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The New Terrorism: Strangling Free Speech

I will continue to bang the drum on this issue until it gets fixed or the government fixes me. As a writer I have an overabundance of passion for Truth and all expressions thereof. Therefore, when my government starts listing valid political perspectives as Terrorism or Potential Terrorism, and lumps me in with white supremacists, neo-nazis, and other despicable types…I get quite angry.

The push from the Department of Homeland Security to classify libertarians, constitutionalists, and freedom-lovers as Terrorists and Enemies of the State is absolutely reprehensible. Never would I have thought that the Government of the United States of America would damn near criminalize True Patriotism…but they did. It may not be criminal to be a Libertarian or a Constitution party member, at least on its face, however, if you are then you automatically become a Potential Terrorist. God help you if you supported Ron Paul, if so then you are a Terrorist, no “if”s “and”s, or “but”s about it.

Terrorism is the new McCarthyism. If I don’t like your speech, I simply label you as a Conspiracy Theorist, a Mental Defective, or an outright Terrorist. Immediately all further communication with you is disregarded as the rantings and ravings of a crazy person. Even after the truth comes out and you were right…you’re still a danger to society because you should have stayed asleep and kept your mouth shut. Tyrants do not like it when the Sheeple wake up and start asking questions. Our political masters tend to have very fragile Egos to go along with their picayune members.

Christians are experienced with this phenomenon. For the past twenty years, those of the Christian Faith have been bullied, misconstrued, threatened, and forced into silence. Christianity, the religion that flourished all across America not all that long ago, is an echo of its former self. Atheism is the Spiritual Path of the “Enlightened” and if you don’t agree…well then you’re one of those dangerous Jesus Freaks. Christians have been lumped in with White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, religious extremists like the Westboro Baptist Church and Snake-Handlers, and the insane.

Look at what this treatment has wrought within society. Walk up to a stranger and tell them that Jesus Christ is you Lord and Savior and you will quickly see the back of that person as they sprint away from the Crazy Jesus Freak. This same treatment is working on “Conspiracy Theorists”, who have been proven time and again to be correct, but society at large refuses to believe anything that does not fit the narrative of normalcy.

Our government is picking and choosing which ideologies and philosophies are good and which ones are bad. This is not a power of government, it has never been a power of government and it should never be a power that Government possesses…yet it insists on taking it. The point is to chill Free Speech.

If I know that putting a Ron Paul sticker on my car will bring about trouble with Law Enforcement, who we know can and will beat you down for no reason or will “find” something illegal to charge you with, then why would I want to do it? Aside from my stubborn streak when it comes to Tyranny, most sane individuals would just do without their sticker. Thus, Free Speech is strangled before it can even begin.

If I know that espousing certain opinions may get me into trouble with the law, and I don’t want unnecessary crap taking up my life, then I simply keep silent. Free Speech is strangled before it can even begin. If I know that attending a protest will get me labeled as a Radical and Potential Terrorist, then why would I want to open myself to that?

It is because our government knows basic psychology. Rule through Fear of Force rather than force itself. Interestingly enough, the preceding quote was uttered by the Imperial Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars…he was one of the bad guys. However, when we look to the thuggish behavior of our government, it resembles Emperor Palpatine’s Empire with Janet Napolitano serving the role of Darth Vader.

The only way to combat this insidious attack against our Freedoms is to exercise our freedoms, loud, long, and proud.

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained


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