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How To Start A Militia

1. The absolutely first thing that you will need to do is to find a group of people who are in love with the United States of America, who are true patriots, and in the core depths of their heart want to keep, defend, and protect the constitution. Your potential fellow militia members who want to start a militia need to be dedicated and 100% available and willing to attend your militia meetings.

2. All of your potential militia members who want to start a militia with you need to have an understanding of why you want to start a militia. What is your militia’s purpose? What are the core values? Everyone who decides to start a militia with you needs to be aware of, understand, and agree with the goals and purpose that you have set out while starting a militia.

3. Racism, antisemitism, sexism, and other hate issues should not be the reason that you want to start a militia. This is un-American and should be treated extremely harshly.

4. Be absolutely sure that you train your militia often and in a coordinated, professional manner. To start a militia properly, you need to be sure that you are not just focused on guns and ammunition, but also be focused on physical fitness, tactics, coordination, and other areas that are needed to start a militia.

5. Make sure that you clearly outline every person’s place while starting your new militia. Be sure to use each new member’s skill sets, training, background, experience, passions, and hobbies to your advantage. When you start a militia, you need to remember that each person needs to have a specific duty or job to perform. Militias do not always hold ranks, but each man is usually free to come and go. Out of respect, he should be keeping his place in your militia.

6. Make sure that you start your militia in an organized way, and that you keep your members up to date with a website, newsletters, and other media that will help your new militia stay organized. Distribute videos and other materials to people in your community to help you learn how to start your militia.

7. Keep your militia small – when your militia ends up at around 40 people every meeting, it’s time to split the militia into two groups. Now, you’ve not only started one militia, but you’re learning how to start other militias as well!

– Andrew Hallinan

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