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Where Did Freedom Go?

Freedom, the blessed state of the sovereign self, the ability to speak your true mind, to believe what you choose, to gather with others of like-mind to speak your collective mind, and above all else, the ability to exercise these rights without the fear of reprisal. Freedom is only freedom if it is free from reprisal. With reprisal or fear of reprisal, Freedom becomes Resistance, True ideological, constitutional non-violent resistance.

In my average day begins when I wake up, hop onto the Internet and read about an hour worth of News (and every site news, entertainment, or even porn, all monitored by Uncle Sam). I’ll then shower, shave, and head off to work. As I drive to work I pass through several video monitored areas, my car, likeness, and license plate get scanned, uploaded, and delivered into the Trapwire monitoring network, another Federal surveillance program. When I arrive at work, I check my email, log into my Google Calendar and input my work locations for the day…all available for Uncle Sam to peruse at his leisure.

Stories are now coming out that your GPS-Enabled Smart Phone, the Shackles of modern day slavery, is randomly taking pictures and listening in on your conversations without your knowledge or approval. Additionally, it has come out that PCs have been designed with the same consideration, remote access of your webcam and microphone…again without the users knowledge. Drones patrol our skies, whether or not they are allowed to fly has not yet been decided officially, but that has not stopped the tin-plated fascists from doing whatever they wish.

The Brave New World is here…and you should be filled with Righteous fury and indignation.

The United States Of America is dead and gone. Lady Liberty suffered an agonizing wasting disease and died a slow and horrible death, beginning at the turn of the last century, but the final nail in her coffin came in 1989, with the election of George H.W. Bush, the first openly globalist, “New World Order” President. Some would say that this trend of tyranny began long ago, and they would be right as tyranny has and will always exist in the hearts of Man. However, this latest trend of indefinite detention, FEMA Camps, Assassination of US Citizens without trial, being beaten and arrested for exercising First Amendment Rights of peaceful protest and free speech, and the incestuous relationship between corporate, financial, and political interests…that got kicked off by HW, carried on by Clinton, expanded upon exponentially by W, and refined into permanence by Obama.

Where did Freedom and Liberty go? Our inalienable rights, our God Given right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness have been stolen, taken away by the Police State. How did this happen? How did this sad state of affairs come to be? We The People are to fault.

We The People, the citizens of the United States of America, we let this Tyranny come to be. There were four major changes to the Republic that changed its essence. First, Americans allowed a Two-Party system to thrive like choke-weed, killing all other political perspectives except those views of the Parties. Second, Wilson allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, a private institution of bankers who were given the Power, the Power of the People, to define National Economic Policy. Third, we allowed the 16th Amendment, which gives the Federal Government the power to Tax Citizens individually, to be enacted without proper Ratification. Fourth, we allowed the 17th amendment to be Ratified, which removes Senators from being appointed by the Governors of the State, and rather allows Senators to be elected by the People.

All this happened about one-hundred years ago.

Every generation of American has since been asked to give a little more, just a little more freedom, because there are “Bad Guys” out there who want to kill you and end the American Dream. I really hate to admit it, but the “Bad Guys” are in Washington and they have already killed the American Dream while we slept. I believe in the Spirit of 1776, I believe in the United States of America, as it could be, as it should be…I do not and will not partake in this tyrannical Nightmare that we now call Amerika.

How can the situation be reversed? How can we get our freedom back? We have to take it back. Preferably without violence, however, if violence is given it deserves to be given back. Even Jesus, The Poster Child for Pacifism, patiently braided a whip and beat the Money Changers and Sacrificial Offering vendors out of the Temple while kicking over their tables and wares. Jesus “Turn the other cheek” Christ went on a violent rampage because he was Righteously Angry at what these men had done to the House of His Father.

We need to Resist the tyrant and his Police State. Resistance is as easy and difficult as simply saying “NO”. Some Police thug demands to inspect you or your vehicle without having any constitutional reason? Just Say No! Its that simple. Do Not Comply with Unconstitutional Demands. We win when we stop playing their game. It is all their game, and the game is rigged against us. The only way to win is to simply refuse to play along anymore. Giving into their demands legitimizes these illegal and unconstitutional attacks on Freedom. If you do not agree with them, tell them so and tell them why. There may be repercussions, but So Be It.

Simply because something is Legal does not make it Right or Constitutional. “Obama Care” is Legal, but it is not Constitutional nor is it Right to force your neighbor to pay your bills or to ration health care based on finances, not the patient.

The one that brings forth the blinding inferno of Rage from me is “This is an Illegal Assembly.” The Police State likes to say that everytime a group of Citizens gathers to be heard, and then they let loose the Riot Police, the Attack Dogs, Tear Gas, and High-frequency Protest Busters. Watch videos of these guys, especially from the G20 in Pittsburgh…These guys are gutter-snipes, small-genitaled bottom-feeders, thugs with badges, guns, and a license to kill.

Say No, resist, and stay true to your Principles. After all, these are the people who have declared that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are examples of Terrorists!!! Hell, if asking questions, exercising my Freedoms, and standing up for my myself, my individuality, and my personal Liberty is a Terrorist act…then I couldn’t be amongst any better company.

When the First and Third Presidents of The United States of America are considered Terrorists BY the current government of the United States of America…what does that tell you? We are under seige, the Tyrant is already in our homes, and the only way to get our Freedoms back is to demand them.

Take your Freedom Back!

– Prometheus Unchained


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