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An Ode to Liberty, Truth, and Reality

This is not my America, not the America I was born and raised in, not the America I learned about and understood during my formative years. Welcome to your life, there is no turning back, the American Dream is dead and buried, while the Globalist Nightmare walks wickedly this way. Enter a world where true knowledge is hidden and discouraged while social platitudes and a dullard’s life servitude are engraved upon our minds. I was fortunate enough to have experienced the last days of the Old Knowledge-based Education system and the Beginnings of the New Social-based Education system. I started my education with books and memorization and Lecture, I ended it with very little use of the textbook, a thin patina of substance splattered upon a massive bulwark of shallow insubstantial social garbage.

What we lost in that disastrous transition was Truth; the ability to perceive Reality and to recognize that 2 + 2 = 4…every time its tried.

It began with Global Warming, as these stories generally do… The first ecological crisis that I became aware of was the impending Ice Age, where the Ice Caps would grow and swell, everything and everyone would freeze, and all life on Planet Earth would cease as we knew it. I was six years old Damn it! You just don’t go around scaring the crap out of kids like that…unless you have an agenda.

The next major crisis was the “Ozone Layer” crisis, where man-made chemicals were supposedly causing the ozone layer to thin over the poles… Hairspray and other aerosols were banned, Air Conditioning systems were changed, and it turned out that the Ozone Hole was natural as well. As a child I knew exactly what that hole was and it made more sense than chemicals eroding the atmosphere…it was centripetal force! Grab a bucket, add water, and swing it around in circles over your head. The water stays in the bucket even upside down. Take the same concept, throw in a mix of elements with different atomic masses, suspend it in a bubble in zero-Gee and spin it. The elements that are heavier will draw towards the center where the force is greater, thinning at the poles, and the effect looks like a hole. Guess what, that is exactly what the Ozone Layer Crisis was…nature itself. There was no problem with the Ozone Layer just as there was no immediate and impending Ice Age.

Global warming, not even two years later, replaced the coming Ice Age with the same sort of meaningless charts and graphs reminiscent of those that “Proved beyond a shadow of a doubt” that the Ice Age, The End was Nigh. These “rocket scientists” are unable to even fake their own results properly, by using the “hockey stick graph”, a chart that looks like a heartbeat…and we exist only in the ass-end of the last “pulse”…no, it looks like a Natural Cycle sweetheart, not some screwball man-made event where two thirds of the data is thrown out. What could cause global warming? Hmmm…what about the Sun, that uncontrolled nuclear reaction at the heart of our Solar System that provides Heat and Light to the Earth. See, I did not need to spend the money on a Doctorate in Physics from MIT to figure that one out. I used simple logic…it works all the time.

Simple Logic is something that is sadly not taught anymore, nor is it encouraged. Logic is known as common sense, critical thinking, and using your noggin. Logic is what our grandparents understood inherently, which is probably why they seemed to be such sticks-in-the-mud while we were out running around like heathens. Logic is anathema to those who once cried “Question Authority” to The Man, who now scream “You Dare Question My Authority” while wearing a coat and tie…

During this very same period of time, Religion, especially Christianity, was under constant fire in the media. All of the major network news stations and CNN Headline News were running anti-religious stories day after day after bloody day. The narrative of the Christian being a backwards, wife-beating, closed-minded, inbred sheep-shagger began to be the stereotype in the Mainstream Media. This attitude began to ooze into education, with emphasis on Religion versus Law and the purposefully misnamed “Separation of Church and State” clause was forced down everyone’s throats.

My Junior year was the last time the Pledge of Allegiance was said in my School.

What do these two things have in common? The subjugation of Truth, the Rape of Liberty, and the theft of Reality. The attitude of Global Warming became religious. If you did not believe then you were called stupid by the establishment, by teachers, by the entire system. The attitude of Global Warming has always been “you WILL believe this…”, “you WILL Worship at the Green Altar”, and it was the first time in my Education where discussion and analysis of facts were not only discourage, but shut down with rhetoric rather than logic and truth.

KISS is my philosophy, Keep It Simple Stupid. It is also known as Occam’s razor, but KISS sounds less intimidating. It means that the simplest solution is also the best solution. This is a very important aspect of Logic.

The more information that came out from these wildly varying studies that “proved” Global Warming beyond a shadow of a doubt, was more information that disproved the “Grand Theory” because none of them matched or made any sense. Most of all, it proved the trend that Global Warming was an absolute farce for a UN-backed Global Power grab, as the UN were the ones pushing Global Warming and the UN Global Warming Fund. Studies that disproved Global Warming were dismissed out of hand as coming from Big Energy or from “Conspiracy Theorists” while Studies that made absolutely no logical sense were being hailed as intellectual breakthroughs.

Political Correctness went on steroids in the mid-nineties, I remember the day it began; Jessie Jackson had a press conference and declared that it was now racist to call Black People, Black People. They were now African-Americans, and thus began the division of the American Soul…a hyphenated America. I also remember the backlash from many of these newly-minted African-Americans, who said “I’m Black, I’m an American, and have never set foot on African soil!”

These two prongs, Global Warming and Political Correctness were all that was needed to halt the spread of Truth and allow the Lie to become Reality. If I can take away your free speech, either by public ridicule or punitive actions, I can control the Truth. If you cannot speak it, you surely should never think it, therefore you will recoil from any thought that goes against the narratives you have been taught to uphold like the tenets of a dark and twisted faith.

“The Truth shall set you Free” is not simply a platitude…it is absolute fact. Once you know the Truth of a thing it is impossible to believe in the Lie, or any Lie for that matter. Truth always trumps fiction…every time. When you are unable to express the Truth, or even ask questions that deviate from “The Narrative” without repercussions, then you have absolute proof of Falsehood. One who pursues Truth invites questions, all questions, in order to continue the refinement of and prove the strength of the Truth. One who peddles lies will always deflect questions, they run from the light of Truth like cockroaches in an inner-city crack-house. The Liars can be easily spotted by their LOUD INSISTANCE THAT THEIR TRUTH IS THE ONLY TRUTH AND ALL OTHERS ARE CRIMINAL OR PROOF OF MENTAL DYSFUNCTION.

Sound Familiar? How does one literally hide the substance of reality? Seize control of the Truth and twist it, massage it, buy it off, sell your soul, and force-feed it to everyone as the only acceptable perspective. Ensure all other views and opinions that go against the official narrative are shut down, made criminal, deemed to be flawed, marginalized, or dismissed completely. Finally, crucify the messenger in the court of public opinion in order to destroy the spread of the message; this instills the fear of serious reprisal if the official narrative is ever questioned.

For example, look at the case of 9-11. The official narrative is that nineteen middle-eastern muslim extremists simultaneously hijacked four airlines and crashed them into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Osama bin-Laden and his group of international terrorists named Al-Qaeda were the evil masterminds behind the attack, and were being sheltered by the government of Afghanistan, known as the Taliban.

With just the teensiest-bit of research, one will quickly discover major holes in the “Official Story”, such as WTC7, a building that collapsed in perfect demolition fashion without cause. In fact, the BBC announced its collapse thirty minutes before it actually happened. Doubts? Simply Youtube WTC7 and watch the videos from that horrid day, listen to the reports yourself, watch the building collapse all neat-like, and then look for the explanation in the “Official Story.” Its not there, and that is only one part of the 9-11 story that makes absolutely no sense. Al-Qaeda, recruited by the USA to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan as Proxies, turns on their masters and attacks the United States of America on their own soil, runs and lives to fight another day, and now is fighting for the United States again in that Charlie-Foxtrot of a snake-pit we call the Middle East.

So…if Al-Qaeda is fighting alongside US Troops in NATO engagements, and Al-Qaeda is inciting war and violence in countries that the United States is planning on going into…then does that mean that the War On Terror is a sham? Yes, it absolutely means just that. The War on Terror, much like the War on Drugs and the War on Poverty, is simply an excuse for government to force authoritarian measures and tyrannical dictates upon the American People. We are fighting alongside the people who we were sworn to destroy not even ten years ago, and these same people fought for us ten years prior to that.

However…you cannot ask questions about 9-11. If you question the official story then the DHS will label you as a Terrorist…forever. I am on a terrorist watch-list because I opened my mouth and spoke out against this federal War on Freedom. The federal Stazi lump freedom-lovers, constitutionalists, Libertarians, and Christians in with Neo-Nazi’s, the Klu Klux Klan, and David Koresh types. They have encouraged the ill-informed citizenry to spy on everyone through the “See something, Say Something” campaign, and their lists of “Suspicious Activities” include the most innocent and innocuous actions, such as using cash, wearing a hoodie, taking pictures, looking at a map, drawing sketches, using a laptop at a coffee house, and speaking badly about Government. Not only are these signs of possible terrorism but if this evil person is also a “Conspiracy Theorist” (i.e. someone who is able to READ and ASK QUESTIONS) then you have found yourself a gen-yoo-wine terrorist.

That is the Reality we now face. Believe the Lie, promote the Lie, serve the Lie, and you are a good and loyal citizen. Question the Lie, Speak the Truth, Resist the Mind control, and you could very well find yourself on some McCarthy-ist Terror Watchlist, living in a concrete cell, or assassinated without trial based solely on your First Amendment Right to Free Speech in a supposedly Free country.

Wake up! Ask Questions! Speak Truth! Deny Fear! After all, those who seek truth are “Terrorists” in the eyes of our so-called Masters…so embrace the terror, cause fear and panic by asking questions and making yourself heard. What is the worst thing a tyrant can do? Lock you up, fine you, humiliate you…kill you? Is living a life based on ephemera worth living at all? Or does life only have value if it is lived on truth and in a substantial and real way, thus making its loss have inherent value. Integrity is the only thing we ever truly have, it is who we Truly Are, our True Selves. For Integrity to maintain its value it must be tested with action. Those who have true integrity, true scruples, cannot let injustice go unanswered, especially if they can make a difference. Hypocrite have integrity right up until the point that the rubber meets the road, they talk the talk, but are too afraid to walk the walk.

So…Who are you? Are you a man of Integrity or a Hypocrite. Do you see Truth or are you content to peddle the Lie through your acquiescence of it. Are you a Man or are you a Mouse? Do you have the strength to be true to your principles or will you sell your neighbors into prison camps when the time is most fortuitous for you?

Seek Truth Always,

– Prometheus Unchained



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