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Liberty: Secede to Succeed

The nationwide grassroots movement for secession is about Freedom and sending a message that even Globalist Politicians can understand. The Secession movement has nothing to do with Racism or Terrorism or Civil War. It is about preserving Liberty and Peace via a Second Continental Congress which will reorganize, fix, and re-establish a new Constitutional Central Government. This movement has nothing personally do to with Obama per se, and everything to do with the policies and actions that Globalist Presidents like Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., Carter, Nixon, and Johnson have implemented throughout their terms of service to stifle Freedom and mutilate Liberty.

Liberty did not die overnight, she was intentionally given a slow-kill compound consisting of Debt and Socialism. Today, November 16, 2012, we see Lady Liberty take her last gasps, choking on Authoritarian Policies and Socialist Greed.

Links In The Chain: National Debt

As Big Brother punished successful Producers in our society specifically for their success, so too has Big Brother enslaved the Poor of our society through chains of Dependency and the Ideal of the Looter. As there become fewer Producers in society the number of Looters increases, with fewer Producers to Produce for the Looters and an ever increasing number of Looters it is inevitable that this particular system must fail…

If I received $1000 a month in income and I also owe $2000 a month in expenses, how long would I be able to keep my Mortgage up to date? What about Groceries, Electricity, Gas, or Insurance? It would not be possible to maintain my $2000 a month lifestyle with an Income of $1000. Why do we then expect the Federal Government, who has never been able to manage our money, to do the same?

The only possible method available for me to continue living a $2000 Lifestyle on $1000 income is to Borrow the money to cover the $1000 shortfall. Now, instead of simply being behind and not paying certain bills, I am paying the bills but accumulating $1000 a month plus interest, every month simply to continue spending money that I do not actually have. After a year the amount that I would owe in principle alone is $12,000. Two years, $24,000. Five years, $60,000. Ten years, $120,000. This does not factor in interest rate, payment, or term whatsoever, this is simply the Principle.

If I have to borrow money to pay current bills, then suffice it to say, I cannot afford to pay back my current bills plus payments on money borrowed. Therefore, as every month passes and another $1000 gets tacked on to what I owe the Bank. Eventually I will reach a point where the Bank will no longer lend me money and will insist that the loan be repaid in full.

This is what the Federal Government of the United States of America has done, writ large. This is what National Debt is. This is what unconstitutional laws and unconstitutional government programs have created…a big black hole smack dab in the middle of our Economy. This is what the Global Banking industry has done to the entire world. They had no problems lending and lending and lending, while accepting only interest payments…because this is where it ends…at the edge of a cliff and our Globalist Politicians are the ones dragging us to the edge. Some of us have been kicking and screaming, but others…well…”Free Stuff” generally does not net protest from those who “deserve” a “Free Lunch”.

Links In The Chain: Dependency

Dependency is a condition where the life of one person depends on the largess of another. The United States of America has created a caste system, wherein those at or below the poverty line rely fully upon Government Entitlements in order to survive. This is not a “Safety Net” as a Safety Net would allow those who get caught in it to get out of it. The culture of Dependency is what gives us charming individuals like the “Obama Phone” lady and people who are ready and willing to commit violence, such as riot and assassination out of fear of losing their Entitlements.

The purpose of Dependency can be plainly observed in the nature of the system. If one is unfortunate enough to end up in the Welfare System, which is fairly easy, getting out of the Welfare System is infinitely more difficult. Let’s say that I receive $400 a month in Food Stamps and I earn $1000 a month in income. If I increase my income by $50 a month, then I lose $250 in Food Stamps. Does that make any sense? I am being punished for trying to get off the system by having the system punitively remove my “Benefit” at a far greater ratio to my increase.

A friend of mine was on HUD in order to supplement her Rent and Utilities due to the fact that she had a child and worked a good job for slave wages. When she received a twenty-five cent ($0.25) pay raise which came hand in hand with a reduction in scheduled hours, she lost most of her HUD. Her paycheck remained the same, yet she now made more per hour but her hours were cut In order to compensate for the raise, and HUD cut her support to $12 a month. Twelve Dollars… This devastated her, she was punished for trying to get off the system by having the system remove benefits disproportionately from the value of income received. She was actually encouraged to quit her job, get on the system with Full Benefits, and enjoy the free ride…or she and her kid could starve and freeze. Her choice, but was it really Her choice?

The system is fixed. Our Government does not want its citizens to work and make a real living without them. The System NEEDS Dependents in order to survive. The system NEEDS to grow in order to justify itself. Our Politicians NEED those dependents to NEED them, because if I need you, then I will always vote for you…I become your personal power base. The myth that people can actually crawl out from the Black Hole that is the Welfare State is simply that…a Myth. Because in order to do so, I have to let my kids go hungry, move in with family until I can catch up, save up cash for an Apartment, and everything is purposefully an uphill battle to dig myself out while the easiest and most sensible solution would be to surrender, give up, and let Big Brother take care of me.

Look no farther than the Election of 2012. Notice the sheer number of Dependents that were vehemently Pro-Obama, not based on politics, ideology, or experience…but based solely on the attitude of “What can you give me today?” The fact that this attitude was displayed with such blatant arrogance by those who Depend on US without the least bit of shame is one more example that the Culture of Dependency has completely infiltrated modern American Society. We have become a Socialist Nation in secret, we have made the Theft of Production Legal based on one’s “Needs.”

Links In The Chain: Democracy in Action

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”
– Benjamin Franklin

The Electoral College system was implemented to ensure that The Republic would not degenerate into a Democracy. Calls for the abolishment of the Electoral College in favor of Popular Vote would continue to decimate the powers of the States. It is due to the Electoral College that large population centers, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, would not be able to solely determine Presidential Election results. By tying Election Results to a Legislative Ratio of power, the Electoral College guarantees that even the smallest state in the union is a significant participant in the Electoral process.

Electronic Voting is Tyranny. With the last election generating record numbers of “issues” with the voting machines, hundreds of polling places that produced very questionable statistical results, and absolutely no recourse for determining the veracity of the results. Electronic Voting is Black Box Voting…no one but the manufacturer knows what goes on inside the device.

Our “Masters” determined after Election 2000 that all federal elections must use Paperless Electronic Voting Devices. Paperless voting…no backups. No guarantee that the vote you recorded actually even existed or was applied to the candidate of YOUR choice. You don’t know and no one can prove otherwise, the Sheeple of America are supposed to bleat their acknowledgement and nod their heads in acquiescence of the “Official” results, because government never lies…

The Seventeenth Amendment stripped the power from the States to appoint Senators and gave the People the power to elect them. This was a major attack on the Sovereignty of the States. The purpose of a Bicameral Legislature is to represent the People and The States. The House of Representatives was intended to be filled with citizens of each state who would run for their seat, server their term, and go back home. The idea was that Government should be a Government OF the People, By the People and For the People.

State Legislatures were to decide which two Senators would represent The State, as in Representatives of the Rights of The State, without having to be held to the Tyranny of Popular Opinion and Special Interest. If Senators were still determined by the State Legislatures, then most of the Unconstitutional government laws and programs would never have existed. By requiring Senators to be elected by popular vote, rather than appointment by the state, the Federal Government was able to remove the Representatives of the Rights of the State. By eliminating those representatives, State’s Rights were effectively destroyed, as every Representative for each state is Represented by the Will of the People, with no representation for the Rights of the State. Thus popular but unconstitutional laws and programs are able to thrive, while States Rights are ignored completely.

Combine this change in Legislative Constitution with the ability of the Federal government to raise taxes, the illegal Sixteenth amendment, and the infrastructure for a Federalist Tyranny is nearly complete. When the Rights of the States are ignored and the Federal Government becomes the Primary Tax Collection Agency, the Federal Government will then hold States Hostage with Federal Funds. The States may maintain the right to set the legal age to purchase alcohol, but if that state wants Federal Highway funds then they must set the legal drinking age to Twenty-One. This form of manipulation is known as “The Carrot and The Stick” approach.

Links In The Chain: Big Brother

In America there should be no illusion of privacy, everything now involves surveillance and security. Laptop Cameras and microphones, Smartphone Cameras and Microphones, Closed Circuit Camera systems, government Drones, GPS tracking built into every Cell Phone, Free Wifi hotspots, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, listening and archiving every telephone call in America in Real-time, scanning and archiving emails, text messages, browser location data, ISP records, Electronic Medical Records, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, Mortgage history, Utilities payment…Our government keeps tabs on us through the use of EVERY SINGLE PIECE of the above technology. Excuse me…what part of the Fourth Amendment right to Illegal Search and Seizure does our government not understand?

In the espionage business the above type of data collection is known as “gathering intelligence” so I have to ask, why does my government need to Gather Intelligence on me? If I were a sovereign nation, the amount of information gathered and the methods involved would be an outright declaration of War…so why should it be different for an individual? The Government’s attitude towards it citizenry is one of “Us against Them”, where “We The People” are The Enemy and “They The Bureaucrats” are The Good Guys.

What happens if you buck the system? Meet the Police State. Law Enforcement has grown like an infestation of cockroaches in tenement housing. The Department of Homeland Security’s many different Alphabet Agencies have military-grade equipment and weaponry, access to a staggering amount of technology, and very thin boundaries to keep them in check. Why do you think these snarling Dogs of Cops can beat old women and the disabled literally to Death and there are absolutely no consequences for the unthinking savage beasts? They do not understand “The Law”, they cannot even SPELL “Justice”…all they know is Force, Power, and Fear…and they want you to Fear them and Obey them, Or Else…

Breaking The Ties That Bind

The Federal Government has become absolutely corrupt, which is what happens when weak and immoral men gain absolute power. There has been a force at work against our Nation from within our nation from its very inception. The Two-Party System? Not our Founders idea, in fact, they detested the idea of Political Parties but within twenty years of our founding we had a two political party system. The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank tyranny? Thomas Jefferson warned against the Tyranny of a Central Bank, but it was brought into existence in 1913 after being pushed by Congress and signed into law by Woodrow Wilson.

The only way to break the chains of Federal Slavery is to Secede. Secede, Reconstitute the Federal Government based on the Constitutional principles of our Founding Fathers, and rejoin the union. This is not a call for Civil War. This is not a call for Independent Nation-States. This is a call for Liberty and Freedom and a return to the Spirit of 1776.

Secession is an American Tradition, we Seceded from England, we Seceded from the First American Confederate Government, and we can secede from this version of tyranny as well. Our Federal Government has become Public Enemy Number One to “We The People” and We cannot let this assault on the remainder of our Freedoms to go unanswered.

Secede, Reconstitute The Central Government, and Rejoin the Union. It’s that simple!

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard

-Prometheus Unchained


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