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Resistance Strategy: Play No More To Win The War

 Throughout my Junior High and High School summers I spent hundreds of hours playing Monopoly with my Best Friend, John. Monopoly is potentially one of the most monotonous and complicated games ever created by man…outside of Baseball or Politics, that is. John and I would change the rules, combine other boardgames such as Mousetrap, Scrabble, or Life, and on a few occasions we would incorporate playing card games as well…just to spice things up. The ultimate lesson that I learned from spending a substantial amount of my adolescent years losing at Monopoly? When you play someone else’s Game by the rules they create, you will never ever win.

Liberty Exists For Individuals

The Liberty movement stems from two key areas, the Perspective of Individuality and the Founding Documents. While the Constitution and Bill of Rights descend from the concept of Individuality, what they actually represent are legally protected Rights that enshrine Liberty and Individuality together. Our founders were not collectivists, socialists, or Marxists…they were THE ORIGINAL Rugged Individualists. These Great Men codified a series of Basic Rights into our Government that guarantee the Liberty of Every Individual American…not Groups of Americans…Every Individual American. The key concept is Individual.

The Tyrant’s strategy relies on the concept of Divide and Conquer, which only works with groups, True Individuals are immune to this method of attack because Individuals draw their Self-Image and Self-Worth from themselves…not any sort of group. I am an Individual, I am also a White Male, but my Self-Image does not descend from my gender or skin color…I really don’t care about arbitrary details like race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or any other coincidental details apart from the real “Meat” of a person…their Individual Personality.

Divide and Conquer only works on people that have no inherent self-worth and who define themselves based on arbitrary details like race, creed, or gender. The irony is that those who are quick to call others Racists, are themselves the True Example of the Racist…because Race actually matters to them…They see others as White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, etc. I see People…they see color, creed, and gender. I see Individuals…they see demographics. I see Free Will…they see choices as a guaranteed outcome based solely on a person’s race, gender, and belief system.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where
they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

The Reason why we win the battle yet lose the war, the reason why we can have the Truth and Common Freakin’ Sense on our side and STILL “Lose” the intellectual debate in the Public Sphere against knee-jerk Elitist morons like Piers Morgan, is because we are playing THEIR Game. It is Their Game being played by Their Rules and then we wonder why We are always castigated as “Nutter Conspiricy Theorist Freaks” and “Bad Guys” and “Racist Terrorists.” It is the exact same scenario as playing the game of Monopoly in which the rules are many and undeclared and always shifting, where Losing can be construed as Winning, and the “Banker” has all of the power, authority, and absolutely no accountability.

The only path to Victory is to play YOUR OWN GAME by YOUR OWN RULES…

Truth Versus Treason

The Game of Divide and Conquer relies on the gradual transformation of one group into something that it is not, thus pitting it directly against another group or groups. One of the best historical examples of this tactic can be found in Nazi Germany. Jews and Gypsies became the whipping boy for Germany’s ills but it was not always that way. It was only after Hitler introduced Centralized Government Medical Care for the German People that he then used the medical system to “prove” that Jews and Gypsies were “sub-human” creatures that must be isolated and “handled” else disaster would destroy Germany.

In the 1960’s the Black Panther party began as a response to Government Abuse and Police Brutality against Black Americans. Volunteers stood on street corners, Armed, and discouraged the officially sanctioned abuses while opening their halls for the community, regardless of race, to provide food, clothing, and other essentials for anyone who needed it. The Black Panthers were not a “Black” group…they stood for Unification and Outreach to All People, regardless of race. Skip forward a couple of years and then you’ll notice that the Black Panther party changed, becoming a militant Black extremist organization. How did that happen?

The transformation occurred due to the FBI’s COINTELPRO program, in which organizations deemed to be a “Threat” to the status quo of American Society were infiltrated and usurped by federal operatives. The original founders of the Black Panther party found themselves arrested on false and trumped up charges, while the new leadership purposefully radicalized the movement, turning it into something it was never intended to become. The movement was recognized as a Threat because non-violent Blacks did not empower “The State” but the constant threat of Black Militant Extremism DID empower “The State” because White America had someone to fear.

The Black Panthers as a True Civil Rights organization was a “Threat” specifically because it eroded the Divide and Conquer paradigm, yet violent Black Men who hate Whitey…THAT empowered government because then “The People” needed Uncle Sam to “Protect” them from the so-called “Black Menace.” The TRUTH is that before the US Government infiltrated and co-opted the Black Panthers THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT. Only after Uncle Sam got involved did a benign civil rights organization become “Dangerous” and thus We The People needed and demanded the protection of The State.

Divide and Conquer For The 21st Century

Al-Quida is the most recent example of Divide and Conquer on the global stage. The US creates a group of Muhajadeen to entice the Soviet Union to go to war with Afghanistan in order for the Soviets to have Their Own version of Vietnam. After the War the US moves Al-Quida to Bosnia to instigate a Ethnic/Religious civil war in that country. Al-Quida then “mysteriously” turns on us, pulls off the September 11th attacks while the US goes to war in Afghanistan and Iraq in response.

Ten years later Al-Quida moves to North Africa and begins terrorizing Libya, Syria, and Mali. The US Government response is to SUPPORT the “Rebels” with money, weapons, and Surface-To-Air Missles. The US Government “hires” Al-Quida as security for the Benghazi Embassy while then going to war on the governments of the countries that Al Quida instigated the attacks with in the first place.

How does one go from Ally to Enemy and then back to Ally unless “The Enemy” was never truly “The Enemy.”

Play Your Own Game

 The only way to Win is to play our own game. If we play their game, if we buy into the intellectual insanity that we are demanded to buy into and believe, if we follow their rules…we lose…and we lose badly, every time. We must live our lives in reality. We must live our lives firmly rooted in Truth. We must live our lives under the endless sky of Freedom.

If Government legally passed a Law that made the consumption of Oxygen Illegal, then one could argue that the act of Breathing is Criminal. This concept works only if you buy into the Lie…if you play the game. It does not matter what “Laws” this disgusting perversion of “Government” creates and attempts to enforce, if the Law is unjust then it is the Oppressor, not the Oppressed, who is the criminal. A Tyrant is able to control other people only if those other people buy into the Lie that “they have to.” It is when the first person STANDS UP and says “Hell No!” that Others start to take notice and find within themselves the strength to Stand With You…but they NEED our Strength and our Voice and our Passion and our Words and our Fury.

A government that rules by Fear is a Tyrannical Government. A Government that uses Force and Intimidation as its only tool, is a Tyrannical Government. Tyrannical Governments gain and maintain power through the manipulation of reality, through the creation of “rules” and “laws” and “polls” and “public opinion” that do not and can not exist in the Real World. Tyrants rule people because they convince them that the Lie is Truth and to think, speak, or do otherwise will be met with brutal force.

The Flame of Liberty IS The Flame of Truth

The only way, the only REAL Method to escape the system is to ignore it. Stand Up and do your own thing, play our own game, and make sure that We The People see you doing it. One ounce of Truth counteracts Ten Gallons of Deceit. Truth is immediately recognized regardless of whether the observer wishes to believe it or not. The only way to subsume the Truth is to drown it with a Unified Lie from every angle, all of the time. Think, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, The Washington/New York/L.A. Times, The Huffington Post, etc.

Whenever a tiny kernel of Truth is discovered it always takes root and grows; cracking through and sloughing off the many coatings of Falsehood that were ever-so painstakingly designed to bury it forever, and Shine forth as a blaze as Bright and as Prominent as the Sun itself. After all, Truth Is.

Stand Up, Speak Truth, and Live Free!

-Prometheus Unchained


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