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Resistance Without Fear

 “Interchanging mind control . Come let the, revolution takes its toll
If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
You’d see that, we should never be afraid to die . (So come on)
-Muse, Uprising

Should we be afraid? Should we allow the frozen claws of fear to penetrate our souls, clouding our free-thinking minds with abject terror? Or should we, knowing that we are doing exactly what we should be doing, live without fear? This is not a debate about should we fear or should we not fear, rather, it is an examination of why we, The Resistance, have nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

I have had a couple of articles featured on and I have had good responses, but one response that keeps creeping in is: “You’re crazy for opening your mouth. They’re going to come for you, arrest you, kill you, and for what? Just because you don’t think Government should tell you what to do? C’mon. Government will always tell you how to live your life, why make waves now? Why don’t you just shut up, stop lying to people, and accept your slavery. It’s better than hiding in the woods from Government goons and living a life without electricity, television, and the Internet until they find you, arrest you, and/or kill you…Isn’t it?”

The answer, of course, is No…No it is not.

I believe heart, mind, and soul in the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe, heart, mind, and soul, in the principles and ideas of our founding fathers. I believe in the power of the Individual, in great power of God, and even in the power of a collective of Individuals. Not the power of “the collective”, but of Individuals banning together to bring about change. I believe in the potential of this country, I Love my country for what it is and what it could be, however, I despise the Government that rules this country with an Iron Fist. I detest the callous attitude that Government holds of “We The People”, for We ARE People, not sheep, not cattle, not human resources to be allocated and inventoried based upon our worth to Government…We The People are Human Beings…We are the face of humanity and we will not be relegated to the slaughterhouse just yet.

I have no fear. I fear nothing and no-one, not the consequences of Free Speech, not the coming dark days of Tyranny and Martial Law. I don’t even hold fear over the possibility of indefinite detention in a FEMA CAMP and the very real possibility of execution “because I don’t agree with the collective”. Why? Because I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I am following the Path that I was meant to walk. I am executing my portion of God’s Plan. I am, what I am, and I do what I am meant to do, so therefore everything that follows is also meant to be.

I have no fear because I have nothing to fear. When we do what we were meant to do, when we become the weapon that we have been molded and crafted over the period of our lives to be, how can you have any room for fear? There is only Hope and Right, there is Liberty and infinite Freedom pulsing through your veins, with no room for “Scary Monsters” and “Super Creeps” to fill your soul full of dread.

Fear is the Big Lie, it is the ninety-nine percent who say “No, its impossible, failure is the only outcome.” and “Be Quiet! People are trying to Sleep!” and “They’re too big, we’re too small, they’ll just kill us anyway! Stop making trouble!” Fear is anathema to Truth, it is anathema to Courage, and it is anathema to Justice and Freedom.

Courage Is Truth, particularly the courage of your Convictions. As Christian Slater states in “Pump Up The Volume”, The Truth Is A Virus and Our Truth, the Truth of Freedom, the courage to stand up, speak out, and Talk Hard, is an epidemic so virulent that no amount of Fear-mongering or Police State retaliation can eradicate.

The Value Of Life is Set by He Who Lives Life

Let us return to the response, “…Why don’t you just shut up, stop lying to people, and accept your slavery?…” Tell me the value of this life. Tell me just how much is the life of a sheep worth? How enjoyable can a life be when everything about that life is dictated from the top down, without any input from the individual and without any reflection upon WHY that life has to be?

If the life of every United States Citizen were dictated as: You will live in a Government Approved 9×6 apartment, drink Government Approved fluoridated water, eat Government Approved heavily-processed nutrition-less GMO foods, work at a Government Approved job for Government Approved slave wages, partake in only Government Approved Entertainment, and speak only Government Approved Language and espouse only Government Approved Opinions…

Is that Life? Is that freedom? Is that Liberty? Is that Life an example of the Pursuit of happiness that IS and ALWAYS WILL BE an inalienable Right, one of the many Rights that have been given to Man, the Individual, directly from God simply because we were born into His world. Is any portion of the above example indicative of Free Will, Self-Determination, or Personal Responsibility? Or…is the above example the description of a Slave, an individual that has been transformed from the “I” as in Me, into “We” the HR Productivity inventory Unit #555-55-5555 on some government ledger?

Is that so-called life the description of a Human Being or that of a Pet kept by elitist Masters, de-clawed, de-fanged, and neutered all in the name of Ecologic Sustainability?

Given that the above Life is what awaits us all under UN Agenda 21 and as a result of the expanse of the Police State and the purposefully destructive economic policies of our own National Elitist Masters…I say NO! I would rather die standing up than die laying in a cell while living only for the benefit of someone else. I am an Individual and I determine the direction and outcome of MY LIFE. I will not bow before the Tyrant, I will not cower on my knees supplementing my Will for theirs, simply because “The Bastards” could put me down.

I will remain Still and Silent only after the inevitable completion of My Path, which is the natural course of Life. Life begins only to one day end. There is nothing to fear from Death, for it is the purpose of Life, to Live and experience this great world and all the potential that it contains, only to eventually Die, to surrender our mortal coil, to finally rest and reflect…and maybe, just maybe…we can leave behind a world that was better for us having been in it. If we can leave behind some beneficial impact for our children and grandchildren and their progeny.

Life is not about loss, for a life lived from the perspective of loss is a Life lived in fear, thus it is a life that will never see its great potential realized. Life is not about Personal Gain, for a life lived from the perspective of Materialism is an empty life indeed. Life is all about what you do with it, how you Live your Life, and all the good or evil that you leave in your wake. Life is about living, it is the experience of Life that makes a life meaningful and which gives it value. Life is what you make of it, for good or for ill, and what you stand for, the principles and morals that you personally represent.

To those people who ask “Why do you do it” the answer is “How could I do anything else?” For I value my Life and the lives of my family and friends and neighbors with a greater value than our government and society does. I refuse to live in a world where the mind of the Individual is damned before the will of the mindless collective. I Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard because, having understood the consequences, I have decided to Live My Life based on Principles, Morals, and Freedom. Knowing the consequence of my actions simply makes Life all that more valuable and sacred.

I will fight for Freedom, for Truth, until my last breath is breathed and the last drop of blood flows from my veins. I will Fight for Freedom until this life, no matter its length, is lived because I refuse to live MY Life in Their World. Do not fear, for fear is an illusion. Live your Life as you would have it be, for then there is nothing to fear…Your life will have the value you always knew it to have and you too can be Truly Free.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard

 -Prometheus Unchained


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