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The Second American Revolution: Where We Stand

On a damp April morning, one thousand Redcoats form into lines on the Common squaring off against an armed force of civilian patriots in an event that would change the world forever. The British had arrived to confiscate firearms and arrest traitors to the crown. The Colonials were there to stop them. Two armies danced at the precipice of destiny, a shot was fired, and the entire world fell over the edge only to discover something greater than any could imagine…Liberty.

On a cold February morning, a horde of bureaucrats form a faceless army squaring off against a lightly armed population of civilians in an event that WILL change the world forever. The Tyrant has arrived to confiscate firearms and arrest Terrorists to the United States of America. The Patriots are here to stop them. Two armies dance at the precipice of destiny, someone will fire the first shots, and the entire world will fall over the edge only to re-discover something greater than themselves…Liberty.

State Of The Union

When the Federal Government goes out of its way to purchase Two BILLION Hollow Point Bullets under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, Americans should be very wary, considering that Hollow Points are only “legal” for domestic use against Citizens on the “American Battlefield.” When the Department of Homeland Security REQUESTS for the creation of a line of “No Hesitation” targets of pregnant women, children, and the elderly, Americans should take severe notice and demand answers.

When the Federal Government begins to strip away the Second Amendment Rights of Hundreds of Thousands of Veterans due to mental incompetency but based upon no medical or legal grounds, Americans should get angry. When the Department of Justice “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation,” and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration”, yet the Political Hacks in Washington continue to pretend “that would NEVER happen…”, yet history tells the same story time after time…Americans should be infuriated.

We stand on the cusp of destiny, teetering between absolute domination and bloody revolution. We have a Federal Government that has been armed to the teeth against We The People, while purposefully forcing the disarmament of We The People. We have a Federal Government that is seeking to physically, financially, and spiritually enslave its own citizens while those very same citizens are expected to submit, disarm, and become Serfs to the Gods of Olympus. We have a Federal Government that is so corrupt and so morally bankrupt, that starting a CIVIL WAR with its own people seems like a GOOD thing to do.

We stand at a crossroads, where We The People must make a choice between the “Easy Road,” to descend down into the bitter darkness of Oblivion or the “Hard Road” which leads to Enlightenment, Liberty, and a return to the Founding Principles of 1776

Right now We The People stand at Lexington and Concord, Tyrants versus Patriots, eyeball to eyeball with weapons drawn, and no shots having been fired publicly as of yet. Although if history is any guide, this stalemate will not last forever. Uncle Sam has got 2 Billion bullets, itchy trigger fingers, trained soldiers, armed drones, and very real intentions to use all their new toys on their own citizens.

What do we have? The moral high-ground. We The People know our Rights and We The People are ready, willing, and able to defend them. We have something to fight FOR…they only fight because they are ordered to. We live for Liberty and Freedom, they seek to quash it. We are inspired by the majesty and potential in every Human Life…they see something offensive that must be killed.

We believe that to Live means more than to simply exist…which is why we will Win.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained


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