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Terrorism Today: Embrace The Rhetoric

So…you’re not going to vote Obama for President? You must be a racist then it really is that plain and simple. I can see it in your eyes and in the tone of your voice; you have a deep-rooted overwhelming urge to take things over and subjugate minorities. I hear ya brother, I fight those same urges myself being a white anglo-saxon protestant male. It’s in the genes…or so the Mainstream would like you to believe. The fact is that only racists call other people racists. Racist is “their” rhetoric, not mine. Racism is the game that poverty pimps and our Elite Masters play, we are the pieces, the country is the board, and the Offices of Power are the reward.

What? You have a Ron Paul sticker on your car? You’re also a Constitutionalist? There’s no doubt about it, you must be a Terrorist. I can see it in your eyes and in the angry tone of your voice; you have a deep-rooted overwhelming urge to destroy Freedom by bad-mouthing Government. I hear ya brother, I too fight those same terroristic urges, being an American Citizen and a True Patriot. What can I say? I guess we’re just evil incarnate.

Racist, Terrorist, Homophobe, Ageist…all these Labels boil down to one thing: Rhetoric. Rhetoric is the art or science of all specialized literary uses of language in prose or verse, including the figures of speech; thank you More importantly, the rhetoric we see in the political arena is known as Political Rhetoric, which pertains to the use of effective language in a political situation in order to persuade others to come into line with your views. Political Rhetoric tends to maintain an Us Versus Them attitude, such as, “If you don’t agree with me then you’re a racist” or “If you protest government and her officials, you must be a terrorist because only a terrorist would be angry with government.”

Rhetoric versus Debate is the difference between a civil discussion and a truncheon in the face.

Rhetoric is the red-headed step-child of Debate. Whereas Debate uses Logic and the construction of Logical Arguments to express ideas and opinions, Rhetoric guilts or shames the audience into compliance with the argument, not through the use of Truth or Logic, but via consequence. When you were a Kid you may have played the old game “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.” How often did you accidentally put your foot on a crack and how many times did you come home from school to find your mother in Traction? None. That’s Rhetoric. Do this, Say this, or you are a (Insert Derogatory Label Here).

That is their game and I don’t take part in it. When you take part in something you give it value, it gets validity and legitimacy.  Even if you don’t agree yet remain silent and go along with it you are silently agreeing by taking part. If you play someone else’s game by someone else’s rules, someone else always ends up the winner.

Play your own game by your own rules.

“If you mention Obama’s Birth Certificate, you’re a Racist!” My answer is “…So…” Those are their thoughts and their terms. Mentioning the fact that we have a sitting president who A) holds a fraudulent Birth Certificate, B) refuses to release his college records (probably because he enrolled as a foreign-born student to save a little cash), and C) refuses to release his Passport information; this does not make you racist or a terrorist…It makes you a responsible American Citizen. Our constitution clearly states that the president must be a Natural Born Citizen. If we ignore that and never ask questions, then what is the point of the rest of the document?

Constitutional law is not a Breakfast Buffet, you can’t just pick and choose what freedoms and responsibilities you would like today. It is all or nothing, otherwise it becomes wholly meaningless and you end up right Here, in an increasingly dangerous world with convoluted people doing convoluted things all while saying that there is something wrong with you…

I have come to embrace the name terrorist. Partly because I have a very twisted sense of humor and partly because our government truly believes it. Heck, if you’re going to Hell in a Bucket, the least you can do is enjoy the ride.

Think about it…If you protest, if you speak up, if you disagree, then you may be a terrorist. A Terrorist is a GOOD THING when you consider the source. Even if the label is for political reasons only, when Uncle Sam calls me a terrorist what it really means is that I, by my words and deeds, are making them afraid. My free speech scares you, my friends and compatriots together with common intent causes their feeble geriatric bodies to tremble with uncontrollable fear. I say, Thank you for the compliment.

Terrorism does not mean what it used to. It used to mean some wackjob with an uzi and explosives would hijack a plane for political purposes, take and kill some hostages, demand a helicopter, and end up getting shot in the head by some cold-as-ice sniper. That WAS Terrorism. Today’s Terrorism is defined as someone who disagrees with the status quo and has the nerve to speak out about it. That is Today’s Terrorist.

 When the DHS started to classify innocuous acts as Terror, to label certain ideologies as Terror, and to construe Constitutionally protected speech as Terror, I realize that I was a Terrorist according to their guidelines. I was outraged at first, but I realized that it was THEY who drew the line in the sand first. They classified True Patriots as a Terrorists, they said that I am a dangerous criminal for disagreeing with the Establishment. It took a while, but I have come to embrace it because there is nothing else you can do. It’s their game, their rules, and I am their terrorist. I am perfectly fine with it.

A Terrorist, by government definition, is one who protests, speaks ill of the government, or believes in Freedom, Liberty, and Justice. There are other types of terrorists, but I am a Terrorist because I protest, speak ill of this joke of a Government, and STRONGLY believe in Freedom, Liberty, and Justice.

See! It’s not all bad. The DHS considers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to be examples of Terrorists, so you’re in good company! How could I be this rabid monster that must be put down immediately if our Founding Fathers are on the same list. Doesn’t that make me a True Patriot? I could not be categorized with any greater group of Heroes and Patriots.

Thank You DHS, you have made me realize my true potential as a Constitutional Terrorist.

Seek Truth Always,

 -Prometheus Unchained


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