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Who Will Lead?

There is a storm coming, one of Blood, Oppression, and a yearning desire for Liberty. A war between Tyrants and Patriots, with the future of Humanity hanging in the balance. When the storm breaks, Who will lead? WE will lead!

How do we become Leaders? We first discover and accept who and what we are and the Truth of the nightmare that is the World. We then live our lives as Free Men, leading by example, living, breathing, speaking, eating, and dreaming Liberty everywhere we go. We must Speak Truth Always…even when Truth is illegal, offensive, and unpopular.

Plan ahead for the hammer of Martial Law to fall. Gather two months of canned food, weapons, ammo, and find a safe location to lay low for a few days. These will be the darkest of days. Along the way we will discover others who are like-minded who will gather with us, and then we take our HOME back…lock, stock, and two smoking barrels.

The Resistance Method

The Revolution begins Only After They take First Blood. Nothing planned now, especially via electronic communication, will survive First Contact. Only after the hammer comes down will the new paradigm be instantiated, as everything done prior to Martial Law well be done from the shadows. Once their System is visible it becomes “real” and then, like any System, it can be “hacked.” We will use their System against Them. We Learn and understand their psychology through their own documentation; Standard Operating Procedures, Who’s Who in their leadership, the design of the power structure, and through that information, their strengths and especially their weaknesses.

We take advantage of their Weaknesses to harass and stymie the war machine. Through constant harassment of a larger enemy by smaller guerrilla forces, we will cause them to react, and react, and react. Smaller numbers are mobile and are able to quickly assemble, act, disperse, and disappear before any reaction can respond in force. We target the infrastructure, stinging them with tiny and seemingly insignificant attacks which they Must React to…until they make a mistake…which we take full and terrible advantage of.

Rinse and Repeat…

The Info war is essential to victory, and electronic media will be compromised. Therefore, while providing a physical example of resistance we must also provide an informational example of Resistance. Propaganda is essential as a highly visible and immutable Psychological assault on the psyche of an enemy because it becomes Real. Attack their symbols and propaganda while replacing them with our own, and we will change the fabric of the world. The enemy sees, as Truth, Our Message, a subtle yet firm assertion of Our Victory. They see Our Message overtaking Their message, irrefutable because it is Open and Real, spray-painted over the Lies of their Propaganda for ALL to see. It is an open display of rebellion, disrespect, and disdain for Them.

We Identify and prioritize potential opportunities, and exactly like assembling a puzzle, we isolate and define where each piece fits into the overall picture, and then determine the potential results if that piece were removed. Weigh the potential opportunities against the feasibility of success based on actual resources and then pursue the Opportunity with the highest potential for success and benefit.

We must become Troubleshooters of Reality, who Observe the situation and Identify the particulars. Who Analyze the situation in the micro and macro, in Theory and Fact, then Design a solution, Implement it, and Observe the effects. Just Like John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Shmidt, we repeat ad infinitum. We will hunt monsters with logical efficiency, ice cold calculation, and a fiery passion for Truth and Liberty.

Who will lead? WE will Lead!

Speak Truth Always,
– Prometheus Unchained

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