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Police Brutality: The Problem The Solution

 Police Abuse is at an all time high in this country. Where our once respected untarnished heroes were truly the keepers of the peace, a new generation of thug-like Authoritarian Law Enforcement “Officer” has emerged, dragging down the vaunted icon of Police Officer down into the muck where these new Cops dwell. The New Police have no knowledge of the Law, they know “their” law which is “You WILL Obey!”…however, the will of a juiced-up simple-minded Git does not make Proper and Legal Law.

So exactly how can we, The Resistance, solve the problem without taking a Truncheon to the face, a Taser to the chest, or a Bullet to the head? Especially in light of absolute brutality of these so-called “Peace Officers” reactions to We The People, whom they love to beat. First, however, we must find the root of this Evil, the Law itself.

The Root of Evil…

We are in the midst of a total economic, societal, and spiritual collapse. Humanity is at the cusp of losing itself forever to the absolute tyranny of technology. Corruption at all levels of Public Office has become so rampant and so pervasive that the dark-hearted selfish Jacobite scum who taint the hallowed halls of OUR government commit their crimes of corruption blatantly and in the open while they laugh and DARE us to call them on it. They know that We The People understand it, the dice are loaded, the game is rigged, and there’s nothing we can do about it…or so they think.

The system has become infected from the Highest Office in the land down to the local dog-catcher’s race. Elections have truly become a thing of fantasy, with the results predetermined long before We The People actually go through the motions of the Ballot Box…an out-dated term in the Era of the Electronic Vote. It is now impossible to guarantee a change in government via traditional routes because the outcome can never be proven via Trustworthy Sources, like physical paper ballots. If the Masters are corrupt then it should be no surprise that their servants are corrupt as well. Evil attracts Evil and Good attracts Good.

Throughout history, just before a Tyrant begins a Pogrom or Martial Law, he does two things. First, the Tyrant will disarm the populous, either by force or by law. In Japan, swords were illegal for everyone except the Emperor, Shogun, and Lorded Samurai. In Germany, every manner of weapon and anything that could be a weapon was outlawed for Jewish use.

The second trick of the Tyrant is to co-opt local Law and Law Enforcement. Usually the new hires tend to be of a Simple-minded Thuggish nature. Tyrants do not want their slaves to ask questions, they especially dislike having to answer questions from their underlings. Therefore the new Police tend to be big guys who can carry out orders, but are themselves Authoritarians…mini-me dictators. The new Police understand their power and know that there are very few restraints associated with it. They may not know The Law, being Law Enforcement Officers, but they do know how to intimidate and carry out Orders. The Orders may themselves be illegal, but who is going to stop THEM? US? Yup.

A County Sheriff has the power to kick the FBI out of their county and sometimes they actually do it. Why? A Sheriff’s first loyalty is to the people of his county…not his Federal Government. If the Sheriff deems the Feds to be causing problems rather than solving them…Adios Muchachos, see ‘ya later alligator, after while crocodile. However, if the County, City, and State Police departments and First Responders rely on Federal Grants, DHS Doohickies, and Big Government Bribes…well…loyalties can easily change. Especially with FBI JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) federally funded training programs, where You’re a Terrorist, I’m a Terrorist, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together is a Terrorist…just like President George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson.

Notice those news stories where Police Chiefs go to the City Council and demand approval for camera systems. When asked specifics on the who’s what’s when’s where’s and why’s…it’s classified…need to know only, and We The People, including the Mayor and City Council, do not need to know…insofar as the Department of Homeland Security believes.

Notice that loyalties have changed. These co-opted Police Departments may “take orders” from the City but they WILL ALWAYS carry out orders from Big Brother. It started with Federal Funding for Terror-related planning and prevention. It always starts with Federal Funding…a word synonymous with HEROIN…no small town government can resist Federal Funding. Once federal and state law was restructured, equipment purchased, and a whole crop of new Jack Booted Thugs hired then the Old School mentality and previous loyalties change. These loyalties disassociate themselves from their local responsibilities and instead place them upon the altar of the Federal Police State.

Reality Check

 Video: Maniac Cop Knees Kid In Head, Screams “Move So I Can Kick Your Ass And F*** You Up”, by Steve Watson at

A disturbing video of an arrest that took place in Hurst, Texas shows a deranged police officer sprinting into a park and thrusting a knee into the back of a teenager’s head, then screaming “move and die” repeatedly, before identifying himself on camera.

The video commences with the kid being held on the ground by another officer as he states “you just won’t leave me alone and let me call my mom.”

The officer calls for back up claiming that the kid is resisting arrest, then puts him in a headlock, and says “this is not going to work out for you buddy.”

As the kid complains that he can’t breathe, the officer appears to have the situation under control, and convinces the kid to lay face down and put his hands behind his back.

Then another officer comes tearing in from out of shot and throws his knee into the kid’s head.

“MOVE AND DIE. MOVE AND F***ING DIE. YOU GONNA MOVE AGAIN? F***ING MOVE AGAIN. F***ING MOVE AGAIN.” the cop yells, before also yelling at the person videoing the incident.

“MOVE SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS. MOVE SO I CAN F*** YOU UP… Give me a reason to f*** you up” the officer states.

“When the police are talking to you, you be quiet and shut up.” the cop yells while slapping the kid on the back of the head.

The cop then admits that he “sure did” knee the kid in the back of the head before marching up to the camera and yelling his name and badge number.


The officer then yells “blink wrong”, repeatedly as he escorts the kid to the patrol car.

Caught On Camera: Woman Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Traffic Stop, Randy Paige, CBS Los Angeles:

On June 4, CHP officers stopped to check on the welfare of 50-year-old Angela Jones after finding her sitting in a parked vehicle on Haskell Avenue, near the Ventura (101) Freeway.

A camera mounted on the officers’ car captured the incident.

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” an officer asked the Studio City resident.

“Nothing,” Jones said.

“Nothing?” the officer responded. “What about medication or drugs?”

Officers questioned Jones for 15 minutes, suspecting she might be under the influence, and then asked to look through her purse.

“I just don’t feel like I want you to take my purse from me,” Jones said.

She held her purse tightly to her chest and ran back to her vehicle.

According to the arrest report, the CHP officer hit the trigger on his TASER® X-26 TM three times, sending three separate jolts into Jones’ chest.

“Do not move! Do not move! Stop moving!” the officer can be heard yelling.

The officers then pulled the driver out of the car, placed her on the sidewalk and realized she wasn’t breathing.

“Do you have a pulse?” one officer asked.

“Subject is unresponsive,” the other officer said.

One officer began performing CPR and Jones was revived.

Officer fired for ‘inhumane’ treatment to remain on force,

Tramaine Ford, a homeowner and neighborhood activist, was arrested last year by Petkovich during a traffic stop and jailed for resisting arrest after she repeatedly asked to use a restroom and later soiled herself.

During the traffic stop on Feb. 4, 2011, Ford was a passenger in the vehicle that was stopped, but she was not under arrest at the time. She said she got out of the car and asked to use a nearby restroom because she was taking an antibiotic that had side effects, but she was not allowed to leave the scene.

She testified last month that she was not confrontational but asked repeatedly to use a nearby restroom.

Petkovich testified that he wouldn’t let her use a nearby restroom because she was screaming and that he feared for his safety. He said he thought she might be carrying contraband or a gun and that she refused his commands to remain in the car.

A confrontation ensued, and Ford was pepper-sprayed, handcuffed and arrested. She spent more than 30 minutes in the squad car where an in-car video showed her screaming and crying repeatedly that she had to use the bathroom and had done nothing wrong.

She later said she soiled herself before being booked into the jail, where she spent the night.

Ford had been featured in a Journal Sentinel story about community efforts to deal with issues of crime and foreclosures on her block on N. 24th St. in late 2010.

Need more Police Brutality stories? Unfortunately they are very easy to find and more are cropping up everyday.

U.S. Army Soldier Arrested By Police For Asking Questions

Dirty cops Treat Good Samaritan like a Thief, Man Sues them for $1 Million

Justice Dept. to Investigate Police in Albuquerque

Cop Who Ticketed Peeing Toddler Fired, Others Accused of Brutality Not Fired

Infowars Reporter Stands Up To TSA Intimidation

Top 20 airports where TSA thugs are most likely to steal your stuff

LAPD plans major presence for Black Friday

60 year old woman arrested by Officers after exceeding her 3-minute speaking limit.

SIU clears officers in G20 probe

Cops taser 8-months pregnant black woman over parking dispute

Cop Accused of Kicking Pregnant Woman in Stomach

Oscar Grant’s killer on trial again for police brutality

Suspended police officer who’s been fired 6 times wants to return to work

Do you see it? The gravest abuses of power performed with the utmost boldness and rapacity that it is simply expected and accepted by society at large. These cases are not from one region or city, they come from all over the country. Even the police force in the sleepy little town that I live in is overrun by abusers of power. While small town cops tend to have a reputation for being a bit…dodgey…the protection that the Feds grant to Police have given rise to a whole new level of Abuse of Power.

Police Brutality: The Solution

How do we combat the growing Abuse of Power that Police, TSA, and Federal “Officers” have been executing with increasing regularity? In order to combat the Fear and Intimidation that these mindless beasts project, we must first Call it out in public. In the above stories and videos, what was the one thing that could have stopped the beatings? Citizen Intervention. If someone would have Stood Up, Spoke Out, and…consequences be damned, intervened physically, then these stories would have ended very differently.

Just because a Monster has a badge does not mean that it is above the law. What would you do if you saw a crack-head kick an elderly woman down and stomp on her head, blood pooling on the pavement while he repeatedly kicks her in the ribs? A Good Man would intervene. What would you do if you saw a Police Officer kick an elderly woman down and stomp on her head, blood pooling on the pavement while he repeatedly kicks her in the ribs? Same circumstances, different criminal. Why does the badge change things? Crime is crime, tyranny is tyranny, and evil is evil.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Could you truly look at yourself in the mirror every day knowing that you allowed someone’s grandmother to be beaten like a red-headed step-child? If you intervene will You be in trouble? Does it really matter? Right is Right and Good is Good, and damn the consequences…most of the time the right thing is not always the legal thing, but it is always the Human Thing, the Good thing, and the only thing we can really ever do.

When you see an example of Police Brutality, start filming, shout it out, name it for what it is, and order the monster to stop. Take its attention from the victim. Will you too be arrested? There is a very good possibility that you too will end up in irons, however, sometimes the Right Thing ends with inconvenient consequences. As Good Men and Women we cannot concern ourselves with detail that are not relevant to the situation at hand. Yes the Monster with a Badge will turn his full attention towards you. Yes he will probably become even further enraged and react with brutality towards you. Yes it is going to hurt, but better you who can take it then they who cannot. Sometimes the Right thing to do is also the painful thing to do…but it is always worth it.

The only way to defend ourselves from the menace that is Police Abuse is to first boldly exercise our rights. When illegally ordered to stop that exercise, respond with non-compliance. State the law, why the order to stop is illegal, and that you will not comply with unconstitutional orders. Things may get interesting after that…but we cannot back down. We can NEVER back down. Resistance is Victory, therefore the more you resist the closer to victory you get.

You may say that the prospect of arrest and punishment is not for you, that you don’t want to do anything that could upset your cozy little, comfy little life. Well…considering that you can be arrested without charge, held indefinitely without charge, and executed without charge, IN AMERICA, then what point is there to avoiding jail when you could easily be there for no reason anyway?

Know that as a Freedom Fighter you have a cell with your name on it already…you just haven’t found it yet. One of the joys of Life is discovering what awaits you, so why not discover what great work of Resistance you will perform that will put you into your cell. This is not a game, it is a War. This is not political…it is survival. The more powerful the police state becomes, the harder it will be to tear it down. Therefore we must begin at home and tear down the Tyranny outside our doorsteps before we can begin to fully take on the corrupt filth that lies one step higher in the Hierarchy of Evil.

I won’t say that violence is never the solution because sometimes it has to be. In any normal situation police brutality would not occur, and if it did, the fact that a citizen is recording the brutality and calling it out in the open would stop it. These are not normal times. The officer may come after you and YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF! Again, just because a pig wears a dress does not make it a woman, and just because a beast wears a badge does not make it a real cop…it just makes it a criminal masquerading as a cop which is a big difference.

If you have to use force to counter force then so be it. The Right thing to do is usually also the hardest thing to do…but we need heroes. America has lost most of her heroes and the few who remain standing do so precariously, but without fear. Stand Up for something! Become a hero. There are too few Real American Heroes left. Join the Resistance, Become a Hero, and Take back our Streets!

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!

-Prometheus Unchained


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