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A Nightmare on Amerika Street

 Can you smell it? The Corruption that is eating this once-great nation has become visible, palpable, and oh so very real. Its out there, slithering through the phone lines and the ephemera of cyberspace, greeting you Live on National Television every single time you turn on your brain-rotting Boob-tube. It coats you every time you give in, covering your body in a thick layer of oily slime that just never, ever seems to wash out. It is the Corruption of Liberty, the Death of Freedom, the Murder of Truth…it is the essence of Tyranny, the denigrating inhuman taint of the Police State and her clinically insane power-hungry control-freak Masters.

As a True Patriot, I am sickened. I am sickened because I Love what America was, I Love what America could be, and I Love the entirety of our Founding Father’s concept for what this nation should have been…could have been…but is nowhere near. When I think about what our Founders gave up and over what we would consider today to be for so little, I ask myself “How is it that the American People, the great citizens of this nation, let her Federal Government transform from a weak arbiter between states to the egregious dictatorship that she has become today?”

I know the answer to that question as rhetorical questions are my forte, however; it is the idea that hard-working freedom-loving patriots were willing to ignore blatant Tyranny because it “wasn’t bad enough.” The Truth is that any form of Tyranny is “bad enough” to warrant Righteous Fury from those who truly care about Freedom, Liberty, and Justice.

I read the news of the day and I see the patterns forming in the aether, I see the great sinister spiders spinning their web tighter and tighter, entrapping “We The People, their prey, in a net of poverty, surveillance, oppression, and Police Brutality. I see Police beating and killing innocent people EVERYDAY, I see these Oath-Breakers tasering children and opening fire upon unarmed men, women, and children. I see Police in Full Military regalia forcefully evicting disabled people from their homes and then arresting concerned neighbors for having the audacity to question THEM…

What I see is Death Incarnate, the physical presence of the deepest, darkest evil stepping on the throats of Children, Mothers, Grandmothers, and the helpless. These demonic Jackals never seem to assault guys like me, dudes can not only take a beating but return one as well. They always go after the weak and the innocent, like wolves picking off the weakest member of the herd, like cowards who cower behind a tin badge and an over-inflated ego. I see this Taint, this festering pustule of evil, walking our land and EVERY fiber of my being screams for it to stop, just stop it, dear God please make it stop, please…but it never does. The American Dream has truly become the Amerikan Nightmare. Now is the time to WAKE UP…or Freddy Kruger will come for each and every one of us and kill our souls while we slumber!

How long can this nightmare continue? How long will our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and friends, how long will they walk willingly, heads bowed, into the slaughterhouse?

Shepherds Sheep and Wolves

There are three kinds of people, according to my personal philosophy that is. There are Sheep, Monsters, and Hunters. The Sheep are, well, exactly what you would think, sheep. Sheep graze, they make incoherent sounds, and meander along the pasture together neither leading nor thinking for themselves, Sheep just are. Where there are Sheep there are Monsters, like Wolves, for the Wolf exists only to devour the Sheep. Wolves exist in a selfishly destructive world. Wolves are the monsters in the dark, the great devourers…they exist only to eat and eat and eat as much as possible. Monsters exist only to be destroyed, for they are anathema to the Human Condition.

Finally, there are the Hunters, like Shepherds. Shepherds watch over the herd to ensure its survival. To Hunters, one of their duties is to slay the Wolves, to put an end to Monsters. Hunters walk the line between Human and Monster, for in order to slay monsters they must first understand the Monster. It is like Nietzsche stated, “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you “ I may not agree with Nietzsche, in fact I consider him to be the “Dark Philosopher”, a man who understood the darkness inside of Men yet was completely ignorant to the Goodness within Mankind, but I respect his understanding of the Dark.

This is the quintessential Truth of the Hunter, he who wields great power must take care to use that power only for the good, lest he become a monster himself. Look to King David, he began as a simple shepherd who, through the vicissitudes of Fate, was brought before King Solomon who tasked him to Slay the Giant. David slew Goliath, a Beast of a man, with a simple sling and stone. This simple Shepherd, this Hunter, eventually became one of the greatest Kings of Israel…but David did cross that Nietzschian line on a few occasions. He quickly corrected the error of his ways and made things Right with God. However, even the great and wise king knew failure on this count as he used his power for selfishness rather than for God or the good of his people.

Hunters, Right Now is the time to Stand up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard…else there will be nothing left to stand for.

Seek Truth Always,

-Prometheus Unchained


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