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An Oath to Defend

 “I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility
against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”
– Thomas Jefferson

I am a citizen of the United States of America. I used to begin my days with the Pledge of Allegiance, “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, for Liberty and Justice for All.” No one beings their days with the Pledge anymore, and this saddens me. Now, we begin and end the day pledged only to our own selfish desires, our own selfish drama and other meaningless dross…screw the country, screw my friends and family, imma gonna get me mine.

While I truly and deeply respect Individuality and the virtue of Selfishness, as Ayn Rand proposed it, I see absolute disregard for everything and everyone else in the eyes of Americans. I see a people that are so wrapped up in themselves that they make the mummified remains of the Ancient Egyptians appear to be nude. We want our Rights but not our Responsibilities. Hell, we’ll just kick the can down the road with that whole “responsibility” thing and let someone else do all the heavy lifting.

Do you see where that attitude has brought us? A nation of lazy, self-involved slaves who must now fight to regain both our Rights and Responsibilities as American Citizens. Having owned and operated a business for several years, I have an inherent understanding of what happens when you delegate Your Responsibility onto someone else…nothing. Nothing happens! Why would someone else shoulder Your Responsibility while they have theirs to shoulder as well? Would you do all the work of your co-workers simply because they were too lazy and self-absorbed to be bothered to do it? Should they still receive a paycheck for the work that you did for them?

Do you see this issue here? Even when you pass the buck off to someone else, you are still held accountable for not doing your part. When this responsibility is the preservation of Freedom and you shirk your duties as a citizen, then Freedom will fade into tyranny. Check and Mate! It happens every time we don’t try.

Unrelenting Evil Versus Unblinking Vigilance

 The shadow that covers this world, and in particular this country, did not simply appear from the aether. It grew slowly, incrementally, and insidiously over a long period of time. The only defense this nation, any nation in fact, is the vigilance and courage of its people. We the People are to keep a watchful eye on our Government and her Public Servants, else we are guaranteed to lose all of our Rights.

The Freedom of Speech is under a constant and sustained assault in this country, the beacon of Freedom to the rest of the world. How is it possible that those who have sworn to uphold and defend the constitution, the True Spirit of our country, treat it like a wad of toilet paper? The real question is this: Why do we let them?

If you have been waiting for some voice to urge you into motion…here it is. The defenders of our Constitution, the Soul of this great nation, have turned on us and are literally raping the land and her people. This country NEEDS a new army of defenders to take back the Rights that so many of us foolishly gave away freely, simply for convenience and security. This nation needs Heroes, now!

“I pledge that I, ________, citizen of the United States of America, will do all that is my power to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. I swear before the presence of God, from whom all of our Freedoms descend, to refuse comply with illegal and unconstitutional orders. I swear that I will do my part to return to We the People, the Rights that the Tyrant has stolen, regardless of personal cost. I vow to follow the path of the Patriot, to live a life worthy of our Founding Fathers, and to go fearlessly into the darkness in order to make this nation Right once more.”

Become a Hero, America Needs You!

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained


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