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Off With Their Heads! – Uncle Sam Takes On Hackers

 “Remember Remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot.
I know of no reason, why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.

– Traditional Guy Fawkes Day Rhyme

I remember watching the television mini-series V when it first aired and I loved it. I can’t help it, I am a fan of Science Fiction (and even do a little Sci-Fi writing myself) for two reasons. First of all, Sci-Fi is about dreams and vision, the what could be, the possible, the outrageous, and the unknown. It is transmitting a concept for a future world or parallel reality directly from the mind of the author to the mind of the reader. Let me say this, it takes a lot of skill to transfer the image that resides in the mind of the author into the mind of the reader accurately. The Author must use the perfect words, the perfect written tone, and the perfect environment in order to transmit the concept flawlessly to the reader. That is why there is very little “Good” Science Fiction and a lot of unoriginal copycats.

The Other reason for my love of Sci-Fi is for its ability to become a vehicle for good philosophical arguments and examples. Early Sci-Fi is replete with examples of heroes combating injustices like racism and fascism through the use of symbolism, which makes it a bit easier to digest in the translation back to reality. Discussion of Social Issues in the public sphere are typically rejected in a violent manner, especially if the Issues have had very little in the way of public discourse before. Science Fiction allows the storyteller to bring very important Social Issues to light while masking them in a veneer of symbolism which makes it that much easier to discuss.

Where is this going? In the mini-series V, when the Visitors arrive at Earth the first item on their agenda is to meet (and brainwash) with the Secretary General of the UN. The Second item on their agenda is to stage a False Flag Attack on themselves with the blame targeted at Scientists. Why Scientists? The Visitors were a hostile force that pretended to be good guys and they offered a trade of Technology for Earth’s resources. The Visitors knew that only scientists could stop their plans. Only Scientists had the knowledge and resources to discover and exploit the Visitor’s inherent biological weaknesses. Only Scientists had the Logical minds to be able to put two and two together and realize that five was the wrong answer.

Therefore Scientists became a threat to the Invasion Plans.

Hacking…a Computer Science

The Federal Government has been pounding the drum for increased cybersecurity legislation to further restrict the Internet. Our government has literally become a Ghost in the Machine, as everything governmental must be done by computer. Our Government has amassed ridiculous amounts of information on each of its citizens, some perfectly legal, some…questionable in its sourcing. All of the data gets stored in vast databases along with your telephone calls, emails, Internet traffic, and all of your Facebook statuses and friends.

Uncle Sam does more than simply store your personal information. Every cell phone, every webcam, and every CCTV camera has within it a link back to Uncle Sam. Remember Trap Wire? If you have ever disassembled a laptop you will see how the wireless card, the microphone, and the webcam are wired together on the same circuit, so that even if the machine is off the cam and mic can still be accessed via a “Wake On Wireless Lan” option in the system BIOS.

Biometrics can’t possibly be hacked, can they? Of course they can! Everything, whether it is Electronic or one hundred percent Luddite can be hacked. It is the nature of the game, and the game is called reality. Hacking is simply the act of learning how a logical system operates and then using that knowledge for your own ends. In some cases the rules may need to be bent to allow you to do what you want, in other cases they must be completely broken. The Key to it all is to leave the system as intact as you entered it. Discretion is the religion of the Hacker and Knowledge is his God.

The push to demonize Hackers, especially Anonymous is nothing more than the Visitors performing their own false Flag to blame Scientists. Our Government lives and dies by its IT Infrastructure. All of the nasty little gadgets that Uncle Sam just can’t wait to use on us…Electronic. Aside from the electronic aspect of it all there is this strange government mentality that the Internet is God. If a thing is good it must connect to the Internet, for the Internet is the End-all and Be-all of All Things.

I understand the source of this strange idea and I can’t say that I like it all that well. The fact is that if it is on the Internet, Uncle Sam knows about it. This is both a Boon and a Bane to the Feds. The Boon is that all information can/is accessed, scanned, categorized, flagged, and stored, therefore Uncle Sam has real-time intelligence of the utmost quality. The Bane is that if the network is down or information is told word-of-mouth or handwritten on paper…that vast cybersecurity infrastructure becomes entirely useless.

Now imagine that your entire world lives and dies based on The Network. Now imagine that a group of tech-savvy individuals could easily destroy your information monopoly either by shutting it down, destroying data, compromising servers, or even reconfigure your surveillance equipment to work against you, not for you. What would YOU do? You would do everything within your power to remove the threat, including False Flag operations to blame hackers.

Anonymous is the ideal of the Free Market. Why? Because there is no leader, it is an organization that is not organized. It is a collection of individuals who vote by action not by word. It is a leaderless, rudderless group of intelligent and irate computer gurus who get involved with an operation if they themselves feel that it is morally correct. I admire the beauty and simplicity of Anonymous, however, this sort of “organization” can also be hijacked by those in Government as well.

Anonymous operates based on a system of Operations. An Operation is announced for a certain target on a certain date, then, if enough individuals believe in the Operation, it occurs. Operations are announced routinely that get no support, therefore the Op rots on the vine, never seeing implementation of the action or it will see a very limited implementation due to a handful of believers. It may not be a pretty system, but it is a pretty effective system. Ayn Rand would be proud; Anonymous is Individuality and Free Market Thought in action.

Just as the Government now lives and dies by the bit and baud, Anonymous lives and dies by the actions its members take. It is easy to put on a Guy Fawkes mask and make threats. It is NOT easy to have others follow you, especially if the “operation” that you are threatening goes against every fiber of the Anonymous group. It is, however, very easy to have those fake threats be given very real PR light in the mainstream media. With “operations” being planned and given airtime via the MSM, it is very easy to cast the entire movement in an extremely bad light.

How can you tell if an “Operation” is real or not? Ask yourself a few simple questions. Did the Operation even take place? Most Anonymous Operation posts never actually gain the momentum to occur. People in Anonymous vote with their works not their words. If there was little or no turn out then it simply was not up to Anonymous standards.

The False Flag is almost always visible when an Operation involves violence. Anonymous has made a few non-hacking operations, but none of them involved blowing things up or killing people. When those videos appear it is someone else, probably the Feebs, instigating a false flag or creating bad PR for the Anonymous movement. For the most part Anonymous is quiet in the media as there is no official spokesman, no leader, and the only contact with the Public is through the release of an Op, which is done as a Youtube video, or when the Op actually takes place.

Anonymous is a System, a Logical System, and therefore it maintains a certain pattern to its activities. When something breaks that pattern or seems to veer away from that pattern…It’s not Anonymous, It’s simply an idiot.

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained


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