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The Beck Conundrum: An Open Letter to Alex Jones

Dear Alex,

Meet Harry Bosco, your personal stalker and wannabe doppleganger, Glenn Beck. The question is not Who, rather What is Glenn Beck? Glenn Beck is a Harry Bosco tasked solely for you. His purpose is to block, stymie, mis-translate, and co-opt the Freedom Movement. Your movement. You may not want to consider yourself to be of such stature…but Truth is Truth and Alex Jones and Battleship are the Soul, the Spirit, and The Voice of Freedom.

Harry Bosco, the process of mis-translating information, specifically Live Information, is but one of the tools of the Globalists arsenal in the Infowar. I understand patterns, the ebb and flow of reality, where we have been, where we are, and where the winds of fate are rather roughly shoving us toward. I see in Glenn Beck the same patterns that evolved within the Occupy Movement, the Tea Party, and Anonymous.

The Tea party began as a small grassroots “Taxed Enough Already” organization, yet once it gained momentum and relevance in mainstream culture…co-opted. The Occupy Movement began as independent and rather loosely organized citizens, yet once it gained momentum and relevance in mainstream culture…co-opted. Anonymous began as a small group of ethical hackers, yet once it gained popularity amongst Hackers…co-opted.

Alex Jones began as a independent journalist, yet once he gained popularity and his message spread throughout the world, resonating with Free Peoples everywhere…Glenn Beck. Once your voice broke through the Mainstream Media’s “Berlin Wall,” along comes Glenn Beck to steal your thunder and twist Truth into something “safe” for his globalist masters.

I used to be a listener of Beck’s for around five years or so and I actually had the opportunity to meet the man on two occasions. The first was at a restaurant right next to his Rally For America in Cleveland 2003. The second was at his Christmas Special in Toledo, 2008. I listened to Beck from Day One of his national broadcast right after 9/11 when his show centered around “news” and witty conversation. I listened to Beck during his awakening, his eventual “gun-in-the-mouth” depression stage, and I stopped listening after he “reformed” his sanity and lost his so-called unquenchable thirst for the Truth. He started ignoring important things, torturing the Truth, and began shamelessly plugging his own enterprises…he NASCAR’ed himself.

In essence he lost his True Self, he dove headfirst into a raging maelstrom of Narcissistic self-indulgence. But above all, the one thing that changed my opinion about the man was his eyes. The light never touches his eyes nor does his smile. Empty eyes, empty soul…imminent Sociopath.

I think he started out as an good guy and then he snapped like a twig under winter’s frost, which is when they got to him. Prior to his on-air crack-up he was genuinely worried about the safety and welfare of his family which was, more than likely, his Achilles Heel. I heard him put the pieces together on-air and scare the crap out of himself…Live On Air. Every weekday I could tune in from 9 AM to 12 Noon and hear a defeated man’s sanity shatter like a champagne glass at an Opera House.

If the words that most accurately describe your Mental Health and Family Mental History are “Humpty Dumpty,” you might just be the perfect candidate for the New World Order Shill Society. Especially if you have a congenital case of “The Bastards”, that nasty, snarky, competitive Judas streak mixed with Ambivalence towards Truth. When winning isn’t good enough; you have to thoroughly destroy your competition for having the audacity to compete against You…the Entitled!…the Superior!, in the first place.

You have been granted a great honor, Alex. Infowars and The Alex Jones Show have become incandescent with success and your sting, a keen blade of effectiveness. The Globalists have assigned to you, your very own Personal Full-Time Arch-Nemesis…Glenny ‘Bosco’ Beck. His problem, his Main Problem, is that he has to shatter the Truth you offer, mold it into something close to Truth but deflected away from it as well, and then repackage it again as his own “original” idea. He’s a git. He’s also doomed to fail because Seekers of the Truth never stop seeking and if you find yourself seeking in Beck’s particular backyard then you already know the difference between Shinola and the Other Stuff.

Alex, you and your team are doing a fantastic job! I know the time, effort, research, blood, sweat, and tears that go into the simplest aspects of Media. How You and your team can do the quality of work that you do, in the Quantity that you do it in and with the resources you have at your disposal…amazing. Infowars is the stuff of Legends. You are the Silver Bullet to the Globalist Beast, the Stake in the Heart of the Damned, a beacon of hope in an ever darkening night.

Thank You. It is a burden to be borne, yet a blessing of its own. For adversity makes the human spirit evolve, becoming something greater than could ever be conceived before. From the bottom of my Freedom Loving heart…Thank You.

– Prometheus Unchained


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