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Report: U.S. Government and NATO Worked with Bin Laden and His Top Lieutenant 3 Months AFTER 9/11

Washington’s Blog
May 3, 2013

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups.

The ACLU described Edmonds as:

The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America.

And famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says that Edmonds possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”.

Edmonds translated terror-related communications for the FBI right after 9/11. In that capacity, she read communications between terrorists and other radicals.

Edmonds said last week that Bin Laden – and his number 2 Al Qaeda lieutenant – Ayman al-Zawahiri – worked with the U.S. government for 3 months after 9/11 to coordinate destablization in the Caucus region:

By way of background, the former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.

As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security” (and see this)(Italy and other European countries subject to the terror campaign had joined NATO before the bombings occurred).

This was codenamed “Operation Gladio”. And watch this BBC special. And see this for background.

Edmonds says that some portions of Operation Gladio are continuing to this day, and that Ayman al-Zawahiri and Bin Laden worked for NATO and the Pentagon as part of Operation Gladio:

Edmonds told us:

For the past 11 years I have been emphasizing that my State Secrets Privilege & Gag Orders had to do with the FBI files (covering period 1996-2002 February) on covert-terrorist operations in Caucasus and Central Asia backed, managed and armed by US actorsThese US-NATO directed operations in the region involved Bin-Laden and mainly Zawahiri …..

The FBI documents contained damning evidence (audio and written) collected between 1996-2002 tying these terror operations directly to the U.S. persons in the State Department/CIA and Pentagon. Also, how the State Department got Congress to grant huge amounts of funds to “front’ NGOs and businesses (mainly Turkish companies in US-listed/members of ATC) to funnel money to the terrorist cells in this region.

If this sounds crazy, please remember that the former U.S. National Security Adviser (and a top Obama foreign policy adviser) admitted that the U.S. created, organized and armed the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan – including Bin Laden – to fight the Soviets.  (The Mujahadeen eventually morphed into Al Qaeda.)

And the same National Security Adviser wrote a book in 1997 saying that the Caucasus and Central Asian regions – the same 2 regions which Edmonds told us that NATO and the U.S. deployed Zawahiri and Bin-Laden to influence – were the key to geopolitical power.  For example, he wrote:

  • The Eurasian Balkans include nine countries that one way or another fit the foregoing description [of regions vital for the U.S. to control] (p.124)
  • “[The Central Asian Republics] are of importance from the standpoint of security and historical ambitions to at least three of their most immediate and more powerful neighbors, namely Russia, Turkey and Iran, with China also signaling an increasing political interest in the region. But the Eurasian Balkans are infinitely more important as a potential economic prize: an enormous concentration of natural gas and oil reserves is located in the region, in addition to important minerals, including gold.” (p.124)
  • “Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some five hundred years ago, Eurasia has been the center of world power.”- (p. xiii)
  • “It is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges, capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America. The formulation of a comprehensive and integrated Eurasian geostrategy is therefore the purpose of this book.” (p. xiv)

And the U.S. has backed the most dangerous and radical Muslim terrorists for decades.

And the mainstream French paper Le Figaro alleged that the CIA met with Bin Laden 2 months before 9/11.

And 9/11 Commissioners admit that they never got to the bottom of 9/11. For example:

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What Part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” Is Confusing?

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
– The Second Amendment

Who needs an AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine to hunt?”
Guns are dangerous weapons designed to kill people and they should be banned.”
Only Police and Military should be allowed access to semi-automatic weapons.”
Semi-automatic weapons are assault weapons…who needs an assault weapon to shoot deer?”

The above smattering of paraphrased quotes is a compilation of ignorant nonsense that has recently been spewed from the Mainstream like vomit from a possessed little girl. The one thing that stands out the most is that none of the “experts” on “Gun Control” have a clue as to what the Second Amendment is all about. The Politicians spouting this ignorance DO know what they are doing…but continue to do so anyway, proving to We The People just what traitorous scum they truly are.

Our Founding Fathers clearly understood the importance of firearm ownership. The Men who created the Constitution and sacrificed life, limb, property, and family to secure the Freedoms contained therein, truly understood the absolute Need for the citizenry to be armed. In fact, our earliest presidents were unabashed supporters of private firearm ownership, to the point that they felt it mandatory for every Free Man to own a firearm.

In order to understand the True Nature of the Second Amendment, one must first read the Preamble to the Bill of Rights as this places the first Ten Amendments of the Constitution into the context that the Founders originally intended. It is the back story and the reason for the establishment of Ten immutable and Federally protected Rights that can never be removed.

The Preamble to the Bill of Rights

“THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

The above statement places each amendment of the Bill of Rights in context of the spirit in which the amendments were made. It essentially states that, due to fear of a Centralized government, States demand that the following ten amendments be enshrined in the constitution as a way to ensure that they will always be protected and sacrosanct. Read it again if you disagree, but the whole point of the preamble is to make sure that anyone who reads the Constitution will understand the depth and importance of each Amendment in regards to the Limited power of the Central Government for the States and to We The People.

 “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
-The Second Amendment

The Constitution does not allow the Federal Government to maintain a Standing Army, a Navy…Yes, an Army…No, and for good reason. The idea being that a Standing Army has only one purpose, which is occupation. The military force of the Republic was intended to come directly from the citizenry, the ARMED Citizenry. Thus, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…” literally means that We The People ARE the Army of the Republic. A Government with a Standing Army could turn that army against its own people if the Government became a morally bankrupt Tyrant. This constitutional limitation also means that Imperialism would be hindered, as the Federal Government would not be able to conquer and dominate other peoples militarily. Therefore, without a standing army the citizens are the ones responsible for securing their own freedoms and protecting their homes and homeland.

What Genius!!!

The Second Amendment has another built-in function which is to secure the people against Tyranny from their own government. In order to truly terrorize and dominate a people they must be unarmed and thus unable to defend themselves. This is where the attitude of “Only Police and Military should be allowed access to semi-automatic weapons.” makes me want to deficate razor blades in response to the absolute thick-headedness of the attitude’s owner. Why? The whole concept of the Second Amendment is that We The People will ALWAYS be Armed against ANY and EVERY form of Tyranny.

How can I make a statement like that? Because of the second part, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Notice that NONE of the other Amendments has this peculier rider…SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Shall Not Be Infringed means CAN NEVER BE VIOLATED, it means, CAN NEVER BE LEGISLATED AGAINST, it means CAN NEVER BE REMOVED.

“Shall not be Infringed” means that ANY Politician who tries to take away the guns of American Citizens is a Traitor, and Traitors get…(surprise, surprise) SHOT.

Read some quotes from the Men who WROTE the Second Amendment as to its purpose and priority:

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.
George Washington

The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
-Thomas Jefferson

Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.
George Washington

The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.
-Samuel Adams

So…the next time you hear a Smug Self-Righteous Git declare that “Semi-Automatic Weapons are dangerous and should be banned.”…give ‘em Both Barrels! Just remember that Truth is as unknown to the Tyrant as Snow is unknown in the Sahara.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained

A Nightmare on Amerika Street

 Can you smell it? The Corruption that is eating this once-great nation has become visible, palpable, and oh so very real. Its out there, slithering through the phone lines and the ephemera of cyberspace, greeting you Live on National Television every single time you turn on your brain-rotting Boob-tube. It coats you every time you give in, covering your body in a thick layer of oily slime that just never, ever seems to wash out. It is the Corruption of Liberty, the Death of Freedom, the Murder of Truth…it is the essence of Tyranny, the denigrating inhuman taint of the Police State and her clinically insane power-hungry control-freak Masters.

As a True Patriot, I am sickened. I am sickened because I Love what America was, I Love what America could be, and I Love the entirety of our Founding Father’s concept for what this nation should have been…could have been…but is nowhere near. When I think about what our Founders gave up and over what we would consider today to be for so little, I ask myself “How is it that the American People, the great citizens of this nation, let her Federal Government transform from a weak arbiter between states to the egregious dictatorship that she has become today?”

I know the answer to that question as rhetorical questions are my forte, however; it is the idea that hard-working freedom-loving patriots were willing to ignore blatant Tyranny because it “wasn’t bad enough.” The Truth is that any form of Tyranny is “bad enough” to warrant Righteous Fury from those who truly care about Freedom, Liberty, and Justice.

I read the news of the day and I see the patterns forming in the aether, I see the great sinister spiders spinning their web tighter and tighter, entrapping “We The People, their prey, in a net of poverty, surveillance, oppression, and Police Brutality. I see Police beating and killing innocent people EVERYDAY, I see these Oath-Breakers tasering children and opening fire upon unarmed men, women, and children. I see Police in Full Military regalia forcefully evicting disabled people from their homes and then arresting concerned neighbors for having the audacity to question THEM…

What I see is Death Incarnate, the physical presence of the deepest, darkest evil stepping on the throats of Children, Mothers, Grandmothers, and the helpless. These demonic Jackals never seem to assault guys like me, dudes can not only take a beating but return one as well. They always go after the weak and the innocent, like wolves picking off the weakest member of the herd, like cowards who cower behind a tin badge and an over-inflated ego. I see this Taint, this festering pustule of evil, walking our land and EVERY fiber of my being screams for it to stop, just stop it, dear God please make it stop, please…but it never does. The American Dream has truly become the Amerikan Nightmare. Now is the time to WAKE UP…or Freddy Kruger will come for each and every one of us and kill our souls while we slumber!

How long can this nightmare continue? How long will our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and friends, how long will they walk willingly, heads bowed, into the slaughterhouse?

Shepherds Sheep and Wolves

There are three kinds of people, according to my personal philosophy that is. There are Sheep, Monsters, and Hunters. The Sheep are, well, exactly what you would think, sheep. Sheep graze, they make incoherent sounds, and meander along the pasture together neither leading nor thinking for themselves, Sheep just are. Where there are Sheep there are Monsters, like Wolves, for the Wolf exists only to devour the Sheep. Wolves exist in a selfishly destructive world. Wolves are the monsters in the dark, the great devourers…they exist only to eat and eat and eat as much as possible. Monsters exist only to be destroyed, for they are anathema to the Human Condition.

Finally, there are the Hunters, like Shepherds. Shepherds watch over the herd to ensure its survival. To Hunters, one of their duties is to slay the Wolves, to put an end to Monsters. Hunters walk the line between Human and Monster, for in order to slay monsters they must first understand the Monster. It is like Nietzsche stated, “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you “ I may not agree with Nietzsche, in fact I consider him to be the “Dark Philosopher”, a man who understood the darkness inside of Men yet was completely ignorant to the Goodness within Mankind, but I respect his understanding of the Dark.

This is the quintessential Truth of the Hunter, he who wields great power must take care to use that power only for the good, lest he become a monster himself. Look to King David, he began as a simple shepherd who, through the vicissitudes of Fate, was brought before King Solomon who tasked him to Slay the Giant. David slew Goliath, a Beast of a man, with a simple sling and stone. This simple Shepherd, this Hunter, eventually became one of the greatest Kings of Israel…but David did cross that Nietzschian line on a few occasions. He quickly corrected the error of his ways and made things Right with God. However, even the great and wise king knew failure on this count as he used his power for selfishness rather than for God or the good of his people.

Hunters, Right Now is the time to Stand up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard…else there will be nothing left to stand for.

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained

Terrorism Today: Embrace The Rhetoric

So…you’re not going to vote Obama for President? You must be a racist then it really is that plain and simple. I can see it in your eyes and in the tone of your voice; you have a deep-rooted overwhelming urge to take things over and subjugate minorities. I hear ya brother, I fight those same urges myself being a white anglo-saxon protestant male. It’s in the genes…or so the Mainstream would like you to believe. The fact is that only racists call other people racists. Racist is “their” rhetoric, not mine. Racism is the game that poverty pimps and our Elite Masters play, we are the pieces, the country is the board, and the Offices of Power are the reward.

What? You have a Ron Paul sticker on your car? You’re also a Constitutionalist? There’s no doubt about it, you must be a Terrorist. I can see it in your eyes and in the angry tone of your voice; you have a deep-rooted overwhelming urge to destroy Freedom by bad-mouthing Government. I hear ya brother, I too fight those same terroristic urges, being an American Citizen and a True Patriot. What can I say? I guess we’re just evil incarnate.

Racist, Terrorist, Homophobe, Ageist…all these Labels boil down to one thing: Rhetoric. Rhetoric is the art or science of all specialized literary uses of language in prose or verse, including the figures of speech; thank you More importantly, the rhetoric we see in the political arena is known as Political Rhetoric, which pertains to the use of effective language in a political situation in order to persuade others to come into line with your views. Political Rhetoric tends to maintain an Us Versus Them attitude, such as, “If you don’t agree with me then you’re a racist” or “If you protest government and her officials, you must be a terrorist because only a terrorist would be angry with government.”

Rhetoric versus Debate is the difference between a civil discussion and a truncheon in the face.

Rhetoric is the red-headed step-child of Debate. Whereas Debate uses Logic and the construction of Logical Arguments to express ideas and opinions, Rhetoric guilts or shames the audience into compliance with the argument, not through the use of Truth or Logic, but via consequence. When you were a Kid you may have played the old game “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.” How often did you accidentally put your foot on a crack and how many times did you come home from school to find your mother in Traction? None. That’s Rhetoric. Do this, Say this, or you are a (Insert Derogatory Label Here).

That is their game and I don’t take part in it. When you take part in something you give it value, it gets validity and legitimacy.  Even if you don’t agree yet remain silent and go along with it you are silently agreeing by taking part. If you play someone else’s game by someone else’s rules, someone else always ends up the winner.

Play your own game by your own rules.

“If you mention Obama’s Birth Certificate, you’re a Racist!” My answer is “…So…” Those are their thoughts and their terms. Mentioning the fact that we have a sitting president who A) holds a fraudulent Birth Certificate, B) refuses to release his college records (probably because he enrolled as a foreign-born student to save a little cash), and C) refuses to release his Passport information; this does not make you racist or a terrorist…It makes you a responsible American Citizen. Our constitution clearly states that the president must be a Natural Born Citizen. If we ignore that and never ask questions, then what is the point of the rest of the document?

Constitutional law is not a Breakfast Buffet, you can’t just pick and choose what freedoms and responsibilities you would like today. It is all or nothing, otherwise it becomes wholly meaningless and you end up right Here, in an increasingly dangerous world with convoluted people doing convoluted things all while saying that there is something wrong with you…

I have come to embrace the name terrorist. Partly because I have a very twisted sense of humor and partly because our government truly believes it. Heck, if you’re going to Hell in a Bucket, the least you can do is enjoy the ride.

Think about it…If you protest, if you speak up, if you disagree, then you may be a terrorist. A Terrorist is a GOOD THING when you consider the source. Even if the label is for political reasons only, when Uncle Sam calls me a terrorist what it really means is that I, by my words and deeds, are making them afraid. My free speech scares you, my friends and compatriots together with common intent causes their feeble geriatric bodies to tremble with uncontrollable fear. I say, Thank you for the compliment.

Terrorism does not mean what it used to. It used to mean some wackjob with an uzi and explosives would hijack a plane for political purposes, take and kill some hostages, demand a helicopter, and end up getting shot in the head by some cold-as-ice sniper. That WAS Terrorism. Today’s Terrorism is defined as someone who disagrees with the status quo and has the nerve to speak out about it. That is Today’s Terrorist.

 When the DHS started to classify innocuous acts as Terror, to label certain ideologies as Terror, and to construe Constitutionally protected speech as Terror, I realize that I was a Terrorist according to their guidelines. I was outraged at first, but I realized that it was THEY who drew the line in the sand first. They classified True Patriots as a Terrorists, they said that I am a dangerous criminal for disagreeing with the Establishment. It took a while, but I have come to embrace it because there is nothing else you can do. It’s their game, their rules, and I am their terrorist. I am perfectly fine with it.

A Terrorist, by government definition, is one who protests, speaks ill of the government, or believes in Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. There are other types of terrorists, but I am a Terrorist because I protest, speak ill of this joke of a Government, and STRONGLY believe in Freedom, Liberty, and Justice.

See! It’s not all bad. The DHS considers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to be examples of Terrorists, so you’re in good company! How could I be this rabid monster that must be put down immediately if our Founding Fathers are on the same list. Doesn’t that make me a True Patriot? I could not be categorized with any greater group of Heroes and Patriots.

Thank You DHS, you have made me realize my true potential as a Constitutional Terrorist.

Seek Truth Always,

 -Prometheus Unchained

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