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A Good Man Goes To War

How smart are Americans really? Entertainment and Media reflect the Average intelligence of a nation and portray generally accepted ethics and morals of a society. The ‘Average American’ reflects this, I’m sorry to say, as our younger generation comes off the public Education Assembly Line unable to think independently. History, Philosophy, Art, and Music have taken a backseat to an ‘Exam Cram’ teaching technique that preps the student for the test on Day One. The new school supply smell isn’t even off Little Jimmy’s pencil box and the instructor starts in on The Test.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King. In the land of the Witless, the Half-Wit is King. The dream our Founding Fathers realized over two hundred years ago has been twisted into something dark and sinister, a land of the Living Brain Dead. China is poised to cut our throats economically via our Debt, their currency, and Europe’s bailout, and just to make sure we stay down they are going to squeeze our Happy Sack by disrupting our manufacturing, throwing yet another monkey wrench into the works. Simultaneously China, Russia, and the Middle East push to control the world’s Oil production, ensuring that once we’re down we will stay subservient to our new Masters.

No one seems to notice because we sheep are so involved with ourselves and our lives and our Facebook status, and that nasty thing Sally said on Facebook about Julie…OMG!!!

E Pluribus Unum is Latin for “From many, one.” Thanks to this witless layabout president it has become E Unum Pulribus, “From One, Many” as he Divides the country on Class, Race, and Creed. Our nation is no longer the America that walked on the Moon. America will never go back to the Moon because we can’t afford it and we can’t even put a shuttle into space. That Great Nation that I long for, those quintessential Rugged American Values have gone on a Roman Holiday.

I doubt our younger generation has the education to understand the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, that is but one facet of the problem. Rome became a vain empire, an empire concerned with itself. An Empire where its citizens had rights but not responsibilities. There were holidays without end, free food, free entertainment, and free shelter with no regard to the empty coffers or encroaching horde of pissed-off barbarians just outside the gates…enjoy your sacking.

In the Colosseum, gladiator, slave, and sharp toothed predator would fight to the violent and bloody death before an audience of drunk screaming Citizens. On American Television, families get together to watch a hopeful Idol get assaulted and eviscerated on a stage before a Live audience on a LIVE global feed. Our teens glue themselves to the TV as some New Jersey tramp complains about non-problems while scratching her Crabs. We have begun to feed on our own, hell, we have been feeding on our own for nearly fifteen years. Who are the barbarians now?

When an empire expands to it’s greatest size, when a people reach their ‘Golden Era’, the collective social attitude always trends that the ‘Golden Era’ will last forever. This attitude leads to a lazy and self-indulgent societal change. Once an empire has reached it’s ‘Golden Era’ it’s people, and therefore the government of the people, become apathetic to the reality of the outside world and demand even more from the infinitely wealthy teat of State while in turn the people give less and less of themselves. This is when we start eating our young, killing our old and feeble, and in general, become everything we despise but with the Best of Intentions.

There is a new slavery in America now, one that has been slowly creeping out of the shadows inch by bloody inch at a time and helped to flourish through forests of regulation. While we earn our income from our labour we, like our government, spend more than we make. This is known as Debt. It is incredibly easy to get Credit, so incredibly easy-peasy that it sickens me. It is a lot harder to pay off that debt when your job doesn’t pay as good and benefits have been cut and the Plant closes down…

Debt is what keeps a worker’s head down and the nose to the grindstone to bring home the Big Bucks to pay off that two thousand dollar a month mortgage payment on a monthly salary of thirty-five hundred. Freedom is what nearly every college student exchanges for their education, they expand their minds but shackle themselves with a very weighty and unnecessary debt, the student loan. Debt ensures that most Americans keep their eyes on their jobs rather than in Public Office where they should be.

Debt within reason; like alcohol, sugar, and pot, is healthy in moderation. Debt to its extreme, and all vices attempt to expand to the extremes, is murder. Too much Alcohol ends in addiction and the destruction of the body. Too much Sugar causes Diabetes which causes a slow destruction of of essential organs and limbs and contributes greatly to Death. Too much Marijuana…I will investigate this vice personally and publish my findings. Too much Debt is working and working and paying and paying while more and more gets taken away. Debt is busting your hump to find the money to get to work in order to make money to pay your bills, but you can’t pay all of them so more work must be done. Debt is a hamster in a wheel and you’re the rat.

The current state of the economy compares directly to the condition of the Dread Pirate Roberts…mostly dead. The American Banking industry has become nationalized along with the health industry, the auto industry, Big Energy, Big Tobacco, Big Food, Big Pharm and every other industry in this once great country of ours. There is regulation and then there is the regulation of a tyrant. My friends, we live under a silent tyranny, a despotic government so sadistic and heartless that it encourages its citizens to hurl themselves into bondage.

There is what ones says and there is what one does. An incumbent Senator publicly decries Tax Hikes on Fox News while voting to Increase taxes quietly. Which is the more important, words or deeds. Words mean nothing unless backed up by the deeds themselves. Action is energy and transformation while Words are the articulation of Truth and can change minds. Mere Words change nothing until some poor sod carries out actions in the name of them.

The professional politician is a walking joke, he is a sound-byte generator, he is a weather vane, he is a spineless, weasel-like pimple on the Anus of society. Why? Because professional politicians can Say Anything and will say Anything in order to get your vote, but it does not mean that these ‘Public Servants’ will actually Do Anything. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, business as usual, quid pro quo, and Circle Jerk are axioms that Public Servants understand to their core.

The Truth is glaring us in the face and we refuse to see it. Ask your children about Greece, Rome, the ‘First’ Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, or Vietnam and see just how shallow their knowledge of history and philosophy is. The perception of knowledge exists because they know some of History’s important events. Test the depth of knowledge, however, and you shall see that our children’s historical understanding is shallower than a Hotel Heiress’ personality or the Gene Pool that attends the Westboro Baptist Church…Pretty Goddamn shallow.

I understand Zen, that one moves without moving, does without doing, etc. I understand Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas who advised that the effect an object causes is inherent to the object itself. I also understand that the Patriot Act has always been about getting into our hearts and minds, silently controlling what we say think and feel, and thus ultimately controlling our thoughts.

Basic Training works so well because if I can control what you wear, what you eat, and where you sleep, I will eventually control you. Political Correctness works so well because it controls what you say, how you say it, who you say it too, and who is allowed to be offended by it. It is a mask that one must wear in our society, yet the longer we wear the mask of ‘inoffensive language’ the more we become it until there is no distinction between the two.

I freely admit that I am a Racist, Sexist, Ageist, and an Intolerant homophobe IF you use the popular definition, which gets set by the NAACP, NOW, AARP, and GLAAD. My black, gay, old, female friends would say differently. By the special interest’s terms I am a Nazi and I am perfectly fine with that because Idiots are entitled to their opinions too. Of course, I use a different standard to judge people, not one of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual preference, but one of Logic.

To be Human is to understand the Human Condition, to have sympathy and concern for your fellow man, to be a creator and cultivator of life, innovation, imagination, and Hope. An animal is a beast whose purpose is to eat, breed, toil, and be eaten. A monster is the detestable being that purposely seeks to kill, maim, and destroy other people and things. Within these three distinctions lie the bulk of the human race. I do not care about the outside of Man, I worry about what is going on Inside and how and who it affects.

There is one responsibility that Humans have that can never be shirked and never be ignored, ant that responsibility is to hunt Monsters. A violent rapist and child molester goes in and out of jail for molestation, rape, and more molestation, but he is never in for long. Why? The Law states that if you touch a child you go to jail. The application of that Law results in six month sentences or simply just probation. This child molester tracks down one of his daughters after release and rapes her. What do you do? The Legal thing is to call the cops and start the whole worthless process over again. The Right thing to do? The Human thing to do? You already know the answer to that. Monsters exist to be put down, and Monsters within a society exist only because the Hunters allow them to.

We have come to a critical moment, The Fall of the American Empire, where Monsters have invaded the bastions of power and now rule over us like wolves before sheep. The Monsters have even engineered their people, step by agonizingly incremental step, into what they believe is a docile mindless beast. The Monsters look about and see personal power and wealth, taken from us in our mindless self-indulgence for the sake of convenience, and they want more.

There is one other interesting item to note about Empires, once the empire has expanded to its limits it will begin to feed on itself. The Empire begins to shrink in reality, yet the demands and required resources to operate continue to expand. When an Empire desires more than it is, it will shore up the loss by taking from its people, thus feeding upon itself. Once a nation turns cannibal, once it willingly sells it’s people into slavery, once the Monsters have taken over…the nation is doomed.

The Monsters have gathered to feast yet again but will they find sweet succulent mutton or the righteous fury of Good Men? You already know the answer to that as well.

-Prometheus Unchained


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