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Make Them Eat Crow in 2012 – Vote Libertarian

A twisted and delightfully ironic thought came to me just moments ago. In an on-line discussion concerning voter fraud, the comment was made that the voters should protest by voting for everything but the Presidential Election. I like this idea, however, an even more sinister thought entered my mind…how could we protest the vote AND make that protest count the most? I am all about efficiency and effectiveness, especially if I can sit on my couch and cackle like a madman about it after the fact.

Here’s the idea:
Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 48 out of 50 states.  He is listed as a valid write-in in the remaining two.  Therefore he is the only third party candidate available in all 50 states.  This makes the Libertarian Party have the best chance of success in wrecking the Establishment as we know it.


The Libertarian party gets at least five percent (5%) of the Popular Vote


The Libertarian Party becomes a federally recognized Third Party, gaining matching funds and national recognition in the halls of government.


A wedge is driven into the Two Party system as it now becomes a Multi-Party system. The Crazy Train gets derailed as all the Political Hacks run around in panic trying to deal with a very real political threat and the Libertarians open up Government to other Third Parties and tear the Police State apart from inside.

Libertarians, being an unrecognized third party, have campaigned for years for the dismantlement of the Two Party Tyranny. If they gain national recognition they can work from inside and with real authority to dismantle the Two Party system forever. Not to mention the fact that with Libertarian candidates on the ballot, it will be easier for the Third Party to gain access to government, which allows them to tear apart the beast from inside. Gary Johnson is a Stake in the Heart of the System!

That’s my theory anyway. It gave me a really good chuckle. Can you imagine the look on Bill Maher’s face when he sees THAT news? I would love to be in the CNN Newsroom when the official announcement was issued, I can only imagine the Two Minutes of Hate a 5% Libertarian win would cause. Probably a few Aneurysms too…

I’m just too twisted.

– Prometheus Unchained


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