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The Shout Heard ‘Round The World

 “… and I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!”
-Alex Jones on Piers Morgan, CNN (1/7/2012)

Fantastic. I know of no other word to describe the Alex Jones interview on Piers Morgan’s joke of a “News” show. I watched with knowing dread when the show opened and immediately jumped to Aurora, Colorado and the Batman Shooting. Emotion, emotion, emotion, pulling the heartstrings, construction of guilt, boo-hoo-hoo. We are being ordered to feel sorrow, regret, and personal responsibility for Mass Shootings that are carried out by drugged-out crazies who, more than likely, are nothing more than mentally dominated patsies.

THEN…Alex gets introduced and he opens his mouth…sheer brilliance. The interview does have a strange quality to it, mainly because Alex took control of the show. That “strangeness” is a good strange, very similar to Clint Eastwood’s “strange” RNC speech. That too was fantastic, memorable, and an absolute Home Run. Alex, on Piers Morgan, hit it out of the park and American’s stood up and cheered. Alex Jones mere presence on Morgan’s “show” proved to every single human being who tuned in just who has the Moral High-ground…Alex Jones,, and The Liberty Movement.

Lexington and Concord

I am a very observant individual and I have been observing the fallout from the interview. Only one word can sum it up…Awesome, in the classic “Oh my God I’m speechless” meaning…not “Awesome” like a hotdog or a new pair of socks as Pop-culture uses the word. The setup was already there, for they had already planned to demonize Alex as a crazy wack-job dangerous individual, with his listeners being dangerous racist/terrorist mind-numbed robots who will act on his every whim…It was the Mainstream Media’s Anti-Limbaugh treatment. After all, “No decent American would Ever want to be associated with Alex.” Really? REALLY?!? I find that funny, as more Americans (as in MILLIONS) tune in to Alex Jones on a daily basis than Piers Morgan’s HALF-Million audience.

Alex went into the Lions Den and dropped the Gauntlet, and the lack of reporting the next day was telling. The question being asked in newsrooms worldwide was “How can we spin this in Our favor?” How can you air that interview without making CNN. Piers Morgan, and the Federal Government come out with a black eye and informed viewers? Its impossible. Therefore after a day of silence the treatment of the story has been “He’s Crazy!” while pulling out selected quotes from the interview and twisting their context to make him look crazy.

The fact of the matter is that Alex fired the first shot on world-wide Live Television and the establishment must now accelerate their timeline or retreat and regroup. However, they are committed to their goal with such devotion that nothing any of us do can change their mind or momentum. This is the Endgame and it has become a battle of All or Nothing, and these S.O.B.s have doubled down and are planning to ride this wave to the end.

They think they can win. They think they Will win. They are lethally mistaken.

Next Stop: More False Flags

The next federal building that gets blown to bits will be followed in the mainstream with this quote: “I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!” The Alex Jones interview will end up cut and aired as the reason why Gun Owners should be considered racists, child-murderers, and terrorists. For “National Security” purposes Gun Owners must be disarmed and arrested before they come into your home and splatter YOUR child’s brain into the drywall. After all these people are dangerous and paranoid and full of hatred, fear, and loathing of Collectivism and especially “The Anointed One.”

How much would you bet that the next Mass Murdering bastard performs his deed wearing an Tee-shirt? The narrative so far has been to demonize AR-15 semi-automatic “Assault Rifles”, even when the gun lies unused in the trunk of the shooter’s car. Add a “Liberty or Death” shirt or an bumper-sticker to the mix…instant terror mastermind. Alex Jones becomes Osama Bin Ladin, while Patriots and Liberty Lovers become the new “Terrorists”.

Face The Inevitable

The “coming storm” has already arrived. The absolute Hell that is to come…must come to pass. Why? Because the Globalists have tied the noose around their neck and have collectively jumped from the gallows. What they have put into motion has too much momentum to stop and if we were able to stop it, it would only allow the Globalists to Lie and run away, regroup and fight us again one day.

This is OUR Time. This is OUR Nation. We are Americans and we are the toughest hombres the world over. We are stronger and more courageous than we give ourselves credit for. We are the Dreamers and the Doers…We are Patriotic Americans…and there are none finer.

War is coming, a civil war, a war of Us against Them, of Patriot versus Tyrant, People versus Government, and in every case We The People win. They know this. We MUST learn to accept our victory and continue to resist and fight and cry Freedom from the rooftops. There is a real shooting war on its way. The occupation is here, Martial Law is already essentially in effect, and NOW is the time to Stand Up and Take back our Liberties or Lie Down and die as slaves, starved, beaten, and robbed of all human dignity.

Death awaits us all, but I’ll face mine STANDING!

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard,

-Prometheus Unchained


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