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I believe this is important enough for a second look.


Who Will Lead?

There is a storm coming, one of Blood, Oppression, and a yearning desire for Liberty. A war between Tyrants and Patriots, with the future of Humanity hanging in the balance. When the storm breaks, Who will lead? WE will lead!

How do we become Leaders? We first discover and accept who and what we are and the Truth of the nightmare that is the World. We then live our lives as Free Men, leading by example, living, breathing, speaking, eating, and dreaming Liberty everywhere we go. We must Speak Truth Always…even when Truth is illegal, offensive, and unpopular.

Plan ahead for the hammer of Martial Law to fall. Gather two months of canned food, weapons, ammo, and find a safe location to lay low for a few days. These will be the darkest of days. Along the way we will discover others who are like-minded who…

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