the standards required of them, the president expects that swift and appropriate steps will be taken to address any misconduct.”

Michigan Republican Rep. Dave Camp, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said Friday his committee will hold a hearing on the issue.

The IRS said Friday that it was sorry for what it called the “inappropriate” targeting of the conservative groups during the 2012 elections.

Lois G. Lerner, who heads the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt organizations, said the practice was initiated by low-level workers in Cincinnati and was not motivated by political bias.

But on June 29, 2011, Lerner found out that such groups were being targeted, according to the inspector general’s report.

She was told at a meeting that groups with “Tea Party,” “Patriot” or “9/12 Project” in their names were being flagged for additional and often burdensome scrutiny, the report states.

The 9/12 Project is a group started by conservative TV personality Glenn Beck.

Collins also said she does not believe the activity was limited to “a couple of rogue IRS employees.”

“After all,” she added, “groups with `progressive’ in their names were not targeted similarly.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The Eventual Terrorist

 I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I believe in the Bill of Rights. I believe in God and in the perfect beauty of Liberty and Freedom. I believe that our Founding Fathers were Great Men, Heroes to all Free Spirits and Icons to be emulated. I believe that We The People have a Duty to Stand Up and Speak Out in order to promote Real political change. I believe that people are individuals and are entitled to their own opinions. I believe in our God given Natural Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

My belief in the above is why the Department of Homeland Security has labeled me a Suspected Terrorist, and once Uncle Sam is ready to start their Civil War…I and anyone who agrees with me, will become a full-blown Terrorist…by their definition. Gun Owners? Terrorists. Question Authority? Terrorist. Attend a March, Rally, or other public gathering that could be considered a “protest?” Terrorist. Do you feel that the nation is changing into something unrecognizable? Terrorist. Do you believe in Liberty, Freedom, or some other Dangerous Ideology? Terrorist.

What about the new stories that include the following rhetoric? “NRA and Gun Owners are the new KKK.” “Turn in your guns white people, the brown folk aren’t coming for you.” “Gun Owners are Racists.” “Those who do not support Obamacare are Racists.” “Gun Owners are responsible for the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings.”

There is a very defined narrative being distributed from the State-run Mainstream Media and other mouthpieces of political power. That narrative is that “If you’re not one of us, then you are one of THEM…a homicidal hate-filled Terrorist…and we now have extra-judicial strategies that have been specifically designed for Terrorists, a.k.a. The American People.

The NDAA 2011 designates the US Homeland as a battlefield and allows the Federal Government to arrest and detain US Citizens indefinitely without charge. American Citizens can also be executed without trial or warning, based solely upon “secret evidence” and an unelected bureaucrat’s decision. NDAA 2012 strengthened the power of NDAA 2011 and the “Secret Police” through congressional approval, thus legitimizing these murderous and tyrannical powers.

Have you noticed the US Versus THEM attitude of government and Law Enforcement? You are either one of US or you are one of THEM. This is an extremely dangerous attitude to have in government…because our “Government” is supposed to be a Government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE…not just “Us” or “Them” or “Whites” or “Blacks”…our government is SUPPOSED to be Of, By, and For ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

I Say You Are But What Am I?

There was a study performed on students, where a class of Average Students were split into two groups. The first group was told that they were Gifted and then treated like Gifted Students with the expectations one would expect from Gifted Students. The second group was told that they were “Slow”, treated like Learning Disability Students, with the expectations one would expect from “Slow” kids. At the end of the year the two groups were reunited and researchers discovered that the “Gifted Students” had actually become Gifted Students, while the “Slow Students” had actually become Learning Disabled. The point is this: People become what they are told…we adapt and conform to our environment. We become what we are expected to be…

What the HELL do you think will happen when the Federal government continuously demonizes Patriots, Gun Owners, and Veterans as TERRORISTS? How does a man respond when told by Mainstream Society that everything he loves and believes in is a Terrorist Ideology? Weak-willed individuals may crumble, give up their Integrity, and conform. Most men, REAL MEN, take offense, refuse to sacrifice their Honor and Integrity, and will BECOME that which they are being accused of.

If you’re going to do the Time, you may as well do the Crime…

I fully embrace the mantle of Terrorist that Uncle Sam has bestowed upon me. I take it as a BADGE OF HONOR that I, solely through my philosophies and morality, cause them to FEAR ME to such a fantastic degree that I must be categorized as a “Terrorist” and “handled” like a Terrorist. The TRUTH of Liberty and Freedom, which I try to represent Every Day, is like a virus to them and their system. The Flame of Liberty burns so Bright and its flame so Fierce, that in order for Them to continue to exist, it must be extinguished at all costs…even if it requires a forcible reduction of 60% of the Nation’s population…a Great Culling of the American People.

If the fear that the Tyrant has for We The People is so great that the solution is to “handle” us in an all-out civil war, then exactly how much more Monstrous is the world they want to bring about?

Be Careful What You Wish For…

Just like the students in the research project, people adapt to their environment. If the pressure being exerted by government continues as is, the Department of Homeland Security will have actually have REAL Terrorists to deal with. If I, Prometheus Unchained, an IT Professional, an Educator, a successful entrepreneur, an amateur writer/painter/sculptor/drummer, a Hippie, and a Philosopher…If I am willing to DIE before I submit to a Dictator, and Kill to Defend my Integrity and faith in Liberty…then how many other “Dangerous Terrorists” are there sitting at home, RIGHT NOW, feeling the same way and harboring the same “Evil Intent?”

Uncle Sam is trying to keep us afraid of Terrorism while at the same time castigating Moral and Law-abiding Citizens as Terrorists. Americans are a Proud and Stubborn people who do not submit easily to Dictators nor trade their souls lightly. When boxed into a corner, We The People ALWAYS fight like a trapped tiger, as history has repeatedly shown. Americans NEVER meekly hand over their Lives, Liberty, or Sovereignty to Goose-stepping Authoritarian Scum. Rather, we kill them out of necessity, like the vermin that they are, and make an example for any future Tyrant to consider.

In a article on Washington’s Blog, Glen Greenwald wrote:

Documents just obtained from the FBI by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund reveal, as the New York Times put it, that “the [FBI] used counterterrorism agents to investigate the Occupy Wall Street movement, including its communications and planning” and in general show “how deeply involved federal law-enforcement authorities were in monitoring the activities of the movement.” The heavily redacted documents, which can be read here, reveal numerous instances of the FBI collaborating with local police forces and private corporations to monitor and anticipate the acts of the protest movement.

As obviously disturbing as it is, none of this should be surprising. Virtually every seized power justified over the last decade in the name of “terrorism” has been applied to a wide range of domestic dissent. The most significant civil liberties trend of the last decade, in my view, is the importation of War on Terror tactics onto US soil, applied to US citizens – from the sprawling Surveillance State and powers of indefinite detention to the para-militarization of domestic police forces and the rapidly emerging fleet of drones now being deployed in countless ways. As I’ve argued previously, the true purpose of this endless expansion of state power in the name of “terrorism” is control over anticipated domestic protest and unrest.

It should be anything but surprising that the FBI – drowning in counter-terrorism money, power and other resources – will apply the term “terrorism” to any group it dislikes and wants to control and suppress (thus ushering in all of the powers institutionalized against “terrorists”). Those who supported (or acquiesced to) this expansion of unaccountable government power because they assumed it would only be used against Those Muslims not only embraced a morally warped premise (I care about injustices only if they directly affect me), but also a factually false one, since abuses of power always – always – expand beyond their original application.

Meet The New Face of Terror

I am the face of Terror. You are the face of Terror. Patriotic Americans, We The People, American Citizens who recognize the oppression that we live under EVERY DAY are now Terrorists to these illegitimate Fascist bastards…and I am oddly comfortable with that. Because we SHOULD be FEARED by these despicable sub-human Monsters. If some street-punk is stupid enough to try to rob and kill me, then he SHOULD be AFRAID of Me because of how far I am willing to go protect myself and my constitutionally protected Rights and Private Property. This is no different for the Dictator Obama, as “The Anointed one” SHOULD tremble in DRED as to just how far We The People are willing to go to protect ourselves and our constitutionally protected Rights and Private Property.

The fact that our Fascist government, and it has become a Fascist Government as Fascism is a Corporatist/Socialist dictatorship, is purposefully destroying the American People through dependency, purposefully destroying our economy via a designed economic collapse, purposefully BRAINWASHING the American public to believe in their Government Sanctioned LIES, purposefully poisoning its own citizens, and purposefully destroying any semblance of Health-care in America… This are crimes of TREASON and should be sufficient as blatant violations of our Constitution and American Principles to GET FURIOUS and ARMED, and DEMAND that these Criminal Scum be exiled from Public Office, and Prosecuted, else We The People are Duty-bound to begin taking back OUR so-called “hallowed halls” of power.

Enough is Enough! These traitorous bastards pay no heed to the voice of their constituents. These Royal Scum never consider the good of the country over their own selfish machinations. These black-hearted demons flaunt the fact that OUR Laws do not apply to THEM…The Chosen Ones…all the while criminalizing innocuous activities and making examples of We The People.

If this nation truly desires an army of Terrorists in every Town in every County in every State…then let the Dictator Obama continue to rape and murder the Constitution. Let the usurpers of our great nation continue to Bleed us dry and Poison our food supply. Let the bastards reign like the Kings they believe themselves to be. All you have to do is nothing…just keep living your life on Facebook and consuming Reality TV until your brain rots. Continue to bend over and take it rough like the prisoner you Truly are.

Or…Stand UP, Speak OUT, and Talk HARD…while that “privilege” still exists.

Prometheus Unchained

Why The Obama Victory is the Best Result For Resistance

When given a choice between two poisons, the best choice is none of the above. However, if the choice is between a fast-acting poison or a slow-acting poison, and no third choice is allowed, then it is best to go with the quicker poison so that it will be over that much sooner. Obviously Obama is the fast-kill poison and for those of us who value Freedom, Liberty, Truth, and Justice, the fast-kill poison is the most beneficial for us.

How? If Romney were to win, then the Sheeple who have been awakening under Obama’s Tyrannical Regime would have gone back to sleep, comfortable in their slumber as they feel that the problem has been solved. It would not have solved anything, simply drawn out the collapse into something long, agonizing, and even more painful. An Obama victory means that the Crazy Train will run full-out from now until the end of his term. It means that the Police State will expand and try to infiltrate every aspect of our lives rather than just what we are aware of now. It also means that individuals who are waking up will remain awake as subtlety is unknown in President Obama’s Lexicon.

Excuse me? Obama will actually Help the Freedom Movement? You bet. Nothing will awaken the Sheeple as they take step after step towards the slaughterhouse like the shrieking of the slaughterhouse. Even the dullest amongst the cattle are able to recognize Death when they see it. It is an aspect of Life to recognize the absence of Life, and Obama’s tactics, policies, and directives all reek of Death.

Obama has the taste of victory in his mouth, the heady feeling of unending power, and he can only accelerate the Great Culling now. The rush of power and the conviction that he is correct will only encourage him to push about the full weight of his so-called power. The TSA will spread like syphilis in a Roman Orgy, the Surveillance Infrastructure will expand like bunnies on viagra, and the Police State with its sheer brutality and lack of intelligence will grow and become even more heavy-handed and abusive.

People have started to wake up because of the actions of Obama. Now that Obama is back for another Four years and is no longer handcuffed to Popular Opinion let alone re-election…what could possibly keep him from tightening his grip on the American People? The man is a fascist in socialist clothing, an Authoritarian prancing about as a Progressive Ponce, he is a Man with a insatiable desire for Power. Men like him only understand the acquisition, growth, and execution of power. When the power-hungry attain great power they are unable to do anything but use that power against the weak. We have let a schoolyard Bully gain access to the Highest Institution of power, again, and we can expect him to do everything that he did in his first term, again, only this time without restraint.

He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

Yes that IS a God reference. Everything happens for a greater reason, that is one of the rules of life. Everyone has a line that must never be crossed, and this president will be the one to cross it. He is operating under the impression that he now has a mandate. He believes that he is empowered by The People to carry “Forward” his agenda of a total Police State transformation of the nation. This IS a dangerous situation when your commander-in-chief not only desires to rape the constitution, but now believes he is empowered by “The People” to do so.

Perhaps what the Sheeple of this nation require is to re-learn the desire for Freedom, Liberty, and Truth. One can never fully appreciate that which has never been fought for. Think about your parents or grandparents. You can never truly understand the value of another until they are gone. Once that loved one has passed on…suddenly even the smallest and most trivial thing seems so…important and forever out of reach, leaving only the memory, like a faded Polaroid.

It is the remorse, the yearning within for Freedom, that must be re-ignited within the Sheeple. Another Four Years of Tyranny? Only the dullest of the herd could ignore the coming Full-On Assault against the Bill of Rights, the coming confiscation of Firearms, and the inevitable Nightmare of Martial Law. Those who awaken in time will come to understand the illusion of Freedom that this Government offers its citizens. Those who continue to sleep will plod steadily onward towards the Great Culling, a genocide of the willing and unwitting.

The Obama victory ensures that the Freedom Movement will continue with even greater results. The downside is that the Police State will continue to grow and expand and become even more dangerous, but it is that very act which will awaken the Sheeple that can be awakened. A frog dumped into boiling water jumps out. A frog dumped into a pot of cool water that is slowly heated…dead. A frog dumped into a pot of cool water that is slowly heated until the Chef gets impatient and cranks up the heat…he jumps! Albeit, the frog jumps at the last possible minute, but at least Kermit hopped away to fight again some other day.

Relax, Burn One, Dig In, Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained

How to Steal an Election: Obamney 2012

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme document of the land, therefore one could consider the Constitution to be the Bible of the American Citizen.  The Vote, suffrage, the Right of every American Citizen to exercise his or her Power to make their voice heard, to directly impact the direction of the Nation.  The Vote is sacrosanct; it is the epitome of the American Experience and is held Sacred in the minds and hearts of those who cherish freedom.

How do you steal an election in America?  Distraction, Distraction, Distraction.  How much dirt can they toss into the air, how murky can they roil the waters, and the ‘ole classic Bait and Switch.  Con Men operate our electoral system with the Mainstream Media running interference.

How can you tell if your election has been rigged?

The Election results do not make logical sense.  Generally, one can gauge the outcome of an election based upon trends in the polls over the span of the election cycle.  Recently there have been a spate of polls that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  The polls consistently displayed a dead heat while concurrently; other polls were showing different results.  As the two sets of polls divergence increased, people actually started to ask questions.  The anomaly was caused by oversampling of democratic voters.  The frightening aspect of this consistent and stubborn act by the Mainstream Outlets, at least to me, is the construction of a narrative.

A close election within contestable margins.  If the election results lean overwhelmingly for either candidate then all the subterfuge in the world cannot change the outcome.  When unbiased polling occurs and the results are 50-45 and 51-45 from multiple polling organizations over a sustained period of time…then these polls are accurate.  They have been tested by Truth and Time and have proved to be accurate.  My apprehension over the fixed polls stems from the creation of a narrative of a dead heat election for historical purposes.

Hypothetical Example:  The polls continue to trend for Romney as they are and the Electoral College Algorithm proves accurate yet the Election results end in a dead heat or an outright Obama win.  There is already historical data that can be referenced to “Prove” the Narrative true.  It does not matter that logic and memory serve you well, as the collective masses easily forget historical truth.  The accurate polls get the “Birther” Treatment, people back off referencing them and the Narrative becomes Truth.  History has been changed and the Election is remembered as a Fair and Enlightened election.  Only racists, conspiracy theorists, and terrorists would ever claim it was “stolen.”

The results are delayed due to numerous legal contests.  Everyone remembers the chaos of Election 2000.  Lawyers, hanging-chads, talking heads, and the incessant inundation of crap, crap and crap, Ad infintum!  It became OK to make fun of Jews, as long as they lived in Florida.  Liberals and Conservatives were trading blows and making insane threats as lawyers muddied the waters with targeted lawsuits and challenges and recount after recount after infinite recount…I would have been ecstatic if the Supreme Court would have just let the office sit empty for a term, imagine how vastly different the world would be today.

Threats of violence and acts of violence mar the electoral process.  The equivalent of the schoolyard bully intimidating your lunch money out of you.  While there are always going to be loonies in the parade, it is the organized violence that is key.  When there is a massive and wholly ignored threat within society who openly threaten or perform riots, mass violence, and assassination attempts if “The Other Guy” wins.  This is known as voter intimidation en masse.   Fear of Force simply keeps people from going to the polls.

Bloat the Vote

The importance of this aspect of vote fraud is to increase the number of votes for your particular candidate while nullifying the votes of the other guy.  Early Voting is the first of these tactics, where the polls “open” weeks ahead of the election and ballots are accepted for count on Election Day.  This particular tool of the Tyrant opens the system up to other types of Election Fraud, such as the famous Multiple Vote scenarios.  Multiple voting is fairly self-explanatory.  A voter votes multiple times for their candidate, thus slightly increasing the odds that their candidate might win.  In small numbers there is little effect, however, with basic knowledge of mathematics one can already see that in large numbers this has a very real effect.

Other ways to Bloat the Vote involve the Illegal Vote where campaign operatives encourage non-citizens to vote and to vote often.  This same tactic is used on the homeless and other unregistered voters, where the campaign will load up a van full of homeless people with the promise of money, and drive them from precinct to precinct while they vote and vote and vote some more.

One cannot ignore those dastardly Voter Registration Drives in which ACORN and other Election Fraud Management Organizations register thousands of imaginary people in order to get names on the voter roles.  All those extra voters help enable the age-old election traditon of Ballot Box Stuffing and it’s Brand New baby brother, Electronic Ballot Stuffing.  After all, no election would be legitimate if the ballots of The Dead were not counted.

Pervert the Vote

Electronic Voting is the death of the transparent election. Coming from a computer programming background I do not trust computers.  I do not trust computers because I know how to exploit systems and services, how to make a machine dance like a marionette.  If I could do it then so can a lot of other people.  When the Election System was overhauled and our government did not insist on paper backups…i knew something wicked this way walked.  When election results began to greatly differ from their expected outcomes and the machines themselves were the culprit, I knew the fix was in.

The issue is exacerbated by the inherent Conflict of Interest within Electronic Voting Operations.  I may not be a lawyer but even I can see a blatant conflict of interest if the politician running for office also owns the Electronic Voting Machine Company that will be used for the election.  First, a politician should never be allowed within 100 Yards of a Voting Machine company let alone own one….that’s just common freakin’ sense.  Second, Computers are fallible and volatile while paper is durable and mostly immutable, even after the power goes out.

Targeted Lawsuits are a sure-fire way to tie up an election and confuse the vote.  Bush-Gore was a perfect example of how lawyers can absolutely butt-surf the law and the American People without even a slight tinge of conscience.  Both sides targeted certain counties and tried to nullify or misconstrue votes, and both sides should spend an eternity somewhere very very warm for doing so.

The Destruction of the Military Vote is one of the most despicable and evil tactics in use.  The military vote always trends overwhelmingly conservative so, as Election 2000 also proved, those on the left do everything possible to ignore, disrupt, or destroy Military Ballots.  If Hell is for the Lawyers, then these bottom-feeding gits deserve to spend eternity packed in an elevator with flatulent old men.

International Election Monitors have begun to watch our elections, thanks to Bush-Gore.  This time around they are keeping an eye on those “conservative groups” to make sure that the Libertarians and Tea Partiers don’t Sweep the election.  The United Nations, that collection of thugs, tin-plated dictators, and mass murderers who infest the streets of New York like diseased rats, insists on monitoring our elections?  How many elections have they “Monitored” and were proven to have been Stolen at gunpoint?  Seriously…Chavez won office six times in a row with complete legitimacy?  The UN and Jimmy Carter say so…

Destroy the Vote

The Endgame of it all is to destroy all confidence in the Electoral process.  If the vote becomes meaningless, then all elections are free to become government operated Reality TV.  Not that we are’nt far from there already.  The Two-Party Electoral System was the initial method to the Destruction of the Sacred Right of Voting.  By rigging the rules in such a manner that only two parties can compete in the political process, then the overall system is easier to manipulate.  Two parties, two choices…Pick your poison.

The last nail in the coffin, the one event that will kill off all semblance of fairness and legitimacy in the American Electoral Process, is the sustained assault on the Electoral College.  The Mainstream Media love to claim injustice when the losing candidate wins the Popular Vote, yet loses due to the Electoral College.  The Electoral College system was created in order to bring balance to the American electoral process.  If popular vote were the only way that presidential elections were decided, then high population states such as California, New York, Virginia, Maryland, and Texas would dominate.  Rhode Island, West Virginia, Montana, and the less populous states would be under the absolute domination of the Larger states.  The Electoral College mitigates the Populist Tyranny that is integral to Popular Vote, and instead bases the Presidential election upon a balanced ratio of power.  This ratio is reflects the actual Legislative power that each state has, not merely how many people can pull a lever or press a screen.

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained

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