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An Article A Day To Keep Big Brother at Bay

Propaganda is synonymous with shadowy and vile characters like Josef Goebbels, ‘Uncle’ Joe Stalin, and Red Mao, but in truth Propaganda is what it is: the use of language and information to shape public opinion in a certain manner. Propaganda is only as good or as evil as its intent. There is good propaganda, like this piece you are reading now and there is Bad Propaganda, like the MIAC Report and the “See Something, Say Something” program.

Propaganda is an essential tool in the Info War. You absorb propaganda all day long without realizing it, you see it on the Television, you hear it on the radio, you read it in newspapers and on the web, in fact, you are reading propaganda right now. Propaganda is the artillery of the Info War Infantry. The Info War is not fought with whizzing bullets or exploding grenades, it is fought with Words and Ideas, Prose and Meter, Concepts and Propaganda. This is an ugly war because the other side controls the battlefield and they have no moral hesitancy when it comes to lying, guilting, cajoling, fear-mongering, and even creating their own false-flag scenarios to “prove” they are Right.

Logic and Reason are on our side. Goebbels famous quote “Tell a lie, Tell a Big Lie, tell it often enough and it becomes Truth” is a true statement on its face. However, Logic and Reason are the counter to this nefarious style of propaganda. Simply look to the events of September 11th, where our Government told us a narrative, a Lie if you will, and the American people believed it lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. To this day many still believe the narrative with absolute surety of faith…but Truth always sets you free. “Youtube WTC7” is all it takes to wake Americans up; to see absolute fact that does not fit into the narrative then requires the “thinker” to re-evaluate their beliefs.

The easiest method to explain this phenomenon is to tell the story of Santa Clause. When you were a child you KNEW that Santa Clause would slide down your chimney on Christmas Eve with a sack full of Toys for you and your siblings. In fact, you left cookies, milk, and carrots out for the Jolly old Fat Man. When you awoke in the morning and ran downstairs to the Christmas tree at breakneck speed, there were toys. If you checked the kitchen, the Milk, cookies, and carrots were gone. Presto! Physical proof that Santa Clause is not only real, but he visited Your home.

Eventually the Santa Clause narrative falls apart and children no longer believe. The reason that the narrative fails is due to Logic, Reason, and Empirical fact. At some point the child in you realized that reindeer cannot fly, there is no real landmass at the north pole, it is not possible for one man to visit every home in the world in one night, to know each and every child and where they live and what they want, and no way I hell is a man that size fitting down a tiny space like the chimney. Logic and Reason prevail, and thus Santa Clause fades out of Reality.

The 911 narrative: nineteen middle-eastern terrorists hijack four airliners, topple the World Trade Center Towers, wreck one side of the Pentagon, and plow into a field in Pennsylvania. Al-Qaida, along with Osama Bin Laden were the sole masterminds of the plot. In order to “Protect America” we must institute the Patriot Act, go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and create a monolith of Federal Bureaucracy and curtail the Bill of Rights via Executive Order and federal law enforcement agencies like the DHS, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, and FEMA.

Use logic to evaluate this:  In order to protect our freedoms from terrorists (who hate our freedom and way of life) we must surrender our Freedoms to Government.  Who is the terrorist again?  Was it the 19 middle-eastern hijackers or is the real Terror threat our own government, who simply demands that we do as they say or else…

There are major issues with the Official Narrative and these issues stem from the shallowness of thought in putting together the “Big Lie”. The Narrative worked well at first, however, once the world continued to turn and time passed, holes became glaringly obvious. 911 was not completely thought out as to what the future could bring, therefore massive craters in the “Official Story” are now very visible. This is why conspiracy theorists are so dangerous and why even questioning 911 can make you a potential terrorist yourself.

Three Key factors about 911 tend to wake people up from their slumber whenever they presented.

The World Trade Center Seven collapse: the controlled demolition of a building which was hit by nothing and had no heavy flaming metal land on it either. To view the video of the WTC7 collapse removes all doubt that 911 was only nineteen middle-eastern terrorist led by Osama Bin Ladin. Why did it fall? Why did it fall in perfect demo-safe fashion? Why has there been ZERO coverage or concern about it? Once people ask the questions, they can’t help but realize that the 911 Report is Tripe.

Al-Qaida itself awakens people, especially after they see the pattern: Ally in Afghanistan against the Soviets, Enemy in 2001, and back to Ally in 2012. The ease from which the “Epitome of Evil” moves from Ally to Enemy to Ally without question or fanfare causes a double-take in most people. Once people realize that American Forces are fighting ALONG SIDE Al-Qaida in the middle east, the scales fall from their eyes.

The Post-911 Shell Game is an eye-opener for many people. People who realize that privacy is a scarce and near-illegal commodity soon come to realize the reasons for its scarcity. The avalanche of tyrannical laws that were rubber-stamped into existence based solely on the 911 Myth are the intellectual equivalent of a bitch-slap to the brain. To see the true expanse of the Police State based on 911, and then to look at 911 and see that none of this Authoritarian Expansionism was necessary… It is only then that the awakening begins. Once one can see that the Response To 911 was the Reason For 911, that it was a false-flag; a contrived excuse to implement the massive Police State that we have all come to know and love.

A Titan’s Rage: Terrible and Unending

I try to write an article a day, and sometimes I end up with zilch due to the vagaries of life. I must write everyday, I feel a burning desire to put pen to paper (or its digital equivalent) and let my voice be heard. I have a daily need to exercise my First Amendment Right against the Tyrant. Like an eternal and elemental savage I must shout a challenge to my enemies, It may not make logical sense, but Man is not a wholly Logical creature.

The rage and anger and fury and disgust I hold for “Our Masters” is a palpable thing. Every Lie feeds it, every injustice doubles the pressure at the heart of my burning fury. Rage manifests in different ways depending on the personality of the offended. It can come out as Revenge which can be seen in any number of “suspect goes on shooting rampage at Taco Bell” stories. Rage can manifest itself as pure anger, which can be experienced by others in our everyday life. Rage can also manifest itself as patience, cold, calculating, white-hot yet ice-cold patience. This rage becomes a focus for all other energies, driving them and shaping them to attack one specific, razor-sharp target with absolute clarity of purpose and accuracy in action.

My rage is Patience. I chose the name Prometheus Unchained specifically due to my rage. Imagine, Prometheus, a Titan, chained to a rock where every day an eagle feasts on his liver, only to have it grow back and repeat the same deeds on the morrow. To be chained tight, unable to defend yourself, and to top it off, punished for the crime of mercy, for returning Fire to humanity after Zeus stole it away. For this heinous act, Prometheus is doomed to an eternity of suffering.

What would happen if the chains shattered and the Titan were set loose upon the land? Imagine the anger, the rage, the pure focused patient fury that would then be directed towards Olympus? It is that concept, that idea that created me…Prometheus Unchained. I am the intense cold fury of the Titan, I am the patient rage of Prometheus. Some would say a pseudonym is a sign of fear, of weakness. It is not. It is the exact same situation for a writer as it is for a fighter pilot. Names mean things, and some names mean more to us than our own. Prometheus Unchained conjures up the imagery I seek, it defines the energy and attitude that I seek to channel into my writing. I am Prometheus, Unchained.

My constant writing my seem a touch insane to some. There is a reason for everything that I do, and the reason that I write as prolifically as I do boils down to statistics. I NEED to wake up the world. I NEED to know that I am doing everything that I possibly can to hold on to the few freedoms that we have left. IF, for every article I write just one person reads it and begins to question their reality, then I consider that article to be a success. I’m not writing for money or esteem, I’m writing for freedom. And if I am able to write at least one article a day, then that is one more person every day that up and out of bed. Therefore, I have begun to write as profusely as I am able to, considering that I also have a career, mortgage, utilities, groceries, gas, and yard work.

I am Prometheus, Unchained. I encourage everyone who reads this article to write one of your own. Find a topic and start writing. Don’t second guess yourself, don’t question your abilities or right to write…Just Do It! The more people that speak out means that more people will wake up. At this point in the game we have to be All-In, no half-measures or fence sitting…You are either in or you’re not. Hell, It may be coming down to Days before the stuff hits the fan and our job is to wake as many people as possible up and carry them out of the burning building that is our nation while we are still “free” to do so.

Wake Up, Stand Up, Talk Hard, and get Unchained!

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained


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