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Pump Up the Freedom: Stand Up and Talk Hard

 “I like that…Talk Hard…. I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, just kinda hangout, a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. A dirty thought is like a virus, it would just kill all the clean thoughts and just take over…. that would be serious”
– Christian Slater, Pump Up The Volume (1990)

 This weekend I dug out the 1990′s First Amendment classic Pump Up The Volume, starring Christian Slater and, as usual, this film filled me with Hope and Resolve. Why? Because this film is about Freedom, Freedom of Speech is featured predominately, but also Freedom in all of its wild clashing colors, sounds, and tastes. This movie is about one kid who takes a Stand, knowing the outcome will not be good, but still he stands for what he believes to be the Right Thing.

There is what is Legal and then there is what is Right. Good and Bad really do not factor into it, as all laws are passed for the “good” of the people, however, not all “Good” laws are right. For example, Obamacare is Legal according to the courts because it is an attempt to do a “good” thing for the American people. It may be “Good” and “Legal” but it is not Right to force every citizen to join the plan and then force hard-earned money away at gun-point simply to give it to someone else who Uncle Sam deems to be more deserving of your rewards.

It is Legal, insofar as our Courts have ruled for the “Good” of society, for you to be irradiated, groped, stripped, and sexually assaulted prior to boarding an Airplane. However; it is not Right to force American citizens, innocent of any known crime, through a twisted perversion of a public rape and a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment, simply to ensure that the Flight will be “Safe.” The fact is, these TSA screenings do not make any flight safe, all they do is reinforce the paradigm that Big Brother is the ultimate giver of Freedoms…which it is not. It seeks to say “Government can and will grab you by the balls…literally.”

Our government was founded upon the principal that God was the ultimate power, who granted Power to Mankind, who in-turn, granted LIMITED POWER to the State government, who in-turn granted EVEN LESSER POWER to the Federal Government. All Rights descend from God, to Man, THEN to Government. A government OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People. If this concept is unknown to you, then you had best read the Founding Documents and school yourself, else you will remain a Slave indefinitely.

The current paradigm, the one that Big Brother demands that we accept, is that All Power resides with Government, who doles out Freedom sparingly, as needed. After all, the American people are just sooooo dumb, aren’t they? This whole “Freedom” thing is too complex a matter for the simple little sheeple to understand and execute correctly…right? The People MUST have intellectually superior masters who can guide and shape them into “Good Citizens”… What a cluster of inbred sheep-shagging syphilitic freaks!

We live in Occupied America and many of our “Masters” are semi-retarded jack-asses who have never worked a day in their life and who have no concept of humanity nor of the intrinsic value of the Human condition. Our masters watch us with inhuman detachment, as we starve as a result of their blunders, yet these same stuffed-suits continue to walk the same cursed path knowing that more and more will suffer. Our “Masters” purposefully dismantled our economy, farming jobs out of America and off to Guadala-who-the-hell-cares because it is cheaper…this is simply another way of saying “Legalized Slavery”

It is Legalized Slavery when we, as a nation, allow American companies to use foreign labor that is held in bondage. In China the “Happy Employees” make less than squat, work three times the hours of what we consider Full-time, live INSIDE the factory with their families as either workers or as hostages, and are NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE. Tell me, Oh great and wonderful Apple Corp, do you still consider the iPhone to be the most revolutionary piece of technology on the market even though it the product of Slave Labor? I know what I consider it to be, just like my shoes, jeans, khakis, t-shirts, and most of the “Crap” in my home…the fruits of Slavery.

It is Legal…but is it Right?

Stand Up

Hi folks, it seems we have a new listener tonight, Mr. Watts of the FCC. My favorite person and yours too, I know. Hi Arthur, thanks for comin’ out. Imagine! A f***ing political hack being in charge of Free Speech in America! I’ll bet Watts was the guy who took names in high school when the teacher was absent. He’s the kind of phony in politics who wears a wig.”
– Christian Slater, Pump Up The Volume (1990)

Where do you draw the line? At what point will it be that you, as an American Citizen, draw your line in the sand and say “No More”. At what point do you Stand Up for yourself and your Constitutional Rights as an American Citizen and refuse to Obey your “Masters”? I know where my line has been drawn…and these authoritarian pigs have dry-humped themselves right over it. Will it be vaccinations at gunpoint? Will it be mandatory RFID chipping? Will it be at a TSA Checkpoint where your personal property and possessions are rummaged through by Big Brother’s jack-booted thugs?

My line is Free Speech. I can and will continue to exercise my First Amendment Right to Free Speech, regardless of the legal ramifications…because it is RIGHT! Because our founding Fathers knew that without Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Religion that we could not be free. Additionally, all the subsequent Amendments in the Bill of Rights descend from the First Amendment. Therefore I will Talk Hard, I will say that which may not be popular but is the Absolute Truth as best I know. After all…the Truth is a Virus, it is THE Virus, the virus that can never be eradicated…because it simply IS.

Earlier today a story on Infowars jumped out at me; A truck driver said “No” to the Border Patrol at a Border Patrol checkpoint thirty miles Inside the United States. Here is the dialogue as it was written in the article:

After a Border Patrol agent asks the man if he is has any passengers and is a U.S. citizen, the truck driver refuses to answer any questions, only asking, “Am I free to go?”

The truck driver asks if he crossed the border, who which the Border Patrol agent responds, “No, sir.”

The agent repeats his questions and subsequently calls over his superior who starts to become visibly annoyed with the truck driver after he refuses to answer any more questions and pleads the 5th amendment.

“Do you have anything to hide, are you breaking the law right now?,” asks the Border Patrol agent, adding, “Are you hiding anything in there – tell me.”

The Border Patrol agent is forced to back down, telling the man to be “more co-operative” next time he passes through the checkpoint.

“Is being co-operative giving up my rights?,” asks the truck driver as he drives away.

Saying No is one of the most powerful Rights that we, as human beings, possess. It is the exercise of Free Will, Personal Integrity, the Sovereign-Self, to opt-out of anything that you disagree with on an intrinsic level.

Obviously, this is Terrorism at its finest…how dare you, who belong to government, say “No” to Uncle Sam? You can say “No” because You Do Not Belong to government…government Belongs to You! We supposedly have a government Of the People, By the People, and For the People, and since you are one Of The People…You own government.


Even then, you don’t REALLY belong to government…they simply want you to believe that you do. We are all born Free and we choose the manner of our captivity. It takes silent acceptance in order to be enslaved in Amerika. You accept the bonds of your slavery, you accept your role in the rat-race that is Life. You accept that the TSA can fondle your children’s genitals without recourse, you accept that certain kinds of Free Speech should be prohibited…simply because the Government told you so.

Talk Hard

They say I’m disturbed. Well, of course I’m disturbed. I mean, we’re all disturbed. And if we’re not, why not? Doesn’t this blend of blindness and blandness want to make you do something crazy? Then why not do something crazy?”
– Christian Slater, Pump Up The Volume (1990)

 I want to walk down the street, taking pictures of clouds, trees, buildings, people, and whatever else captures my eyes. I want to pay for things in cash while wearing a hoodie. I want to tell complete strangers to “Wake Up!” and speak the Truth about my government, whether denigrating or not, and hold up a sign that says “F*** the NWO” I want to protest the insanity that passes for normalcy in our nation. I want to travel freely, without having to justify my trip, submit to being a convenience store burrito, and have my penis grasped by another man while he gives my balls a little squeeze…

 Why? BECAUSE I CAN! The Constitution of the United States of America says, plain as day, that I have the Right, not permission, but Right to do so. It is protected by the Government itself, who consists of men and women who Swore and Oath to Uphold and Defend it. That is why I am a ball of rage inside. That is why I seethe with near-homicidal fury every single time I see a worthless under-educated moron that calls himself a “Police Officer” grab some innocent person and savagely beat them until they are broken and bloody.

Rights? Our “government” does not respect our Rights. When the kind of behavior that these vultures amongst men promote…this is not America. Hell no! I guarantee that each and every single one of our founders would, if they could, march on Washington and kick the living shit out of our so-called leaders. Of course, they would then come after us for allowing this sad state of affairs to have ever occurred.

Stand Up for yourself and your Inalienable Rights. Talk Hard, speak the Truth, and to hell with the consequences. Never, Never, Never give up your Rights…Never! Because as we can all see in this post-September 11th nation, you Never get them back and they’ll keep demanding more. Which is why we now have to risk arrest, public humiliation, physical assault, assassination, and psychiatric terrorism.

We arrived at this collectivist nightmare because Americans have become lazy, complacent, and limp-wristed to fight our own battles. We are too bothered with our own meaningless drama to actually Stand Up for ourselves. Are you surprised that we got here? We let sociopaths and sex-fiends rule over us and represent Us! Do You like to hurt people and have sex with kids? No? Then WHY do we let this kind of filth REPRESENT us?!?

It is time. It is 11:55, the final bell is about to ring and we’re nearing the finish line. We are not winning folks, there are very few of us even in the fight. “Leadership By Example” is my philosophy, and one that works best, I believe. We need to get out there, spread the word, wake up the sheeple, and above all else, draw your own line in the sand and have the conviction to say “No” , tyrannical repercussions be damned.

Example: You get pulled over by a police officer and he “asks” to search your vehicle. Say No! Explain WHY you are saying No, school this defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Police are not asking to search your vehicle, they are asking you to surrender your Fourth Amendment Right against illegal search and seizure. That if he really wants to search your vehicle that he will have to get a warrant, and as Law Enforcement, as one who took an Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution, he now has the option to Respect you, your rights, and his oath…or prove to the world exactly what he and his system are.

Exercise your rights! Stand Up and Talk Hard!,

-Prometheus Unchained


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